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Kunikidazai is the slash ship between Kunikida and Dazai from the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom.



Armed Detective Agency vs. Port Mafia Arc

In ch1, Kunikida and Dazai are work partners who are trying to solve the case of the tiger that has been appearing in Yokohama. Shortly after Atsushi rescues Dazai from drowning, Kunikida sees the two of them and scolds Dazai for fooling around. Dazai thanks Kunikida for his hard work. This does little to abate Kunikida's anger, and Dazai offers to treat Atsushi to chazuke on Kunikida's dime.

At the restaurant, Kunikida tells Dazai they have to get back to work. Kunikida reprimands Dazai for jumping into a river in the middle of work and says it is his fault they are behind schedule. Dazai comments on Kunikida's affection for the latter's notebook, and Kunikida retorts by saying that it is not just a notebook but his aspirations and life compass. Kunikida adds that having a suicide maniac as a colleague was not part of his ideal. Kunikida explains to Atsushi that the military police requested that Kunikida and Dazai drive out a wild beast. As Dazai and Atsushi converse, Kunikida tells Dazai that the two of them are not philanthropists, and they must return to work. Dazai and Kunikida explain to Atsushi that they are detectives working for the Armed Detective Agency. Dazai comments that the beam in the teashop looks like it could support a person's weight, and Kunikida scolds Dazai for thinking about hanging himself every time he is in a teashop. Dazai pranks Kunikida by telling him that hanging is part of a health regimen, and Kunikida believes him and starts to write down information on this "health regimen" as Dazai dictates information to him.

A few moments later, Kunikida restrains Atsushi and demands that Atsushi tell Kunikida and Dazai about the man-eating tiger or else Atsushi will pay for the chazuke with his arm. Dazai tells Kunikida to calm down and reminds him that the director always says to gather information through questioning. Dazai questions Atsushi as Kunikida shoos away onlookers. Kunikida and Dazai listen to Atsushi's story and Kunikida asks what Atsushi means when the latter claims that the tiger is here to kill him. Dazai questions Atsushi some more, and Kunikida mentions some more details of the case. Dazai asks Atsushi to help with the case and tells Kunikida to take a note back to the director. Kunikida asks Dazai if he is planning on catching the tiger with just himself and Atushi, but Dazai says it will be fine.

After Dazai nullifies Atsushi's ability and solves the case, Kunikida appears at the warehouse, and Dazai tells him it took long enough and that he has solved the case. Kunikida asks Dazai if Atsushi is the tiger, and Dazai confirms it. Kunikida tells Dazai to let him know beforehand next time because Dazai gave him quite a fright.

At the beginning of ch2, Dazai mentions that he will be hiring Atsushi, and Kunikida responds in a surprised way. The next day, Dazai and Atsushi are walking to the office when Kunikida spots Dazai and calls him a "bandage-wasting device," and Dazai acts hurt. Kunikida alerts the two of them to an emergency happening, and Dazai responds by telling Kunikida the negative health effects of shouting too much. Kunikida believes him, and Dazai instructs him to write it down, which Kunikida does. Dazai then reveals he is lying, and Atsushi looks on at their antics with an unentertained expression until he asks what the emergency is.

Kunikida stops physically contorting Dazai and remembers the emergency. He urges the other two to come to the office. Dazai asks why, and Kunikida explains that a bomber has taken a hostage and barricaded himself in the office. In the next scene, Kunikida, Dazai, and Atsushi are hiding and discussing what to do about the bomber. Dazai suggests that they give into the bomber's demands and allow him to meet the president, but Kunikida objects, mentioning that not only would the bomber would kill the president, the president is also away on business. All of a sudden, Kunikida and Dazai play rock, paper, scissors, and Kunikida loses. Kunikida confronts the bomber, which proves to be ineffective. Atsushi is sent out by Dazai to address the bomber, and Kunikida is able to remove the detonator from the bomber's hand and arrest him.

Atsushi makes the decision to cover the bomb with his body after he is pushed onto the detonator. After the test is over, Atsushi is bewildered, and Kunikida tells Atsushi to curse Dazai if Atsushi wants to curse anyone. Dazai tells Atsushi that Kunikida is right and explains that this was an entrance exam.

In ch3, Kunikida, Dazai, Tanizaki, and Atsushi are hanging out after the exam, and Tanizaki apologies to Atsushi. Kunikida tells Tanizaki that he has nothing to apologize for, and Dazai tells Kunikida that is he being rude. Dazai imitates Kunikida activating his ability during the exam, much to Kunikida's annoyance. Kunikida tells Atsushi that he is part of the agency now and that he should not copy those who trash the agency's sign or cause trouble. Kunikida says that he and the others will be making sure and asks Dazai to back him up. Dazai instead asks if the waitress would be willing to strangle him, and Kunikida tells him to shut up and scolds him.

Light Novels

Osamu Dazai's Entrance Exam

The novel is almost entirely written in first person from Kunikida's point of view. The prologue opens on Kunikida and Dazai chasing a criminal through the streets of Yokohama. Kunikida yells at Dazai not to fall behind, but Dazai responds saying that his shoe came untied. Kunikida tells Dazai to keep running, and they continue to banter.

“'I could always just shoot you in the head if you want to die that badly!' [Kunikida] yells, to which [Dazai] replies: 'Wait. Seriously? Wow, thanks.' [Dazai] smiles bashfully, even though there's nothing to blush about.”

The chase continues until Dazai yells "fire," sending the townspeople into a frenzy, which blocks the routes of escape for the criminal. Kunikida is able to take down the criminal, and Dazai calms the crowd and introduces both himself and Kunikida as members of the Armed Detective Agency.

The first chapter starts with Kunikida arriving to work early and discovering that Dazai is tripping on hallucinogenic mushrooms as a staff member begs Kunikida to do something. Kunikida ignores Dazai at first but knocks him unconscious a little later. Kunikida begins to recount his first meeting with Dazai that occurred four days ago.

Dazai and Kunikida first meet two years prior to the start of the manga when Dazai is seeking a job at the Armed Detective Agency. Kunikida describes Dazai as somewhat handsome and notes that they are the same age. As Dazai shakes Kunikida's hand, Kunikida notices something:

“In that moment, I suddenly sense a cold, piercing light in his eyes, as if he were calmly evaluating his senior--no, as if he were staring into my very soul through the eyes of a heavenly, enlightened sage. However, it is only for a fleeting moment before his vacant expression returns. Was I seeing things?”
— Kunikida

The president asks Kunikida to carry out Dazai's entrance exam and to ascertain whether or not Dazai can be trusted. Additionally, the president gives Kunikida a gun and instructs Kunikida to shoot Dazai if there are "any signs of wickedness in his heart."

The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency

“However, the fact of the matter was that they were the most talented duo in the agency when it came to solving tough cases, and they had boasted a record of solving the most difficult cases ever since Dazai joined the company two years ago. Outsiders who didn't know their personalities or how much they didn't get along often thought they were the perfect pair. Ignorance is bliss.”
— Excerpt from The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency


Kunikidazai is the most popular ship for Kunikida and a somewhat popular ship for Dazai. Despite Kunikida's annoyance at Dazai's antics, it has been acknowledged that they work well together and are the best duo in the ADA. At the start of the manga/anime, they have been work partners for 2 years. Additionally, it has been explicitly shown that they have high opinions of each other even though they do not always get along. Their dynamic in Osamu Dazai's Entrance Exam was popular enough to inspire Fukuzawa and Mori's interactions in a scene from the Dead Apple film. Kunikidazai occasionally gets compared to Soukoku due to the fact that Chuuya is Dazai's former work partner and Kunikida is his current work partner and the similarity in temperaments between Chuuya and Kunikida.

The Bones adaptation of the Azure Messenger Arc (episodes 6 and 7 of season 1) made several changes compared to the light novel. In the light novel, solving the Azure Messenger case was Dazai's entrance exam for the ADA. However, the anime added Atsushi, and this story arc takes place after both Dazai and Atsushi have already joined the ADA. It is suggested to read the first light novel in order to understand their relationship better. Dazai and Kunikida have additional interactions in The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency and 55 Minutes.



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