Kouzumi is the het ship between Kouji and Izumi from the Digimon Frontier fandom.


At first Kouji did not get along with any of the others and went out mostly on his own. Kouji rescues Izumi early on in Episode 4. Izumi had evolves to Fairymon for the first time but was defeated by Woodmon. Kouji arrives and evolves into Wolfmon and defeats Woodmon but is exhausted. Izumi offered his a hand up but he declines it and gets up on his own and walks away. Izumi says he didn't know if she should call him a nice guy or not. In episode 6 during a fight with Grottemon, Wolfmon almost falls off the mountain barely holding on. Fairymon offers Wolfmon a hand up. He hesitates to accept any help from others but eventually accepts.

Later on in the series he did join the group and start and aiding them in their fight against Cherubimon. In episode 9 Tomoki is put under a nightmare spell by Bakumon and tries to attack Izumi with a brunt stick. Kouji jumps out in front of her to defend her. Tomoki evolves into Chackmon. At first they agree not to evolve to fight Chackmon out of fear they they would hurt Tomoki. Kouji evolves to Wolfmon to illuminate for forest so they could see Bakumon. Junpei is upset that Kouji broke the promise not to evolve but Izumi says he most have a reason.

In Episode 16 when Izumi hugs Takuya and Kouji, Kouji is blushing, albeit, this could be out of embarrassment.In Episode 17 Kouji gives Izumi his jacket when she is cold. In Episode 20 Izumi is startled and grabs onto Kouji causing them both to blush.


Kouzumi is a less popular pairing but does have some strong fans. Many feel that they had a good dynamic with Izumi's more friendly attitude and Kouji's cold attitude. It rivals Takumi and Junzumi.



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