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Krisven is the friendship ship between Kristoff and Sven from the Frozenfandom.



Kristoff and Sven have known each other since they were children and only had each other for family when living as the Ice Harvesters. One night after a ice harvest, the two came across a magical trail of ice and followed it all the way to a valley that is home to trolls, who take them in as part of their family. Because the two have spent a lot of time together through the passing years, Kristoff is able to tell what Sven is thinking and has a habit of saying them in a goofy voice that is meant to be Sven's "human voice", along with them sharing a carrot from time to time.

On the day of Elsa's coronation, the two travel to Arendelle to sell their ice and shared a carrot when they got there. After the newly crowned queen accidently cast a curse upon the kingdom, the very early snow made it hard for the two to sell their ice and had to leave Arendelle as they see magical snow coming down from the North Mountain. Because of what they saw, Princess Anna asks the two to take her there, since it is where Elsa is and after hearing Kristoff singing his "Reindeer are better than people" song as they were prepared to go to sleep for the night, she hands them the items Kristoff had tried to buy earlier. Before telling them that they are leaving for the mountain right now. As they make their way to Elsa in the dark of night, both Kristoff and Sven sensed the presents of wolves making their way towards them, so Kristoff has Sven increase the spend they were going at while he and Anna fight them off, but end up losing their sled. Kristoff was very upset about it and didn't want to help Anna anymore, until Sven manged to convince Kristoff by letting his human friend say what Sven is telling him, and that she did promise give them a new sled once their task was done.

As they continue on their journey with Anna and come across a beautiful winter wonder land aria, Sven sees Kristoff running his hand past the forest tree's as they make a bell-like sound and began to make a lot more of the pretty sound with his antlers until they came across their new friend, Olaf the Snowman as he joins them in their mission to find Elsa. When they all got to Elsa's ice palace both Kristoff and Sven wanted to see the inside of it, but they told to wait outside until Anna comes out with Elsa; but failed to do so. After they got away from Marshmallow and Kristoff notices that Anna's hair is turning white, he and Sven bring her to their troll family for help. Even though the trolls are happy to see Kristoff and Sven return to them, just as they are happy to see them again, Grand Pabbie wasn't able to help Anna this time round as only an act of true love can save her. Knowing that they must do, Kristoff asks Sven to help them get back to Arendelle so they can bring Anna to Hans. Once they were able to do so, Sven could tell that Kristoff was upset as he turn to leave the kingdom once again with Sven following behind.

When they were far away from Arendelle, Sven sees the harsh blizzard that is surrounding the kingdom and tries to get Kristoff to turn around, but he was too upset to understand what Sven is trying to tell him and had assumed that Sven was trying to tell him to good back and be with Anna despite knowing that she is in love with someone else. Once Kristoff saw the same blizzard and when that Anna is in danger, Sven gets Kristoff onto his back as they make their way back to the kingdom. On the way to Anna, the frozen sea began to brake beneath their feet and Sven was able to get Kristoff to safety, while the reindeer had fallen into the icy water. Once Kristoff saw that Sven as survived and came out of the water, he calls Sven a "good boy" before he continues to run across the frozen sea to reach Anna. Sven was able to catch to Kristoff when Anna had sacrificed herself for Elsa, and after the sisters used the love they have for each over to thaw Anna from the ice before Elsa brings back summer, Sven stands by Kristoff's side as they watch the sisters hug watch other. Because of their actions and the promise that Anna, the two were made Arendelle's official ice masters and delivers, along with them receiving the new sled and a set of items they had lost.

Frozen Fever

On the day of Anna's birthday, Kristoff and Sven help Elsa to through a party for the princess and as Elsa goes to give Anna her many gifts to her, the two, along with Olaf, kept an eye on the courtyard and when the Snowgies started to appear both Kristoff and Sven made sure that they didn't get to the ice-cream birthday cake. Until Anna came into the courtyard and the two wish the princess a happy birthday and a "surprise" greeting with everyone else, before Kristoff presents Anna with the cake while Sven uses his antlers to cut it up.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure

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Frozen II

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While Kristoff is prepared to take the next step with Anna, he is nervous about asking her the big question and talks about it with Sven for support on the subject. Since Sven knows how Kristoff feels about Anna and can be trusted to keep Kristoff's proposal a secret until Kristoff finally asks Anna the question.


Kristoff and Sven are seen as the main human-animal duo of Frozen. There have even been fans who view them as the Frozen versions of Flynn/Eugene and Maximus from Tangled. In a few Modern AUs fans commonly have Sven as Kristoff's pet dog, for when they don't portray Sven as Kristoff's horse for a few other AUs, along with there being fans who portray Sven as a human version of himself for when they ship the two romantically. That is why AO3 has 13+ slash fanfics of the two, that are mostly joke fics, along with having 42+ gen fanfics. also has 212 fanfic of the two, as fans commonly write and draw Kristoff and Sven together.



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