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“I just realized for the first time that you are really cute.”
— Kaoru to Kyoya.

KyoKao is the slash ship between Kyoya Ootori and Kaoru Hitachiin from the Ouran High School Host Club fandom.


Operation Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date

While watching the others from the balcony above, Kyoya asks Kaoru if he considered the date going to well. That Haruhi and Hikaru would fall in love. Kaoru says that it's too soon for that, and that Hikaru's kind of a dummy. As Tamaki calls them down, Kyoya says that's lucky, since their club is full of them.


Operation Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date

  • Kyoya clarifies the reason that Kaoru set up Hikaru and Haruhi.


The ship is a small ship in the Ouran fandom but is still relatively popular by comparison. Most shipping comes from the manga, as the anime ended before their significant interaction could be adapted. Some will write to re-work their moments from the manga into the anime. It still has a steady fanbase even after the end of the manga and anime.

Most fan fiction consists of missing scenes between chapters or episodes. Some will also have them to be secretly dating the whole time, or start doing so at some point during the series. Post canon is also popular, as neither ended up with a significant other at the end of the series. This leaves a lot of room for fans to explore a developing romance, than having to write out an existing one.

Another popular concept is the two going to each other to get over their other loves. As many fans believe that Kyoya was in love with Tamaki, or that Kyoya was in love with Hikaru. Many fic writers will have the two spend time together as Tamaki and Hikaru fight over Haruhi. This normally leads to them bonding and eventually forming a realtionship.

On AO3, KyoKao is the second most written ship for Kaoru and the third most written for Kyoya. It is the fifth most written within the Ouran High School Host Club tag.



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