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Kristelsa is the het ship between Kristoff and Elsa from the Frozen and Once Upon A Time fandoms.



When Kristoff was little he saw a trail of ice and allowed it to the Troll Valley with Sven, where he spots Elsa with her family just before the one of the Trolls decide to take Kristoff and Sven in. Because Kristoff was told to be quite, Elsa wasn't aware that he has witnessed Grand Pappi giving her the warning of what would happy should she allow fear to become her enemy, by not regaining control of her powers. As she has lost her confidence to wield her magic after she accidently hurt Anna, who's memories of Elsa's magic were altered as he healed her.

Many years later, a grown up Kristoff and Sven attend Elsa's coronation celebration so he could sell some of his ice among the common folk. While Elsa being the about to be crowned Queen has her being surrounded by the visiting merchants who came to witness it, even though Elsa's fear has prevented her from fully gaining control of her powers again. After the secret of Elsa's magic was revealed and fled from the kingdom in fear, a curse was place upon Arendelle, which damaged Kristoff's ice selling business. A first Kristoff didn't pay the early brought winter any mind, since he has a liking to ice, until Elsa's younger sister, Anna, enlists him to help her find Elsa in order to bring summoner back. Since he saw Elsa's magical ice coming down from the North Mountain and knew that she is there. On the way Kristoff comes across Olaf, a snowman that Elsa's magic gave life to, along with the other beauties and dangers Elsa's magic created since she fled from the kingdom.

Kristoff and Elsa were finally able to cross paths with one another shortly after Kristoff and his small traveling party reached Elsa's Ice Palace. The sight of the palace almost made Kristoff cry, as it was the most beautiful ice made work he had ever seen and wanted to see the inside of it, but Anna asked him to wait outside, due to the last time she tried to talk with Elsa while a man was beside her. When Kristoff got tried of waiting and was getting worried he dashes inside, shortly after Elsa accidently struck Anna's heart with her magic, Elsa did ask Anna who Kristoff is but quickly dismissed it as she was worried about causing anymore harm. Kristoff noticed that their presents was upsetting Elsa and tried to convince Anna to leave, so Elsa could calm down but the young princess wasn't about to give up on her sister. Seeing no other choice, Elsa creates a giant snowman to send Kristoff and the others away, while she seals herself away within the palace as she tries to regain control of her powers again. When that was happening on Elsa's end, Kristoff noticed that Elsa had struck Anna again and took the princess to see his troll family so they can help her like they had done before.

After Kristoff returned to Arendelle with Anna, he had no idea that Elsa was also brought back to the kingdom until he saw her magic surrounding the castle. Not long after Kristoff witnesses Elsa bring summer back to Arendelle, Anna informs him that Elsa has made Kristoff and Sven Arendelle's official ice masters and delivers. Kristoff is later seen joining Elsa on the ice she created for everyone to have fun on.

Frozen Fever

After Anna brought Kristoff and Elsa together, the two are shown to have become friends. On the day of Anna's birthday, Kristoff helps Elsa get the courtyard ready for Anna's surprise party. Before she goes to wake Anna up, Elsa asks Kristoff to make sure that nothing goes wrong on his end. While Elsa's cold creating a large number of Snowgies makes Kristoff's task a lot more harder, as he keeps them away from the cake. When Elsa returned to the courtyard, Kristoff acted like he does have everything under control while the sight of the Snowgies surprizes her. Kristoff was later tasked to bring the Snowgies to Elsa's ice castle on her behalf, while she is recovering from her cold.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure

After Elsa rang the bell with Anna, while Kristoff had presented it after the long years where it wasn't rang by the royal family, everyone returned home so they could do their winter holiday traditions, before Elsa could inform her people of the party they have prepared for them. Kristoff tried to encloud Elsa and Anna in his tradition, but Elsa and her sister had to recline even though it was sweet of him wanting to share his troll family tradition with them. As the former King and Queen of Arendelle sealing the gates and keeping the sister apart had prevented them from having their own tradition, outside of ringing the bell.

Sometime after Elsa looks through her old childhood belonging, that allows her and Anna to discover what their tradition is, she and Anna go to see Kristoff while Sven is informing his human friend of the danger Olaf is in. So Elsa and Kristoff, along with Anna and a large search party, went in search for their snowman friend. Once Olaf was found and was informed that he is the sisters' tradition, Elsa, Kristoff and everyone else stayed outside as it was a beautiful night and everyone being together allows Elsa to present them with the feast she and Anna had planned to share with everyone, including Kristoff.

Frozen II

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In the three years after the events of Elsa's crowning and finally regain control over her powers, Elsa and Kristoff became family to one another through the love they have for Anna and the shared friendship with both Olaf and Sven.

Once Upon A Time

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Because of Kristoff's actions in Frozen, Elsa is happy to have him as her future brother-in-law as she helps him to prepare for his and Anna's wedding. When Elsa had noticed that Anna is missing she goes to see Kristoff, who was asked to keep Elsa distracted.


Kristelsa is one of the well liked Frozen ships. It is sometimes shipped beside Hanna and rivalled with Kristanna and Jelsa. Because Kristoff ends up with Elsa's Anna, however, fans prefer to ship them as friends but that hasn't stopped many people from het shipping them together. Even though the two appeared in the Once Upon A Time series and share a few scene together, the ship isn't largely supported in the OUAT fanbase, even though a few OUAT fanfics inculdes the two in the same story. On AO3, the ship has 73+ het fanfics and 129+ gen fics, along with having 60 fanfics placed under pairing in the Frozen category. There is also a DeviantArt fan group of Kristoff x Elsa, along with Tumblr having many fanworks and posts on Kristelsa.



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Once Upon A Time

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Kristelsanna refers to the ship between Kristoff, Elsa and Anna


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