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KosaToge is the femslash ship between Kosaki Onodera and Chitoge Kirisaki from the Nisekoi fandom.


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Both are very close to each other; their relationship started during their childhood, when the two six-year-olds met and befriended each other.

Some major points have shown their closeness:

  • Chapter 69: Kosaki and Chitoge make their Valentine's Day chocolates together. However, these chocolates are intended for Raku, not for each other.
  • Chapter 120: Yui Kanakura, a childhood friend of Kosaki and Chitoge, tells them that they were inseparable as kids, and that they were very cute because they held hands back then.
  • Chapter 212: After discovering that Raku and Kosaki "love" each other, Chitoge decides to leave them and return to the United States. She does so for "the boy [Raku] that she likes" and "her best friend [Kosaki] that she loves".

As revealed throughout the manga series, both of them are constantly worried about each other. In chapter 229, Kosaki hugs Chitoge and (presumably) confesses her feelings toward her beloved friend. Chitoge is shocked at first, but when she realizes that (presumably) Kosaki loves her and not Raku, Chitoge cries loudly. Another interpretation of this scene is that Chitoge realizes her plan to make Kosaki happy failed miserably, and she now regrets her fateful decision several chapters ago.


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  • In the Nisekoi audio drama that comes with the "Recovery Decoration" single, Chitoge can be heard gushing and loudly asked Kosaki to sing her song again.
  • Their birthdays are close (only separated by two weeks). Chitoge's is on July 20 and Kosaki's is on August 2nd.
  • In the popularity polls, Kosaki and Chitoge always end up in the top spots of the polls. The most popular character (Kosaki, Kosaki, Chitoge) is always congratulated by the second most popular character (Chitoge, Chitoge, Kosaki).
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