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Lapidot is the non-binary ship between Lapis Lazuli and Peridot from the Steven Universe fandom.


In the early episodes, Lapis was Peridot's informant to Earth. After Peridot's redemption, Peridot tried to become friends with Lapis, but the latter denied her friendship. The episode "Barn Mates" is entirely dedicated to Peridot trying, mostly in vain, to get Lapis to like her. She gifts Lapis an apology card, a mini-lake, and her tape recorder (all of which were rejected by Lapis). At the end of the episode, however, Lapis accepts Peridot as a barn-mate and learns to care for her.

For months after they became roommates, they created art together and watched TV. When Lapis heard about Steven’s trip to Homeworld, she became afraid to get caught up in another war. She took the barn and left with all of her and Peridot’s valuables, leaving Peridot with their pet pumpkin. It became fact that the relationship wasn’t so much of a friendship, but more of a companionship, with Peridot carrying all the emotional weight to the point where she became afraid to talk to Lapis about her own feelings.

Their relationship after the events of "Raising the Barn" drastically changed. Peridot was fell into a depressive period after Lapis had left, and hardly anything could cheer her up, not even training and hanging out with the Crystal Gems. However, Lapis eventually came back in the episode "Reunited". Peridot was really happy to see her again Lapis came back because, as she quoted, if Homeworld considered her a rebel/Crystal Gem, she might as well be one. Soon after they got poofed by the Diamonds. They reformed and helped the rest of the Crystal Gems fight White Diamond in Change Your Mind.


  • In "Catch and Release", Peridot mentions how she knows Steven healed Lapis' gem, but in "The Message", Lapis told Steven she never told anyone, implying that Lapis lied about the event, keeping it a secret. Peridot most likely had found this out from seeing Lapis’ video broadcast, though.
  • In "Barn Mates", Peridot shows a lot of admiration to Lapis and tries her very best to make up for the past actions to Lapis. Lapis later protects Peridot and Steven and asks Peridot if she is alright, Peridot smiles brightly and Lapis turns away, frustrated and blushes while frowning.
  • In "Too Short Too Ride", Peridot encounters an advertisement for "cute roommates" on her tablet. She presses the decline option repeatedly saying that she is "all set"
  • In "Beta", Peridot and Lapis are shown to be making art together and they dance together with Steven and Amethyst watching. Before leaving to the Beta Kindergarten Peridot checks on Lapis to make sure she is doing alright.
  • In "Back to the Moon, when Amethyst asks Lapis is she wants to join them as prisoners, Peridot protectively reaches and holds Lapis' arm.
  • In “Gem Harvest”, they start a farm together and adopt a pet pumpkin. They also share inside jokes at the dinner table and laugh together. They later try to teach Pumpkin to say. “clod”.
  • In “The New Crystal Gems”, Peridot shows Lapis Stevens bathroom. Lapis calls Peridot bossy.
  • In “Room for Ruby,” Peridot makes fun of how Lapis snores in her sleep, resulting in Lapis blushing angrily in embarrassment.
  • In “Raising The Barn”, Peridot states that she “bends over backwards” for Lapis and that she loves when she does it and that she comforted Lapis when Steven was taken to Homeworld.
  • In “Back To The Kindergarden”, Peridot is devastated after Lapis left. This is expanded on In Issue #17 of the comics, where Peridot plays video games to distract herself from the pain.
  • In “Can’t Go Back”, Lapis watches videos of Peridot having fun with the CG’s and expresses remorse for leaving. She worries about what she would say when she comes back.
  • In “Reunited”, Peridot runs towards Lapis when she comes back. After Lapis says she’s staying, Peridot smiles at Lapis in relief. Lapis is nonchalant towards Peridot.
  • In “Change Your Mind”, Lapis and Peridot fly Blue Diamond's ship to Homeworld.
  • In “Steven Universe: the movie”, they seem to be on good terms.
  • In many of the show's episode promo images (which have a high school or college theme) Peridot and Lapis appear together or seemingly friends with each other.
  • When asked at a comic con, Rebecca Sugar stated she sees Peridot and Lapis’ friendship as the “big bored dog, little excited dog” trope seen in cartoons. Peridot is the small excited one while Lapis is the big stoic one that often gets annoyed but the smaller one (but doesn’t dislike the smaller one either).
  • On Peridot's Twitter account (Which was managed by ex-Crew-member Lauren Zuke, thus meaning it no longer has much canon substance), Peridot tweets about climbing onto the barn roof to investigate a noise, and posts an image of the night sky with Lapis slightly in shot. Quickly after, she posts that she will discuss her Camp Pining Hearts essay later and stops posting, leading few to believe that she and Lapis had a conversation or interacted.
    • In another "posting run" on Peridot's official Twitter account, Peridot posts about many random and odd things during the airing of "Alone at Sea" and says she has the barn to herself. Peridot posts images of spoons showing how she can move them with her mind and says she wants to show Lapis. Soon after, she posts about Lapis' return but seems to be surprised or stunned, and says she'll be back later and stops posting. Many have taken this as Lapis being upset upon returning to the barn after what happened on the boat and Peridot logging off Twitter to comfort her.
  • In the comic: Camp Pining Play, there are A LOT of moments between the two. Lapis accidentally sits on Peridot, they create a play together, and Peridot and Lapis hug each other on stage and Lapis calls Peridot “her favorite friend”. Peridot and Lapos also read Camp Pining Hearts fanfiction together.
  • In Issue #1 of the comics, Lapis and Peridot adopt a bird together. Peridot also grabs Lapis’s arm after seeing the bird for the first time. Lapis also covers Peridots mouth.
  • In Issue #5 of the comics, a bird messes up Peridots hair and Lapis says it’s a good look for her.
  • In Issue #9 of the comics, Lapis, Peridot, Amethyst, and Steven take painting lessons from Vidalia. Peridot immediately talks to Lapis when Vidalia compliments her. Peridot and Lapis get in a paint fight.
  • In Issue #11 of the comics, they enter a cook off together and make vegetables. Peridot jumps on Lapis’s back after hearing a blender.
  • In Issue #13 of the comics, Peridot desperately tries to hang out with Lapis. They later have a talk on the roof and agree to be better roomates.


Lapidot is a well-received ship, though there is often competition between these shippers and Amedot shippers. Lapidot being the more popular ship according to multiple shipping surveys on various apps and fandoms.

On AO3, Lapidot is the most written ship for both characters, as well as being the #1 written within the entire fandom.



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  • In a Q&A with Rebecca Sugar on Cartoon Network's Brazil YouTube Channel, when asked when Lapis and Peridot would fuse someday, Sugar had stated that Lapis and Peridot have a lot of personal growth to do before they're ready to do something like that, especially after what Lapis has been through, and to give them some time.
  • On February 13, 2021. The ship was acknowledged in a video posted on the official Cartoon Network YouTube channel.




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