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Kromelle is the femslash ship between Krolia and Romelle from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Krolia met Romelle when she, Keith and Cosmo came across the Altean colony, while searching for the unique kind of Quintessence, where Romelle told them what had happened to her brother, and many other Alteans, after the trio explained their mission to her. Even though it was Krolia and a half of Keith's race, the Galra, that destroyed Planet Altea and had forced many Alteans into hiding from the rest of the universe, Romelle choice to trust them. A choice that allowed her to uncover the truth and to be one of the first Alteans to leave the safety of the colony, so Krolia's son could bring all four of them to Castle of Lions and expose Lotor's crimes.

When the Castle of Lion was damaged in an attack by Lotor's generals, Krolia and Romelle stayed behind on the castle-ship where they helped Coran with its repairs. Some of those assisting repair work that they helped Coran with, has them being alone together in a room. After the castle-ship was destroyed to seal the tears that Lotor made in his final battle with Voltron, Krolia and Romelle stand beside each other as they witness the real Shiro's return and the Voltron Lions roaring to mark it. Before they both accompany Team Voltron's long journey to Earth, where they will be able to build a new Castle of Lions. Because they were in different Lions while traveling through they didn't have much interaction with each other, until it was time for Krolia to part ways with them.

After Voltron save Earth and the five were recovering from the battle, Krolia re-joins Romelle and the others on Earth. Like Romelle with Allura, Krolia goes to see her son at the hospital that the Paladins are being treated at. Krolia and Romelle later began to continue helping Voltron in their mission, while coming across other Galra and Alteans who join their side. Romelle and Krolia also attend a few of the mission briefings on the IGF-Atlas with the rest of the crew and the Paladins. Even though Honerva and Voltron's other main enemies were defeated and the universe is freed, Krolia and Romelle continue to hold up the peace that the Paladins brought on their sides of the universe.


People shipping Krolia with Romelle might simply be due to Krolia being one of the first outsiders she'd met, that aren't Lotor or his Galra doctor soldiers, as well as Krolia, Keith and Cosmo being the ones that helped Romelle expose Lotor for his crimes to the people that have helped her to prevent other Alteans being harmed by the Galra-Altean prince, like her brother. As well as the fact of the two spending sometime alone on the Castle of Lions, for when Coran wasn't in the same room as them, and that Romelle and Krolia had stood closely to each other during the Voltron Lions roaring to mark the real Shiro's return.

Even though the ship isn't popular on fanfiction related websites, it does have a reasonable size fanbase on Tumblr.



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