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Langdyne is the het ship between Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.



Following Scott's prison break, he found himself waking up in an unfamiliar place, which was Pym's residence, with Hope standing in front of him. Scott questioned whether Hope had been watching him sleep the whole time, which she confirmed. Hope cited Scott's previous attempt to steal as the reason. Scott was startled when he began to notice the insects crawling all over the floor, with Hope revealing they were giant tropical bullet ants tasked to watch over Scott when she could not. Afterward, she told Scott to meet Pym downstairs and left him.

In the dining room, Hope was trying to convince Pym that Scott's participation was unnecessary for their plan. Scott joined them, with Pym expressing his assumption that Scott had met Hope, which Scott confirmed, calling her 'great'. It turned out that Hope was the one who had Scott arrested for stealing the suit. She was persistent on her doubts of Scott's ability, still wanting to wear the suit instead of him, also disappointed that Hank 'trusted' a criminal more than his own daughter. This led Scott to also doubt his own abilities, however Pym managed to make him overcome his insecurities by comparing their situations, both striving to make their daughters proud of them.

Scott began training with Hope, although Hope was unimpressed with his ability and was very vocal about it, calling him 'princess' and 'useless' due to his failures, and regarded his punches 'terrible'. Scott became covered with bruises and cuts, which Hope was aware of. In an occasion, Scott was struggling to make the ants listen to him. This made Hope even more unhappy with his incompetence, prompting her to leave.

When Hope was about to leave in her car, Scott got in, blaming her for not locking the doors. Hope questioned Scott's seriousness about the mission and his awareness of the risk, noting that he had a daughter. Scott answered that he was doing the mission for his daughter, which led Hope to tell her story with her father following her mother's death. She showed her disappointment about Pym wanting to 'shut her out'. Scott assured Hope that Pym did trust her, also explaining that the only reason he chose Scott to wear the suit instead was to not risk losing her.

The revelation softened Hope a bit. She changed the topic to Scott's daughter, admitting she did not know that he had a daughter when she got him arrested. She asked her name, which later she called pretty. She tried to encourage Scott to clear his mind when trying to move the ants, by remembering his wish to see Cassie. She gave Scott the earpiece to talk to the ants, then placed a coin on the dashboard. Scott succeeded at getting the ants pick up the coin and then spin it, which she complimented.

Scott managed to retrieve the Signal Decoy, but this action was being witnessed by an Avenger, Sam. Hope reassured Scott that he did good and to not mind Pym's remarking his action as irresponsible and dangerous. To carry out the plan that had complicated even more, Scott brought three of his friends, Luis, Dave, and Kurt to Pym's residence. When they fell asleep, Scott tried to thank Hope, which she cut off by mentioning that their actions were intended for a very big purpose. She added that she was glad that Scott 'might have a slight chance' of 'maybe pulling this off'. Scott proceeded to thank her for her talk on the car, and Hope responded by admitting that she had gone from despising him to 'almost liking him'. When Scott encouraged her to write poetry, Hope laughed, suggested him to sleep, and left. They later executed the plan to steal the Yellowjacket.

Following the victory over Cross, Scott revealed that he had been teleported into the Quantum Realm, however he did not remember anything. Though Pym was very eager to know what had happened, he presumed that the human mind just couldn't comprehend the experience. Hopes began to flourish in Pym's heart to bring his wife back while Hope was walking Scott out. When he got out, he found Scott and Hope kissing, asking when did the thing happen. Hope dismissed it and said that nothing was happening, but Scott teased them by saying that something was 'kind of happening'. Scott also feigned his surprise that Hope grabbed and kissed him, which made Hope look at him with disbelief as he rushed to leave.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Following the events of the Civil War, Scott had not been in contact with Pym and Hope for a while, and his relationship with the latter ended as well. Scott was under house arrest, and the tech of Ant-Man belonged to Hope and Pym, so they had to become fugitives. One day, while bathing, Scott had a dream about returning to the Quantum Realm and seeing Janet, so he contacted Pym to inform him about the matter. During the night, a bug stung him, and he fell unconscious. Suddenly, he was already inside a car with Hope. While Hope tried to as him about his dream, Scott suddenly realized that he was away from his house. He attempted to leave the car, but it was revealed by Hope that his Ankle Monitor was off, and she had programmed an ant to replicate Scott's daily routine, 'nine hours in bed, five hours in front of the TV, two hours in the bathroom'. Claiming the description as inaccurate, Scott asked Hope about how she figured out about his routine, accusing her of spying on him. Hope reminded him that she and her father kept tabs on their security threats, with Scott being the biggest one they had.

Scott began to apologize about the events of Germany, explaining that the Avengers who contacted him told him it was a matter of national security and that 'Cap' needed help. Hope was critical of his usage of 'Cap', and Scott explained that it stood for Captain America, for those who were his friends, although he began to doubt his so-called friendship with him. Scott proceeded to apologize, citing that he did not think of the possibility of being caught, while Hope sharply added that he did not think about a lot of things. Scott began to ask about Pym's condition, and Hope elaborated that they were on the run, losing their house and consequently their freedom as well. Yet again Scott tried to apologize, but Hope dismissed his apology and stated that the sole reason for their reunion was their need of something in Scott's head.

Scott found out that Hope and Pym had been working on the tunnel to the Quantum Realm, while Scott, in Hope's words, was 'relaxing at home'. Hope and Pym revealed their theory that Scott might had quantum entanglement with Janet, because Scott called them about his dream of Janet five minutes after the doorway to the Quantum Realm was opened. Scott began to question his certainty about his dream, and Hope asked him about all the details. Scott's details matched perfectly with Hope's memories of her mother, which made Hope and Pym certain that Janet was indeed alive, and this brought an enormous joy to them.

To gain one final piece for the tunnel, Hope had to get it from Sonny Burch. Hope rejected Burch's offer to start a business after the latter revealed his knowledge of Hope being Pym's daughter and that they were building the quantum technology. Scott and Pym watched her fighting Burch's men in the Wasp Suit and she eventually succeeded to get the portal part. Scott pointed out that the Wasp had wings and blasters, but he optimistically assumed that Pym did not have the tech available for him, but the assumption was confirmed to be false by Pym. Suddenly, Ghost appeared to attack Hope, and Scott came to her rescue using Pym's prototype suit. When Scott managed to kick Ghost, he took the chance to remind Hope that she taught him the kick, and began questioning what happened to them, but Hope also reminded him that it was not the proper time to discuss that. They lost Ghost and she managed to steal the Mobile Laboratory.

Following this, they reunited with Scott's three friends in their office to discuss the plan to get the lab back, but Scott was distracted by the fact that he was provided with the smallest desk there. Realizing that Hope was irritated by this, he quickly declared that they needed to find the lab immediately, blaming Hope for not being focused, which caused a look of disbelief on her face. When they tried to ask for Bill Foster's help, Scott and Foster were being sidetracked about the first growing to the giant size in Germany, and Hope was again annoyed by this, pointing out their main mission was to track down the lab and not 'comparing sizes'.

Thanks to Foster, the team got an idea to modify the diffraction units on one of their regulators. They learned that Scott did not destroy the suit, much to Hope's amazement of his ridiculousness, and they needed to obtain Scott's old suit because it was the only one with the diffractors. Scott and Hope sneaked into Cassie's school, but the regulator in Scott's suit went on several malfunctions which made him grow and shrink to random sizes. He grew until he was no longer fitting in the room, which amused Hope. Hope attempted to fix it through his belt, he returned to his normal size for a moment and it made them awkwardly face each other. However, Scott shrunk down again, causing Hope to tease him, saying if only 'Cap' could see him now, pointing at his previous usage of 'Cap'. When the height of the top shelf was barely reachable for Scott, Hope continued to tease him, cheering for him like he was a kid. She then returned to her normal size and gave him the bag, then they retrieved the suit. In the car, Pym and Hope continued to make fun of him.

After the group were able to track the lab, Hope and Scott readied themselves with their suits. Scott expressed his enthusiasm that they were teaming up twice in one day, which made Hope mention about the Clash of the Avengers in Germany. Scott asked her whether she would come or not if he asked, but Hope only stated her confidence that if she did, he would not have been caught. Hope left, with Scott smiling happily while thinking of her until Pym reminded him of his main mission. They entered Ghost's lair, got knocked out there, but they managed to escape and retrieve the lab.

While Scott and Hope adjusted the relays, Hope stated her unreadiness despite of her having prepared for so long. Scott mistook this as a nervousness to go subatomic, but Hope clarified that it was about meeting her mother again. Hope began to wonder if her mother had become a different person, which Scott joked with the possibilites of her mother becoming George Washington or George Jefferson. Hope smiled at his jokes, saying that she was serious, and continued to ponder whether her mother had forgotten about her or not. Scott comforted her, comparing Janet's situation with his, when he was being locked up in prison and how he had never forgotten about Cassie. He reassured Hope that Janet would have been very eager to see her as well, and Hope thanked him for his words. After they opened the stable Quantum Tunnel, Janet possessed Scott's body and helped them obtain her exact coordinates on the Quantum Realm. She also kissed Hope on her forehead which seemed to confuse Hope a little bit, because it was her mother kissing her, but in Scott's body.

Scott found out from Luis that Ghost and the FBI knew her location, and he revealed this to Hope and Pym, much to their shock. Scott also added that he had to go because the FBI agents were going to his place, so he needed to borrow the suit, and then he would return to them. Hope angrily told him not to bother and 'just go', which surprised him extremely. Nevertheless, he left them, taking the suit with him, and managed to fool the FBI. In a conversation with Cassie, Scott confided his disappointment with himself as he had brought so many troubles to his loved ones. Cassie suggested that Scott needed a partner to watch his back, but Scott stated his certainty that Hope did not want to be his. Although Cassie was disappointed because she thought she was the one his father wanted to be his partner, she agreed that Hope would be a great one because she was smart. Scott also noted that Hope reminded him of Cassie, and Cassie tried to encourage Scott to help Hope. Though reluctant at first, as he considered helping Hope would cause harm to Cassie, Cassie convinced him that he could do it.

While Hope and Pym were caught, Scott used the ants to help them break out. As they got in the car with Scott, he greeted Hope, and she greeted him back with a smile. They got lost in each other's eyes until Pym reminded them to leave soon. They got involved in the chase for the Mobile Laboratory to prevent Burch and Ghost from getting the lab. During the chase, Scott turned into his giant form. He was too exhausted and subsequently lost consciousness, which caused him to fall into the water. Hope managed to rescue him by carrying his shrunk form to the surface and he grew back to his normal size. She was immensely relieved when Scott gained his consciousness and she kissed him passionately. They rushed into the lab and fought Ghost to prevent her from extracting the energy from the Quantum Realm. When the Quantum Vehicle returned, Scott saved Hope from being hit by it, also making sure she was okay.

To continue curing Ava, Scott went subatomic to obtain the needed energy from the Quantum Realm. Scott waited for Pym, Hope, and Janet to return him from the realm, but Thanos had done the Snap, with them being the victims. Consequently, he was being trapped there for five years.

Avengers: Endgame

In 2023, a rat accidentally freed Scott from the Quantum Realm. He tried to find Hope's whereabouts but of no avail. After being aware of the Snap, Scott rushed to the New Avengers Facility and explained what happened to him to Steve and Natasha, notably struggling to mention his relationship with Hope in the middle of the explanation. He proposed the idea of Time Heist and this made them go to Tony Stark. When Tony refused to help them, Scott was desperate to persuade him, also noting that he lost someone very important to him, which was Hope.

Following the Time Heist and the Blip, Hope was resurrected, and she joined the Battle of Earth. She reunited with Scott, and when Steve informed them they would bring the stones to the two, Hope replied that they were 'on it, Cap', a hint to the way Scott called Steve. The two stared at each other with a smile apparent on their faces. Following the battle, they were seen having a reunion with Cassie and also attending Tony's funeral together.


Scott“Hey, look. I want to thank you for…”
Hope“No, please don’t. We’re all doing this for reasons much bigger than anyone of us. I’m just glad that you might have a slight chance of maybe pulling this off.”
Scott“Thank you, you know, for that pep talk.”
Hope“You know, the honest truth is I actually went from despising you to almost liking you.”
Scott“You really should write poetry.”
Ant-Man (2015)
Hope“Nothing’s happening.”
Scott“Whoa, hold on. Something’s kind of happening.”
Pym finding Scott and Hope kissing, Ant-Man (2015)
Scott“I didn't think I'd get caught.”
Hope“You didn't think about a lot of things.”
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Hope“We were working together, training together... and other stuffing together.”
Scott“If I had asked you, would you have come?”
Hope“I guess we'll never know. But I do know one thing. If I had, you'd have never been caught.”
Ant-Man and the Wasp
“I wanted to be his partner. But he said he wants you.”
Cassie to Hope, Ant-Man and the Wasp.
“I lost someone very important to me.”
Scott about Hope, Avengers: Endgame.


With the relationship between Langdyne being established at the end of Ant-Man, the ship quickly garnered interest in the fandom. They are the main ship in the Ant-Man and the Wasp Movieverse fandom, as the name implies, though a relatively minor ship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans like to see the interaction between the two due to their conflicting relationships. Scott makes mistakes or does ridiculous things all the time, meanwhile Hope is a very snarky person who calls him out whenever she gets the chance to. Although Hope is very visibly tired of Scott's humor and recklessness, she continues to admire him nonetheless. She can be seen showing her soft side to Scott sometime. It is also interesting that Hope is most of the time more competent than Scott, but this doesn't get in the way of their relationship, as they are very comfortable with each other.



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