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Kyohru is the het ship between Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda from the Fruits Basket fandom.


Tohru understands that and tells Kyo that she likes him very much and wants to become friends with him, which touches Kyo's feelings and makes him blush. Kyo and Tohru finally have a talk on the roof, which allows both to get to know each other better.

Throughout the series the two get better to know each other and become friends. When Kyo's Juzu beads are removed, he turns into a grotesque monster with a revolting scent. Although Tohru was afraid of the true Kyo's form, she chased after him in order to say that she wants Yuki, Kyo and her always be and live together, which calms down Kyo and he returns to his cat form by hugging Tohru.

Kyo holds her hand and kneels in front of her. He now finally confesses his feelings for her saying he was selfish and didn't think of her feelings. He leans in and kisses her. Kyo says he wants them to be together always. He asks if he can hug her even though he would transform, to which Tohru replies that she doesn't mind because she loves him so much that her love just "can't be beat". The two embrace and realize that Kyo hasn't transformed into a cat. Kyo backs away shocked and looks at his wrist. The curse has been broken. He rips off his bracelet, and the beads hit the ground. Tohru picks up every single bead while Kyo stares, wondering why she is keeping them.

At the end of the series, Tohru and Kyo are revealed to have gotten married. They have two sons, a daughter and grandchildren. With their love still strong and his beads still there in a bowl as a reminder of their past.


Hajime Sohma

Hajime Sohma.png

Hajime is the oldest child of Kyo and Tohru. He looks practically identical to his father, save for his hair-color which is darker than Kyo's orange hair and leans more to the brown-colored side. His eye-color is also brown, which he inherited from Tohru. He has also inherited personality traits from both of his parents as well; although he is easily annoyed and has a hot temper, he also has a soft side, is self-sufficient and good at housework, including cooking and cleaning.

Two Unnamed Children

Son (left) and Daughter (right)

Kyo and Tohru have two more children; one son who is in middle school and resembles Tohru more, and one daughter who is the youngest.


The ship sailed as a result of a lot of ship tease between the two over the seasons. Being the heavily teased ship between the protagonist and the main heroine resulted in its huge popularity among the fans. Its main ship rival is Yukiru, although with this one getting more development and moments, it usually ends up being more popular than the other one. Currently there are 719 fanfictions under the tag "Kyo/Tohru" on AO3.



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