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Larxel is the het ship between Axel and Larxene from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


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Axel and Larxene know each other because both were members of Organization XIII. Larxene would eventually join as the twelfth member of the organization and she approached Axel soon afterwards to chat with him. Larxene asked him how she looked in her new outfit but he did not respond which irritated her. Axel was just unsure as to why she would talk to him because he did not have any feelings but Larxene interpreted this as him finding her to be unattractive and walked away from him. Axel was very confused.

Axel and Larxene were eventually sent on a mission to Castle Oblivion. Larxene was loyal to Marluxia who wanted to take over the organization while Axel was loyal to Saïx who wanted any traitors to be dealt with. However, Axel decided to play along with their plan to overthrow Xemnas. After destroying Vexen on command, Axel manages to earn her trust. However, he allowed Naminé to escape and meet Sora which eventually led to the latter destroying Larxene.


Larxel is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts ship and is probably the most popular het ship involving Axel. It had been popular since Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but it especially became popular when a scene showing the two chatting was released. A large amount of fans found the two to be flirtatious during that scene with Larxene asking Axel about her appearance and being irritated when he did not respond. Some find that Larxene's cold and harsh personality mixes well with Axel's mysterious and stoic personality.



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