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Krouxie is the slash ship between Krel Tarron and Douxie Casperan from the Tales of Arcadia fandom.



Even though both Krel and Douxie live in Arcadia, have their own secrets and took part in Battle of the Bands, the two didn't interact with one another until the events of "Wizards Underground". As Douxie runs into Krel when he enters Hex Tech with the other Guardians of Arcadia, and gets roped into their struggle with the Arcane Order. Krel joining Douxie's group allows him to discover the secret world of wizards and how they use their magic to fix Earth technology. Because Krel has limited experience with magic and hasn't heard anything about the Arcane order until to night is why Douxie had Krel stay in the safety of Hex Tech, while the young wizard and half of his group go to get Jim back from the said Order. It may not look like it but Douxie's plan involves a fake Nari, while Krel looks after the real Nari with the rest of Team Trollhunters. This show that Douxie cares about Krel's safety and trusts him enough to keep one of the keys to the world's destruction safe, since the Arcane Order need their defected sister for their world destroying plan and both Douxie and Krel weren't going to let the order go through with it. After Douxie's plan failed and departed from the group to find the seals, however, Krel get thrown deeper in Douxie's struggle with the Arcane Order when they attacked Hex Teach and capture everyone but him.

When Douxie returned to Hex Teach he hears Krel's painful groans and was shocked to see him trapped in an ice-like wall against, and didn't hesitate to use his magic to free the Akiridion prince from it. As Krel slumps onto the ground Douxie kneels down to his eye level and places his hands on Krel's shoulder while making sure that the said Akiridion is already. Despite being in pain Krel manages to fight it so he can inform Douxie of what happened and how the Order now has Nari. Being a Prince turn King-in-waiting, Krel understands that Douxie is feeling the pressure of being a leader, who has just been thrown against the wall and wants to do what he can to save their friends and keep the world safe. The short time they have gets Krel to ask Douxie to make the decision to save either their friends or the world, but the words Krel uses to tell Douxie this gave the said wizard an idea to do both.

Before Douxie contacts the Arcane Order, he gives Krel a crystal that is imbued with time magic and deigns for a device he needs him to build for his plan. It was a challenged but Krel enjoyed merging Akiridion tech and magic together and was amazed that the elements of their two worlds are compatible. After they used their time loop trap device on Skrael and Bellroc, they go to save their friends with Douxie going in to get them while he trusts Krel to fly the air ship. Once Krel hears Douxie's whistle call and brought up the small flying ship as planned he expected the young wizard to get on it with the others, but he still needed to save Nari and the device Krel made won't keep Skrael and Bellroc trapped for long. Douxie also didn't inform Krel and the others that he planed to sacrifice his life for their sakes, should it come to that. From the ground Krel sees Douxie fell from the Order's floating fortress, luckily Douxie was able to recover from the fall. Krel was glad to see that his new friend is alive and as much as Douxie was glad to be surrounded by the friends he sees as his strength, the promise Douxie made to his late master has the wizard leaving Arcadia with Nari and Archie in order to keep the Arcane Order from getting their hands on her. Before Douxie leaves he tells Krel and the others that he'll be seeing them again.

Rise of the Titans

Krel aids Douxie with alien tech again when Douxie and Nari realise that they can't run from the Arcane Order forever, and decide to make a stand. Krel builds a device that will keep Bellroc and Skrael from using their magic, while Douxie and Nari serve as the bait before they can take on Nari's powerless siblings. The plan goes wrong and Douxie ends up casting a spell that has him swap bodies with Nari, its unknown if Krel was aware of this fact when he arrived to get "Douxie" and the others out of the police station. Douxie regroups with Krel and the others after the Arcane Order broke his spell, and when they all went to save Nari they were too late. Douxie, Krel and the other Guardians now have to save the world from the Titans.

Even though the two weren't really seen together around the majority of the film but when Jim is about to travel back in time, Krel ultimately embraces to Douxie and the two smile, hoping that they meet each other again in the new timeline, indicating that they have became close friends.


  • Both Krel and Douxie were seen getting the Battle of the Bands stage ready for their separate acts.


Even though Krel and Douxie had brief interaction with one another in Wizards, it didn't stop a descent number of fans from shipping them together; and is considered to be one the most popular slash ship between the two characters. Since both Douxie and Krel do have a few things in common that fans see as common ground for the two to bond on. They are the protagonists of their Tales of Arcadia shows, both of them first appeared in part three of Trollhunters, lost family members, take pride in their skills, enjoy making music with a stringed instrument and many more [1].

While there are those who were upset that Krel and Douxie had short interactions with one another, but hope that they might get to see more Krouxie-like moments in Rise of the Titans, a few fans believe that Douxie limiting Krel's involvement in his battle with the Arcane Order was his way to keep Krel safe. Since Douxie is the type of person who looks out for the innocent and wouldn't blindly throw someone headlong into danger when the said person knows very little about it.

Some of the ship's fanart has Douxie with Krel in his Akiridion form and sometimes have Douxie spending time with human Krel. Their fondues for music also has fans make music references in their Krouxie fanart. Along with Douxie helping Krel to better understand the world of wizard, as the said Akiridion looks for other ways to combine Akiridion tech with magic after he merged them together in "Our Final Act" and became amazed by it. There have even been fanfics that feature Krel having a bigger role in Wizards and a lot more shared time with Douxie.

Because Krel and Douxie are male protagonists from the Tales of Arcadia series, some fans like to draw them with Jim who they both have ties to as fellow protects of Arcadia and to depict them as a group [2], for fun. Along with adding in Krel's sister, Aja for the same reasons [3]. Or could simply ship Krouxie next to Ajim to bring the four together.

On AO3, the ship has 29 fanfics on the romantic side of it and only 9 that focus on friendship side of the ship. Krouxie also has a descent size fanbase on Tumblr.



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  • Both Krel and Douxie took part in the battle of the Eternal Night; but their paths didn't cross during part one or two of "The Eternal Knight".
  • Krel is one of the Guardians of Arcadia and one of the aliens who choice to stay on Earth (at the end of 3Below and moments before the present day/night events that Wizards begins at), but when Merlin tasked Douxie to find the Guardians he couldn't find Krel.



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