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LadyHawks is the het ship between Keigo Takami and Kaina Tsutsumi from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Keigo saves Kaina

After Izuku defeats Kaina, to her surprise, Izuku catches her and says that the trajectory for the bullet she fired at Kai was off, indicating she wasn’t serious about killing him. Furthermore, he says that if she was truly on All For One’s side, she would have just shot him with the very first bullet rather than give him a chance to surrender. He tells her that because she has seen the dark side, she should also know how to bring back the light, and he asks her to join his side as he still sees the soul of a Hero within her. Izuku’s words cause Kaina to smile and just as she is about to call him a true Hero, an explosion goes off within her body, leaving it charred and burned while Izuku screams in horror. As it turns out, All For One suspected Kaina could be swayed by Izuku so he rigged her body to explode in case she failed her mission. He also calls her nothing but a convenient tool for others to use and she should blame her Quirk for it. Thankfully, Keigo flies in on the scene and catches Kaina, asking his senior not to die on him.

Endeavor finally arrives on the scene, telling Izuku that All Might gave him a call and apologizes for being late because he gets slowed down in the rain. He asks for a status update but Keigo interrupts them calling for help, as he still can’t fly easily yet. Izuku is able to catch him with Blackwhip but can’t pull them up because he is out of strength. He is able to tell Keigo that Kaina had received a Quirk from All For One, and it must have come with a trap which is why she exploded. Keigo starts to try talking to Kaina, telling her that he's her replacement. He told her that he thinks All For One must've sweet talked to her into this, and told her that he knew that she is better than this. And now, after she fought 'that kid' (Izuku), he bet she must've realized that it's too early for them to throw in the trowel. He starts begging her to tell them what she knows, begging her to leave them some hope to hold on to, he told her that maybe he (All For One) used her, but she shouldn't let it end with that, she's a hero, she's Lady Nagant!

Suddenly there's a dark panel with a glimpse of light, Kaina opened one eye. Izuku wasn't quite sure what the connection was between the two of them, but judging on Keigo's reaction, he knew that she was someone that meant a lot to him. and Kaina stares onto Keigo's eyes. Her replacement? Her replacement in the HPSC (Heroes Public Safety Commision)? She betted that like her, he must have done so many horrible things... all while following orders, so then, she wonders how do Keigo still have that glimmer in his eyes? How do they still have the glimmer in their eyes? Kaina started to tell them that within two months, she were supposed to bring the target (Izuku) to a mansion in Haibori Woods. Izuku puts Keigo and Kaina to the grounds and Kaina continues, informing them that it's not just her, All For One also reaches out to some others. She questioned Keigo, calling him "Mr. Replacement", her soul couldn't take it (Being a hero and follows HPSC's orders), so how do he still have that look (Having a glimmer) in his eyes? Keigo have a flashback panel of his younger self and told her that he wasn't alone in this, so what can he say? He's optimistic to a fault.


LadyHawks isn't particularly popular in the fandom of My Hero Academia. First of all it's because they got overshadowed by ships that are more popular such as EndHawks and Hot Wings. Second, they preferred to pair Kaina with Kai rather than with Keigo, and third, they just didn't know who Kaina is, since Kaina debuted in Chapter 312 (It's actually Chapter 297 but she haven't been named in that chapter, just another background character). This ship is Kaina's 2nd most popular ship. There's currently 30+ works of them on AO3



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Kaina“Tell me... Mr. Replacement... My soul couldn't take any more... so how... do you still have that look in your eye?”
Keigo“I wasn't alone in this. What can I say? I'm optimistic to a fault”
— Kaina questions Keigo about the glimmer in his eyes despite everything he has been through[1]


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