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KoryBabs is the femslash ship between Koriand'r and Barbara Gordon from the DC Comics and Titans fandoms.


Season 3

Kory goes to the police station and tells Barbara what's going on, and Barbara wanted the Titans out of Gotham. Now she has one coming back from the dead. Kory says that Jason's not a Titan anymore, and Barbara is a little confused that they're now looking for the person who resurrected Jason. Kary asks to see the Morgue security footage, and Barbara says she's not in a giving mood, given the night before. Kory tells her that Hank is attatched to a bomb, and that she's not asking. Barbara allows it and leads the way.

Barbara has the security footage pulled up and comments that Kory probably wishes she stayed in San Francisco. Kory comments that she would like an Oat Milk Cortados, and Barbara picks out a man on the security footage but is instead taking it to the locker room. They start going through more of the footage, and Barbara says that when this is over, Kory should convince Dick to go back to San Francisco. Before the city eats him alive, and Kory feels the same.


Season 3

Lady Vic

  • Kory asks if Barbara is responsible for Dick getting shot.
  • Kory suggests that she go have a word with Barbara.
  • Kory doesn't want the details between Dick and Barbara, but needs him to fix it.


  • Kory mentions that she was about to call Barbara with information.
  • Kory says bye to Barbara when she leaves.

Purple Rain

  • Kory gets a call from Barbara.


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KoryBabs is a rarepair in both the DC and Titans fandoms. Those that do ship it, often see it as a better solution to the Dick/Koriand'r/Babs love triangle. Seeing the best solution as removing axis. Outside of that, many fans of the ship want the two to interact more, given how little the do in the comics. Most want their interactions to be more positive, since and want the perception that the two have to hate each other just because they share an ex to be gone.

Their limited interactions mean that most fans rely on manips and fan art for visual content.

Fics of the two are typically of the two having to team up which leads to romance. They also have Babs introducing Kory to the larger Batfamily, or the two meeting through Dick Grayson and liking each other more. Fluff and drabble's are pretty common for the pair as well.

On AO3, there are 32 works for the pair. There are 10 gen works for the pair. Some of the more popular fics have them as a background pair, or in longer fics where they have one shots of the pair.



Kory/Babs tag on AO3


  • Both have been romantically involved with Dick Grayson.
  • Koriand'r has fully green eyes, while Babs has green eyes in most depictions.


DickKoryBabs refers to the ship between Dick Grayson, Kori and Barbs
JayBabsKory refers to the ship between Jason Todd, Kori and Barbs


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