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Kristelsanna is the poly ship between Anna, Elsa and Kristoff from the Frozen and Once Upon A Time fandoms.



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Unknown to the sisters at the time, from when Elsa had accidently struck Anna with her powers before their parents take them to trolls for help, Kristoff had witnessed the event of Anna having her memories altered while Elsa is told that she must gain control of her powers before fear becomes her enemy. Kristoff following the icy made trail to them also allowed him and Sven to find a family among the trolls as they take him and Sven in. Many years later, when it was time for Elsa to be crowned Queen of Arendelle, Anna became exited to when the gates opened again, and possibly reconnect with Elsa, while Kristoff attends it to sell his ice. In which kept the sisters separated from Kristoff, all with being aware that he is in their kingdom.

After the reveal of Elsa's causes her to flee Arendelle and accidently places the kingdom in an early winter that would be ever lasting, it hinders Kristoff's ice business and leaves. While Anna blames herself for provoking Elsa like she had and goes to bring her sister back home. Because Kristoff had left Arendelle before Anna and shortly after Elsa did, he saw Elsa's magic coming down from the North Mountain and once he informs Anna of this she asks him to be her guide to Elsa. On the first part of their journey to Elsa, Anna tells Kristoff of the event that happened in the castle between her and Elsa. The next day Anna and Kristoff come across the prettier side to Elsa's magic, like Olaf the living snowman as he takes the Kristoff and Anna the rest of the way to Elsa.

Once they came across Elsa's ice castle Kristoff's fondness for ice and the beautiful sight of it brought him to tears, and even finds the castle beauty as well her mind was mainly fixed on bring Elsa back home. Because of the last time she introduces a man to Elsa, Anna asks Kristoff out side the castle while she goes to talk with her sister.

Frozen Fever

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To make up for the birthdays she kept herself from, Elsa asks Kristoff to help her set up a party for Anna's nineteenth birthday.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure

On the first winter holiday that Kristoff spends with the sisters, he takes the yule bell out of storage so Elsa and Anna can once again ring it to mark the beginning of it, before the whole of Arendelle could celebrate. After it was rang, however, everyone went back home to celebrate their holiday traditions, both the sisters could have the chance to tell them about the party they have prepared for them. In an attempt to cheer the sisters up, Kristoff shares his troll tradition with them, and even though it was sweet of him and Sven, the oddness of it has the sisters declining Kristoff's invitation.

While Kristoff sets everything up for his tradition, with hope that the sisters would change their minds about joining in, Elsa felt terrible for being the reason that she and Anna don't have one of their own. A few hours later Elsa finds Anna searching the attic for their tradition, and shortly they realize what it is they go to See Kristoff the moment Sven is informing him of the danger Olaf is in. Kristoff helps Elsa and Anna get everyone together for their Olaf search party, before heading out to find the snowman. After they Olaf and realize that they don't need a bell to tell them when the holiday is or when it should start, Kristoff decides to put his tradition aside so he can take part of the winter wonderland party that Elsa and Anna hosted in the forest with Olaf. Which makes it very magical, since they are all together like they should be that time of year.

Frozen II

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In the three years after the events of the sisters meeting Kristoff in first film, his friendship with Elsa and Anna allows him to become family to them. Along side Olaf and Sven. As Anna works to ensure that she and Elsa are never pushed from each other again, Kristoff feels that it was time for him and Anna to take the next big step in their relationship; but Anna's concerns for Elsa's well being and their bond has her failing to notice that Kristoff is trying to propose to her.

Once Upon A Time

The past Frozen flashback events, of Elsa, Anna and Kristoffs' timeline, takes place a few years after the events of the Disney Frozen film. As the three prepare to makes plans and see them through on their ends, before they all met the Snow Queen.

Once Anna and Kristoff got engaged and were preparing themselves for their wedding, Elsa gives the two her support and blessing.


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Because the Once Upon A Time series has Kristoff marrying Anna, while Frozen II first had him as someone who is like family to Elsa and Anna, before he proposed to the youngest sister at the end of the film, the poly ship between the three could also be viewed as a family ship. Since Elsa and Anna are sisters, while Kristoff becoming Anna's husband also makes him Elsa's brother-in-law.

On AO3, the poly ship only has 19 fanfics.



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  • They are limited time characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • All three of them appear in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kristelsa refers to the ship between Kristoff and Elsa
Elsanna refers to the ship between Elsa and Anna
Kristanna refers to the ship between Kristoff and Anna


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