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Lamp (stylized as LAMP) is the poly ship between Logan Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders and Roman Sanders from the Sanders Sides fandom.


Logan, Virgil, Patton, and Roman are all mostly good friends with each other and are all Core Sides. They all help Thomas make decisions and generally help Thomas in his daily life. There are currently 2 ship names for this ship, but the more popular one is called LAMP.

In "Alone on VALENTINE'S DAY!" they all take turns saying they love each other. Logan has trouble saying it, as he is not good with emotions, and messes up a few times before saying that he loves them and their existence is good. Patton gushes about how much he loves them all and he wants to give them butterfly kisses. After hesitation, Roman sighs and says he loves them. Virgil doesn't want to say it, and he asks if it could just be an understood thing. Patton points out that Virgil's implying he loves them.

Logan's Relationships


Logan and Roman have a complicated relationship. They often disagree and get into arguments and they don't seem to like each other much because they usually have different goals. Roman is cheerful and romantic, while Logan is grounded and objective. Although they don't get along much, they occasionally bond with each other over things like theatre. In the episode "Can LYING Be Good??" Logan makes a theatre reference while also attacking it and Roman compliments him before the subject is quickly changed. Logan doesn't really like Roman but seems to at least respect him.


Logan and Patton are somewhat friends. Although they are almost the complete opposite, they don't fight much and can bond easily. However, Patton represents Morality and the heart when Logan represents Logic and the mind, which don't always get along. This is shown in the episode "The MIND vs. The HEART!" when Logan and Patton argue over simple things Thomas should do during the day. Aside from that, Logan and Patton seem to bond off-screen as in one episode, when the two are summoned, they are both wearing onesies. Logan seems to like Patton but not exactly respect him.


Logan and Virgil at first did not get along well. Logan felt that Virgil's presence was unnecessary at first but in the episode "ACCEPTING ANXIETY, PART 1/2: Excepting Anxiety!" Logan realizes that without Virgil, Thomas is carefree and forgetful. Logan is one of the sides that makes the plan in the first place to go to Virgil's corner in Thomas' mind and he is friendly with Virgil after he reveals his name and comes back. Logan accepts Virgil as a Core Side.

Virgil's Relationships


Virgil and Roman don't exactly have a friendship, but they can bond sometimes. Roman often insults Virgil and Virgil returns these insults back to Roman. Roman makes nicknames for Virgil often, a few being "Charlie Frown," "Hot Topic," and "Emo Nightmare." Although they fight a lot, Roman has been cutting back from insulting him and their relationship seems to be patching up.


Virgil and Patton have a good relationship and are kind to each other. Patton often jokes around with Virgil and Patton also gives Virgil many nicknames, all of them being positive ones. Patton and Virgil are shown with a father-son relationship, and Patton treats Virgil like a son, which Virgil finds confusing because they are the same age.


Virgil and Logan aren't exactly friends but they bond mostly because they see the more realistic side of life better than the other sides. Logan at first didn't like Virgil, and Virgil didn't like Logan. But after seeing what Thomas was like without Virgil, Logan began to be more friendly with Virgil, and Virgil and Logan have a better relationship now, but they don't always agree with each other.

Patton's Relationships


Roman and Patton are good friends. They don't argue much and Patton seems to view Roman as a brotherly figure. Patton often encourages Roman and his ideas and finds his ideas creative. Roman often laughs at Patton's dad jokes and they have an overall good relationship with each other. Patton respects Roman and Roman seems to respect Patton too.


Patton and Virgil have a positive relationship. Patton sees Virgil as a son to him, despite being the same age as him. Patton has been seen drawing things for Virgil and complimenting him when the other sides aren't. Patton gives Virgil nicknames, all of them being positive unlike Roman's nicknames for Virgil. Patton defends Virgil when the other sides are arguing about him and Virgil seems to know Patton well because he was the first to notice Patton, or Janus was acting strange.


Patton and Logan have a mostly positive relationship. Although the two seem like the exact opposite, they have been shown to get along with each other. They still fight often over small things but they do share a few of the same interests, like onesies. More recently, Patton seems to not like Logan as much and tries to get him to stop talking or proving him wrong about something.

Roman's Relationships


Roman and Logan have a bad relationship. They argue and seem to have a general dislike for each other because they both want different things and strive to achieve different goals. Roman is shown to be narcissistic and passionate unlike Logan, who is knowledgeable and grounded. Despite being complete opposites, they can get along very rarely. In a scene of the episode "Can LYING Be Good???" they briefly bond over theatre although Logan hates theatre.


Roman and Patton have a friendly relationship. Roman is shown to like Patton unlike some of the other sides and they interact in a friendly way most of the time. Roman often compliments Patton, calling him witty and smart. Roman gives Patton dad themed nicknames and nicknames that Patton enjoys having. But there have been times when Roman has used Patton to get him way or prove a point like in the episode "Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses!)" Roman calls compliments Patton and calls him smart just to annoy Logan.


Roman and Virgil have complicated relationship. At first, Roman was shown with a heavy dislike for Virgil and wasn't ashamed to show that. There were rare occasions when they did get along, such as the episode "ACCEPTING ANXIETY, Part 2/2: Can Anxiety Be Good?" Roman compliments Virgil and tells him that he makes the other sides and Thomas better and helps Virgil try to fit in a bit after that. They continued to argue throughout episodes though. Recently in the episode of Sanders Asides, "Flirting with Social Anxiety," Roman compliments Virgil and tells him he was brave.


The ship is well-known and a big ship in the Sanders Sides fandom. The ship isn't very popular in fan written works that have one specific plot, but more popular in one-shot books. Despite the sides' differences and dislikes, they can all get along to help Thomas and to help themselves. A popular AU in Lamp fics is an all-human AU where all the sides are human and can interact with each other outside of Thomas' mind.



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DLAMP refers to the ship between Logan, Virgil, Patton, Roman, and Janus Sanders
DRLAMP refers to the ship between Logan, Virgil, Patton, Roman, Janus, and Remus Sanders
Logicality refers to the ship between Logan and Patton
Analogical refers to thee ship between Virgil and Logan
Moxiety refers to the ship between Virgil and Patton
Prinxiety refers to the ship between Virgil and Roman
Royality refers to the ship between Patton and Roman
Logince refers to the ship between Logan and Roman