Laurisco is the het ship between Cisco and Laurel from the Arrowverse fandom.



Cisco and Laurel are introduced by Detective Lance when Joe and Cisco trek to Star City, following a lead on Harrison Wells. Laurel takes Cisco aside for a moment and reveals to him that she knows who The Flash is and that Cisco works with him. Cisco tries to play it off, but is also squirming a bit, unsure of what's happening until Laurel reveals that she's Black Canary. Cisco totally fanboys over Laurel's hero alter-ego and proclaims himself a huge fan of hers. She shows him her sister's sonic device and asks Cisco if he can make something attuned to her timbre and Cisco is eager to get to provide one of his favourite superheroes with a personalised gadget.

Before Joe and Cisco return to Central City, Cisco has already managed to create a device for Laurel, which he names the Canary Cry. Laurel is very happy to receive her gift, which Cisco presents to her in a custom box. They get along well and have good chemistry, with Laurel finding Cisco's enthusiasm sweet, almost seeming surprised at his reaction to her secret and urging him to keep his voice down so she's not unmasked. As thanks, Laurel gifts Cisco a photo of him with her suited up as Black Canary, over which Cisco is ecstatic.


When Kendra is threatened by a violent, knife-throwing mystery man, Barry takes the issue to Star City as they have experience with magic. After facing Savage a few times and Kendra discovers her powers, Team Flash and Team Arrow go to stay at an A.R.G.U.S. safe house where they can plan under the radar. This is likely the second time Laurel and Cisco meet, although they don't talk one-on-one as they work in separate groups, Cisco with Caitlin and Felicity doing research, while Laurel finds them valuable intel on Savage. The mission is ultimately a success, and the groups part ways.


About 6 months later, Laurel is killed in combat by Damian Darhk. Although they are not part of the funeral, due to struggles with Zoom, Laurel's death is mentioned by Team Flash and it is clear that she meant a lot to all of them.


People liked their chemistry and the opposites attract constellation. After their interactions fans were pleased to see a character appreciate Laurel becoming the Black Canary. This was due to many characters on Arrow at the time, disapproving of her choice to become a vigilante. The contrast between those interactions and those between her and Cisco were very welcome, and caused a few people to ship the two.



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