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Krii7y is the slash ship between SMii7Y and Kryoz from the YouTube fandom.


Kryoz and SMii7Y have recurrent places in each other's gaming videos and on each other's channels on YouTube. They frequently mention each other, regardless of if they are explicitly in the video or not, but they are usually very fond of playing together.

Parts of their relationship also bleed into their other social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, either by their casually sexual or sometimes defensive replies, random callouts and @'s, or, of course, the occasional teasing and banter.

Kryoz and SMii7Y have met up in person too, at various conventions and holidays. The both of them are aware to some extent that their ship exists online.


SMii7Y“John, John, John, you wanna do our tasks when we're dead and just like, do something stupid?”
Kryoz“You mean like each other? 'Cause I think you're pretty stupid.”
Among Us.[1]
“Whoa, fuck you, John. I'll kiss you.”
— SMii7Y, Among Us.[2]
“[...] You're so smart. This is why I picked you as... my life partner.”
— SMii7Y to Kryoz, Minecraft.[3]


For the most part, Kryoz and SMii7Y are involved in two main YouTube fanbases, known as the Banana Bus Squad and the Gay Baby Gang. The BBS consists of figures and internet personalities such as VanossGaming, H2ODelirious, Terroriser and the like. The GBG — who have been said to hate the name, despite providing the basis for the name themselves — resides on another similar part of the platform, including such characters as Fitz, SwaggerSouls, JohnontheRadio, Raccoon Eggs, and more. It's widely accepted that neither group really like being called or presented as a group, but in accordance, the fans have opted to use names that do not focus on any one member, and instead focus on widely known jokes in the community.

Sometimes, a Krii7y fanfiction will call SMii7Y "Lucas," or something similar. Although the origin isn't really clear, back in the days where his real name and face were shrouded in secrecy, this was the most widely accepted name to call him. Now, it is well known in the community that his name is Jaren. Some fans like to believe that the two's relationship goes beyond what we see on-screen. The degree of which widely varies, but most call into question either of their sexualities.

On AO3, Krii7y is the 3rd most written ship within the Banana Bus Squad tag; John's most written, as well as Jaren's most written.



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  • In various videos, the two have claimed to be the same person. While the fans do understand this isn't the case, some believe it makes for a cute relationship. Both admit that they are very similar in comedic style, interests, and commentary.
  • Jaren will commonly promote John's channel in his own videos. For as much as the videos make us laugh, "Subscribe to KryozGaming" is a phrase said perhaps just as often.
  • John and Jaren's ship name is a mashup of their gamertags:
    • Kryoz and SMii7Y (Krii7y) (Pronounced as "Kritty")



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