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Larxel is the het ship between Lea/Axel and Elrena/Larxene from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


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As part of his plan to open the way to Kingdom Hearts, Xemnas - the Nobody of Keyblade Master Xehanort - gathered a group of other strong Nobodies and formed Organization XIII. Two of the Nobodies he brought to his side were those of the Radiant Garden youth Lea and the former Keyblade wielder Elrena - later known as Axel and Larxene, respectively. Not long after she joined as the Organization's twelfth member, Larxene encountered Axel - the eighth member - and began a conversation with him, particularly about her new outfit. Axel's lack of response to Larxene's question caused her to start thinking he didn't like talking to her. Axel, at that point, clarified that he was simply confused why she decided to talk to him and also said that he didn't find her bad to be around - just that it's hard to say what one feels without having feelings. Now finding the conversation boring, Larxene leaves, leaving a confused Axel behind.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

As part of the Organization's experimentation on memories, Larxene is one of a handful of members sent to their facility Castle Oblivion. Unbeknownst to the others, Larxene was actually conspiring with the eleventh member - Marluxia - to overthrow the others. One person that was aware of the plot was Saïx - member seven - and assigned Axel to go with Marluxia, Larxene, and some of the more "useless" members to eliminate the traitors. In an effort to get close to the traitors, Axel began to play both sides and began helping them. By the time Marluxia's and Larxene's plotting led their plan's lynchpin - Sora - to Castle Oblivion, Axel had become a valuable ally to them.

While Sora and company reach the castle's third floor, Larxene approaches Axel about the latter's interest in Sora. Axel explains that his interest is in Sora's current state despite previously becoming a Heartless. They deduce the reason to be that Sora has a strong heart, and Larxene guesses that is the real reason. Axel counters by reitierating what he believed the Organization's mission is - to unlock the secrets of the heart. To that, Larxene only smirks. Eventually, when Sora and company reach the sixth floor, Larxene decided to test him by fighting him like what Axel did on the first floor. At that, Axel hands Larxene the cards that are key to progressing and fighting through the castle, but warns her not to break him as they need Sora for the plan to work. Larxene explains to Axel that she wasn't going to do that anyway and warns back that he should keep the plan secret. As Larxene leaves, Axel bemusingly notes that she should've done the same.

Following the fight, Larxene returns to Axel, who snarkily pointed out she lost and not threw the fight like he did. Before Larxene can begin venting, they're interrupted by the appearance of Vexen - member four and one of the loyalists - who wanted to see why their focusing on Sora and offers to join them in that effort. They agree, though Axel notes that it's really an excuse to try out Vexen's pet project - the Riku Replica. When the Replica appears to them, they help Vexen and their true secret weapon - Naminé - in rewriting its memories to continue testing Sora. Axel and Larxene then proceed to observe what the Replica does.

After the Replica goes into hiding after losing twice to Sora and company, Axel and Larxene guess that he's trying to bait Sora to go further up despite supposedly being able to match him, much to Vexen's chagrin. The argument is interrupted when Marluxia appears and reprimands Vexen. The three of them proceed to goad Vexen into personally fighting Sora, which Axel later notes would be a death sentence. After Vexen's defeat on the tenth floor, Marluxia orders Axel to eliminate him - which he does after Vexen's second defeat against Sora on the eleventh floor. Larxene congratulates Axel on the kill, before revealing it was a loyalty test as she and Marluxia bring him up to speed on what they're doing.

While Larxene and Marluxia are busy, Axel takes the opportunity to make his move and allow Naminé to escape from her confines. Larxene discovers Naminé on the twelfth floor after she stopped the Riku Replica from killing Sora. While mocking Sora on how he was being played, Larxene reveals that Axel was the one to release Naminé and and betray her and Marluxia. Angry at Axel's betrayal, Larxene smacks Naminé away and walks up to Sora ready to kill him, only for her to be stopped by the timely intervention of Sora's companions. The ensuing fight ends with Larxene's final defeat, leaving just Marluxia for Axel to deal with.


Larxel is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts ship and is probably the most popular het ship involving Axel. It had been popular since Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but it especially became popular when a scene showing the two chatting was released. A large amount of fans found the two to be flirtatious during that scene with Larxene asking Axel about her appearance and being irritated when he did not respond. Some find that Larxene's cold and harsh personality mixes well with Axel's mysterious and stoic personality.



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