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Krolia“I love you, Keith.”
Keith“I love you too, Mom.”
The Ruins.

Kroeith is the familyship between Krolia and Keith from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Krolia was a Blade of Marmora spy sent undercover to scout for the Voltron Lions. In an ensuing battle, an loyal Galra scout was killed, but Krolia's fighter jet was damaged and crash-landed on Earth in the middle of a desert, right in front of the home of Keith's father.

Presumably after nursing Krolia back to health, Keith's father helps her find the Blue Lion months later. At some point, Krolia and Keith's father became lovers, and Krolia gave birth to Keith. She wanted to name him “Yurak,” but his father suggested “Keith” instead. They seemingly live in peace for a while.

Kroeith11 (Razor's Edge)

Krolia kisses Keith goodbye.

As Krolia is feeding Keith via a bottle, Krolia's blade goes off, alerting them to the arrival of Galra scouts. After a battle and expecting the Galra to find the Blue Lion again, Krolia decides that leaving to continue her mission of fighting the Galra from the inside was the only way to keep her family safe. Krolia gently kisses her sleeping son's cheek before leaving Keith's father with her Marmora blade, thinking Keith may some day need it. She soon flees Earth to return to the Blade of Marmora.

Season 5


Kroeith2 (Bloodlines)

Keith and Krolia meet after 20 years.

Kolivan, leader of the Blade of Marmora, informs Keith they need to extract a Blade agent and destroy a super weapon created by Galra forces; which Keith will do on his own. He then shows Keith a surveillance image of the Blade agent – Krolia. Soon Keith leaves for her, making his way through a battlefield. He infiltrates the ship she’s on and Keith makes visual of her. Krolia stops in her tacks, turning to Keith’s direction, Keith quickly hides back behind his corner. Moments later, she turns back and continues forward. Keith does to, only for Krolia to hold her gun to Keith’s forehead and for Keith to hold his blade to her throat. Keith says her name, then Krolia takes notice of Keith’s blade. She lowers her gun and tells Keith he’s late and that they don’t have much time.

Once inside, Krolia asks why Kolivan risked sending Keith in now. Keith tells her it's because of Ranveig’s, a Galra commander, super weapon. Moments later, the first layer of defense is breached. Krolia tells Keith they need to run and they make it to an elevator. Once exiting, they’re attacked by droids, they’re able to hold them off for a bit before Keith is taken down by Commander Trugg. Krolia slowly stands and disarms her sword back into a knife. Keith watches on with a bewildered expression. She then holds up her hands and says to Trugg, “We can make a deal.” Keith yells at her, “What are you doing!” Krolia turns her attention to Keith, saying, “I left you once. I’ll never leave you again.”

Kroeith5 (Bloodlines)

Keith discovering Krolia is his mother.

They make for a battle cruiser, once inside Keith is angry at Krolia for saving him–for jeopardizing the mission. Krolia turns to Keith and tells him to “shut up and trust me.” Following the deal she made earlier with Trugg–she gives Trugg the passcode for the super weapon. Once the code is confirmed, she and Keith fly off. Trugg orders a lackey to shoot them down. Keith flies them far away enough that they’re no longer being fired at. Keith goes up to Krolia and she gives Keith his knife back. Keith asks how she was able to use it – she drops a bombshell on him: it used to belong to her, before she gave it to Keith’s father. Keith goes wide eyed, before saying, “You’re my –?”

Season 6


The episode starts right where “Bloodlines” left off, with Keith finishing his “You’re my mom? How? How did you get to Earth? How– how did you meet my dad? How– how are you so sure?” Krolia says she's sure and goes on saying how this isn't how she wanted Keith to find out, but there are other important matters to attended to. Keith is frustrated with this, but he finally accepts that they'll talk later about it. They resume their mission.

Kroeith8 (Razor's Edge)

Keith and Krolia in the quantum abyss.

Soon they head for the quantum abyss. Once there, they're attacked by unknown creatures, forcing them to ditch their ship. They know they must keep going forward, so they continue on foot, just on the outside of the space time. They see a bright flash of light, Krolia jumps in front of Keith to shield him from it, enclosing herself around him to protect him from whatever it could be. Keith sees a vision of the past–his parents holding him as newborn. Once the vision passes, they're back to traveling. Keith is hit by a large rock, knocking him back into the pull of the quantum abyss. Keith struggles to jet pack out, finally throwing his knife attached to a rope. Krolia jumps to his aid, grabbing hold of the rope and pulling him just as another vision hits. The vision they share is of Keith's parents. Once out, Keith looks to his mother, saying, “I finally understand why you left: you put the mission above all else.” Krolia turns to him and says, “That's not true. I left to protect the person I love most. You.” Keith is lost for words at hearing this.

Moments later, a massive whale-like creature comes up to where they're standing. Realizing if they want to make it into the quantum abyss, their best shot is jumping aboard the animal. They soon make a home for themselves, waiting until they pass through to the other side. They witness something falling through sky before crashing down. They go to investigate, only to discover it's a wolf-like puppy, they defend it against hostile creatures, taking it in and caring for it.

Two years have passed when they finally reach the end of the quantum abyss, allowing them to complete their mission. They soon pick up a signal on a planet directly ahead of them, leading them to a base. All three enter and are greeted by the sight of an Altean.

Season 7


Kroeith14 (The Road Home)

Krolia and Keith in the Black Lion.

Team Voltron and Krolia are making preparations for their yearlong journey back to Earth and Krolia flies with Keith in the Black Lion. Not long into their journey, Krolia informs the team of a Blade of Marmora base not too far from their location. Krolia tells Keith they should check in with them and get an update on their operations. Keith agrees and informs the others they’re going to make a quick pitstop.

Once there at the base, it’s very apparent that it’s been abandoned for a long while. Minutes after entering the base, they’re attacked by pirates. Rushing back into the Lions, the team and Krolia make their escape but can’t seem to shake their pursuers. Flying into a cyclone and attempting to out fly them, the pirates end up catching up to the Black Lion. Shiro volunteers to “take care of him” only for Krolia to tell him no, as he’s still recovering. As Krolia is about to leave, Keith yells for her to wait, before handing her his knife.


Kroeith18 (The Ruins)

Keith hilariously loses his mother's own battle simulation.

Keith calls for everyone to wake up, as they need to keep to a routine as not to dull their skills. Krolia designs a battle simulation for the team to complete. As she describes the simulation, Keith comments, “This is a good one.” Keith soon fails his mother’s own simulation, to which Krolia comes up behind and tells him he’s out.

Kroeith26 (The Ruins)

Keith and Krolia share a warm embrace.

Later, a distress signal comes from a barren planet. Krolia determines it to be a signal that not many Blade of Marmora agents know of, deeming it to be a senior member. Once on the planet, they come across a survivor named Macidus. As Macidus is speaking, Krolia notices a wall with knives belonging to other Blade agents. After Keith’s intense fight with Macidus, they save Kolivan, whose signal was being used to drawn in remanding Blades. Krolia takes notice of the blades on the wall again, claiming Macidus made a “critical blow” to the Mamora. Kolivan claims he’s going to find more, as the universe needs them more than ever. After a moment, Krolia says she’s going to join him. Keith silently listens to them, knowing what this means. As Krolia walks up to Keith, she struggles to find the right words as this means she’s “saying goodbye for the second time.” Keith tells her it’s not, not before giving her his knife, claiming she can return it back when they see each other again. Krolia softens into a gentle smile as mother and son share a warm embrace. Before Keith leaves, they exchange an “I love you.”


Keith has since returned to Earth. It’s after an intense battle that he’s hospital bound. Following Krolia’s mission with Kolivan reforming the Blade of Marmora, Keith is resting and slowly waking up. Krolia is sitting on the side of her son's hospital bed, smiling upon seeing Keith open his eyes. Some time after Keith fully recovered and was able to the hospital, he and Krolia, along with Cosmo, went to visit his father's grave.


Season 6

Razor's Edge

  • Krolia jumps in front of Keith to shield him from a bright flash of light, enclosing herself around him to protect him from whatever it could be.

Season 7

A Little Adventure

  • As Keith is worried over Shiro, Krolia places her hand on is shoulder and smiles, alluding that it will be alright.

The Ruins

  • Keith gives Krolia his knife.
  • Keith calls Krolia “Mom.”
  • Krolia and Keith share a warm embrace.


“I left you once. I’ll never leave you again.”
— Krolia, Bloodlines.
Krolia“I should give this back to you.”
Keith“How were you able to use it?”
Krolia“Because it used to be mine. Before I gave it to your father.”
— Krolia giving Keith his knife back, Bloodlines.
Keith“I finally understand why you left: you put the mission above all else.”
Krolia“That's not true. I left to protect the person I love most. You.”
Razor's Edge.
Krolia“I love you, Keith.”
Keith“I love you too, Mom.”
The Ruins.


With the appearance of Keith's mother, fans jumped at the opportunity for some nice mother/son bonding. Their relationship quickly became an unbiased favorite. In most fan works Krolia is very supportive of Keith, but also quite protective of him.



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