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KyleWally is the slash ship between Kyle Rayner and Wally West from the DC Comics fandom.


Fast Friends

As Kyle fights Sonar, Wally suddenly arrives. He tells Kyle to step aside while someone who knows what he's doing takes over, and Kyle just questions where Wally came from. He asks who invited him, and Wally says he should be glad there's a hero around who knows what he'd doing. Kyle says he'll take care of his own city and Wally asks if he'll do it the same way he protected Hal. Kyle says that Wally wasn't doing anything better, when they're attacked by Sonar. Kyle catches Wally in a construct, and taunts him. Wally says that when they first met, he assumed he was just a ring with attitude. Now he's sure of it. He tells him to let someone who know what they're doing handle it and runs to fight Sonar.

Kyle watches Wally gets taken out by Sonar, and decides that he should step in. He encases Sonar in a soundproof bubble, and that it looks like he saved Wally again. Wally says that Kyle is still treating it like a game, and that just because he has the ring, it doesn't make him a hero. Kyle tells him to stop treating him like a novice and Wally tells him to stop acting like one. Sonar then escapes that bubble, and blasts glass everywhere. Kyle constructs a shield and tells Wally not to move. He asks if he's alright, and Wally does appreciate the shield. Kyle jokes that it didn't kill him to thank him, and asks if he thinks they should go after this guy together. Wally says no and runs off to fight Sonar again, with Kyle quickly following behind.

The two fight Sonar, but can't seem to take him out. Kyle is knocked aside and asks why Wally didn't catch him. Wally assumed Kyle didn't need his help, and Kyle says that he doesn't. He tells him to go break the sound barrier somewhere else, when the suddenly get an idea. Wally asks if Kyle can keep up with him, and Kyle tells him to watch. Wally tells him to keep Sonar distracted for a few seconds, while Wally grabs him. They do so and start running till Kyle is able to lock Sonar away. When they stop, Kyle asks how Wally is able to stand that level of speed, and Wally says that he got used to it. Kyle asks where they are right now, and Wally says that they might be in Canada. Kyle asks what to do with Sonar and Wally says that they'll take him to the Slab. Kyle's glad he thought of the sound barrier idea, and Wally thought Bart was annoying. Kyle can't believe he's comparing him to the kid, given no one else gets under Wally's skin. Wally thought so as well. He tells Kyle that there's been a bit of a Green Lantern and Flash tradition and how people expect them to be a team.

Kyle doesn't want to say it, but he thinks they made a decent team. And that he was sorry for being ungrateful before. Wally apologizes for being condescending and suggests that they hang out sometime. Kyle thinks he might end up liking Wally after all and says that maybe they can. He says he'll see him around and both take off, believing that neither could have done it without the other.


Green Lantern (1990)

Issue 67

  • Kyle thinks about how much of a jerk Wally is.
  • Kyle enjoyed the look Wally had on his face when he saved him.
  • Kyle becomes angry over Wally dismissing him.
  • Wally gives a sarcastic "nice try" to Kyle.
  • Kyle blames Wally for his hard fall.
  • Kyle is hesitant about the plan, but would never let Wally know that.


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KyleWally is not a common pairing in the DC Comics fandom, specifically for either Flash or Green Lantern fans. Both are typically shipped with members of the Batfamily, or their own larger Flash and Green Lantern characters. Many ship them due to the growth that their relationship had to take, given it took them time to like each other.

On AO3, KyleWally is the fifth most written ship for Kyle.



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  • In an alternate reality/possible future Kyle and Wally eventually have a descendant named Ali Rayner-West.



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