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Korroh is the het ship between Iroh and Korra from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Korra first met Iroh during the Battle for Republic City, but they already viewed each other as valuable allies before they event met. While he was on his way to Republic City, Iroh sent a message to Korra that he looked forward to taking back the city with her. Korra later watched him in battle and saved him from drowning after his ship was struck by a bomb. Iroh was grateful for this. When they were back at the hideout, Korra healed Iroh's wounds and they worked on a plan. Korra decided it was time for her to face Amon directly and Iroh decided that it was best for him to trust the Avatar's judgement.

Over six months later, Korra was facing difficulty when the president Raiko refused to send aid to the Southern Water Tribe after they went into a war with the north. Korra decided to seek direct assistance from General Iroh after Varrick recommended that he do so. Iroh was willing to help and devised a plan to fight the Northern Water Tribe through a self-defense situation, but that was ruined when Raiko arrived and warned him not to act. Iroh then advised Korra to seek out the aid of his mother and grandfather as they were friends of both the Avatar and the Southern Water Tribe.


Many fans ship Korra with Iroh because it pairs the Avatar with the crowned prince of the Fire Nation. Their bond is often paralleled with Roku and Sozin's early bond as well as Aang and Zuko's bond. Many fans also interpreted the scene where Korra saved Iroh from drowning as being reminiscent of the Little Mermaid. Many hoped that Korroh would end up being an alternative to Makorra. While many speculated that Iroh was in his early twenties, it turned out that he was actually 36 years old, but that still did not stop fans from shipping him with Korra.



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