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Laurel“I have to admit, It's fun seeing you like this.”
Nyssa“Like what?”
Laurel“Like a normal person.”
Nyssa“I am a normal person.”
Laurel“I can't believe you just said that.”
— Ah Sah-Him

Lauryssa is the femslash ship between Nyssa al Ghul and Laurel Lance from the Arrow fandom.


Season 3


Laurel is at Sara's grave, when she senses someone behind her and turns to see Nyssa. Nyssa ignores her and step towards Sara's grave, and speaks to Sara for a moment before turning back to Laurel. She gives Laurel her condolences, but Laurel doesn't want them. As Nyssa walks away, Laurel says that Sara died with arrows in her, and thinks that wouldn't have happened if she hadn't met Nyssa. She accuses Nyssa of showing Sara darkness, but Nyssa says that it was already inside of her. When she found Sara near death, she protected her and lover her with her soul. She looks to the jacket Sara gave Laurel and tells her that she gave it Sara. She doesn't see Laurel as fit to wear it and walks away.

Laurel is talking to Quentin when he notices Nyssa outside of his office. Laurel says she'll be back and goes to confront her being there. Nyssa tells her that Oliver told her about Laurel being involved with finding Sara's killer, and then realizes that Quentin doesn't know about Sara. Laurel says he wouldn't be able to take it with his heart condition, but Nyssa says that he has the right to avenge Sara. Laurel says that it's none of her business, but Nyssa says that everything good about her life was Sara, it is every bit her business. Laurel asks what Sara would say if she was here now, when Quentin walks in. He asks if Sara is in town, and Laurel gives Nyssa a look, before Nyssa silently agrees not to tell him about her death. He gives Laurel the address Sara wanted, and Nyssa leaves.

As Laurel angrily leaves the bunker into the alley, Nyssa calls for her. Laurel says that she found out Merlyn's alive and killed Sara, Nyssa should understand why she doesn't want to talk. Nyssa says she does, since she loved Sara too, and promises to find Merlyn. Laurel says that they already did, and Oliver should have killed him, which Nyssa agrees with. Laurel knows that if Oliver finds Merlyn, then he'll let him leave, and needs Nyssa to get there first and do whatever it takes. Nyssa nods and watches Laurel leave.

Laurel is training at the gym, when Nyssa comes up to her. Laurel thought that Nyssa was going back to Nanda Parhbat, but Nyssa wanted to say goodbye first. She intends to make good on her promise, and Laurel says that it kills her that Sara's killer is still out there, which pains Nyssa also. She notices that Laurel has been training, and wearing the jacket. Laurel tells her not to tell her that she's not strong or tough enough, but Nyssa doesn't. She would have at the cemetery, but Laurel reminded her that the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire. Laurel asks what that means, but Nyssa just smiles telling her to turn her hips, since its where the the power comes from and walks away.


Laurel is seemingly about to shoot Merlyn, when several members of the League of Assassins fall around them. Nyssa arrives and tells Laurel to step aside, since they're there for Merlyn. Nyssa then fights Merlyn as Laurel watches, knocking him out. Nyssa turns to Laurel and tells her that it is admirable for Laurel to honor Sara, but she can rest since she's now avenged. She walks away, leaving Laurel alone.

Laurel enters the Arrow Cave and finds that the others captured Nyssa and put her in a cage. Oliver explains that she's possible leverage or a source of information, and asks for the room. Laurel says that Oliver can't torture her for information, but Oliver just tells them all to leave the room again.

After Oliver is done talking, Laurel goes back down to talk to Nyssa herself. Nyssa notices that Laurel looks tortured, asking if Merlyn spending possible torture with Ra's doesn't please her. Laurel says that she thought it would, but having Merlyn to hate gave her a piece of Sara to hold onto. If he's gone, so is another part of her, but Nyssa insists that Sara would want to be avenged. Laurel asks if she remembers the sound of Sara's laugh, and Nyssa nods telling the story of how when she first brought Sara to Nanda Parbat. Ra's demonstrated his power, and instead of fearing him Sara laughed, and Nyssa fell in love instantly. Laurel cry's as she listens, and thanks her for telling her.


As Thea tries to get Nyssa to take revenge on her, when Roy and Laurel come in. They assume that Nyssa escaped and Laurel goes to punch her. The two fight, but Nyssa easily overwhelms her, Roy barely getting in a lucky shot with a tranq dart. Laurel gets up, and asks how she got out, but Thea just guesses that it's league training.

As Laurel exits out the back door of the Police Station, Nyssa is there and asks if she's alright after the attack. Laurel asks what she's doing there, and Nyssa says that she was looking for Laurel. She misses Sara and was looking for something to remind her of her, but Laurel says that it's not the best time. Nyssa asks if Laurel's having trouble with her dad, an area she's experienced in, and asks if she wants to talk about it. Laurel decides that she could also use a reminder of Sara and offers to buy dinner. As they walk, Nyssa calls Laurel's technique competent, and Laurel asks if that's her idea of a compliment. Nyssa says that it could be improved, and Laurel asks if she's offering to teach her. Nyssa smiles and says that she has nowhere else to be and they continue on.


Laurel is trying to take down a mugger when Nyssa shoots two grapple arrows at him and he falls over. Nyssa says that Laurel underestimated her opponent again, Laurel agreeing as Nyssa knocks him out. Nyssa asks if they continue with training, but Laurel starving and suggests going to a diner near them that server black and white milkshakes. Nyssa asks what that is as they head there.

At the diner, Laurel tells Nyssa to dip her fries in her milkshake, confusing her. Laurel insists and Nyssa gives in. Laurel says that it's fun seeing Nyssa like a normal person, which Nyssa insists that she is as she awkwardly eats the fry making Laurel laugh. Nyssa says that it goods, and Laurel jokes about being the teacher now. Nyssa explains that her normal was about the strong surviving and not allowing simple pleasures. She thanks Laurel for showing her kindness when she was lost, and Laurel says she was just returning the favor, it's what she did for Sara. Nyssa says that there's little comparison between her and Sara's time with Oliver on Lian Yu. Laurel averts her gaze, which Nyssa notices and asks what's wrong. Laurel lets herself admit that she didn't tells Nyssa that Oliver is Nanda Parbat, he's accepted Ra's offer of being the heir. Nyssa angrily says that Laurel should have told her, Laurel quickly apologizing. She didn't want to tell her after everything that happened, and she just seemed so happy in Starling, but Nyssa just leaves.

Laurel finds Nyssa and apologizes again about no telling her about Oliver, she just didn't want to make her unhappy after everything that happened. Nyssa would ask about Laurel's instance to keep things secret, but she has greater concerns. Laurel asks what they are, but Nyssa just tells her to leave. Laurel refuses, she won't do that to a friend. Nyssa explains that since Oliver is the heir he will come for her, and kill her.

Nyssa and Laurel go to Diggle and Felicity, explaining what's going on with Oliver and how he was brainwashed by Ra's. Nyssa believes that it was a mistake to tell them, better to not have ruined the memory of him for them, and starts to leave. Laurel follows, asking where she's going, and Nyssa says she won't cower waiting for her death. She leaves, and Laurel asks what they should do, but the others still don't believe her. Laurel says that Nyssa is terrified, but Diggle thinks that Nyssa is someone they shouldn't be sticking their neck out for. Laurel gets that they're mad at Ra's but Nyssa saved Sara, she's a good person, and protecting good people is what they do. They give in, but don't know where she's going, but Laurel already put a tracker on her.

Just as Oliver is about to kill Nyssa, Laurel unleashes her cry and stops him. He gets away, and she later goes to Nyssa who is bandaging her injuries. Nyssa says that she shouldn't have interfered, but Laurel couldn't lose anyone else. Nyssa says that she already has, since she was marked for dead when Oliver accepted the offer. She takes a deep sigh and admits that the weeks she spent with Laurel enlightened her to life away from her father. Being someone else, even for a short while, made her happy, but being the daughter of the demon does not allow for that. Laurel says that whatever she fought that night wasn't Oliver, and Nyssa says that she already told her that he was changed. Laurel says that if he gets to change, why can't Nyssa.

Diggle and Felicity reach Laurel and Nyssa, quickly explaining that Oliver took Lyla. Diggle then pushes Nyssa up against a wall, Laurel pushing him away and saying that it's not her fault. Nyssa says she's sorry and did not intend for this to happen, but Diggle demand that she prove it by giveing herself over to the League. Laurel says no, they're not negotiating and they're not handing over Nyssa. Diggle says they need to get back Lyla no matter what, but Laurel thought they were better than trading people. Nyssa steps in front of Laurel and says that they should trade her, but Laurel doesn't want that, she won't let Nyssa commit suicide. Laurel reminds her that the past few weeks have been the best of her life, but Nyssa reminds her that happiness is something she doesn't get to have. She asks where the exchange point is, but Laurel demands that they find another way.

They come up with a plan, and get into a fight with the League members. Laurel is knocked to the ground, distracting Nyssa who is knocked down as well. As the League members drag her away, Laurel calls for her but is unable to do anything as she's taken.

Laurel and Oliver arrive at the League hideout, Nyssa thanking them for coming. She asks how Thea is, but Laurel tells her to stop pretending she cares. Nyssa says that she does, and that Laurel was right about her still living under her father even though he was gone. Laurel was the one who showed her that she didn't have to be that person, both she and Oliver showed her what needs to be done. Merlyn then arrives and she takes of the ring meant for the Ra's, and throws it into the fire. She reveals that she disbanded the League, so that no one would be held prisoner by her father anymore. She and Laurel share one final smile before she leaves.

Season 4


Laurel and Thea arrive at Nanda Parbat, demanding that Merlyn use the Lazurus Pit to resurrect Sara, immediately drawing Nyssa's concern. Merlyn says that he can't, since it's only legend that may not even be possible. Nyssa says that's why she didn't use the Pit to save Sara in the first place, Merlyn says that whatever came out of the Pit wouldn't be Sara and says no.

Laurel is looking over Sara's coffin, telling her that she's not giving up on her, when Nyssa walks in and says that she's only thinking of herself. Laurel says that she expected Nyssa to support her, but Nyssa says that means that Laurel never really knew her. Ra's was given a long life, but in exchange he became something dark, and wouldn't wish that fate on anyone, especially not Sara. Laurel says that she doesn't know what'll happen with the Pit, but she has to at least try. Nyssa believes that she'll just come back a monster, but Laurel wants to believe that her spirit will come back. Nyssa knows that Laurel isn't doing it out of love, but grief and needs to accept that Sara is gone, just like she has.

Merlyn gives into Thea and Laurel and allows them to put Sara in the Pit. As they lower her in, Nyssa walks in and is held at the end of a sword by the other members of the league. Nyssa begs Laurel to stop, but Laurel just keeps going. Sara then emerges from the pit, completely feral, Nyssa unable to look at either of the Lance Sisters.

Laurel checks on the now chained Sara, but is pulled away when a member of the league takes her, Thea and Merlyn to the Lazurus Pit. Nyssa is there and she reveals that Ra's gave her a way to destory the Pit in case it fell into the wrong hands. Laurel asks why she would do that, and Nyssa angrily asks why she would ask after seeing Sara. Merlyn orders her away, and Nyssa yells to Laurel that she warned her, begged her. Sara's death was Merlyn's fault, but Sara's suffering is on her, and is dragged away.


Laurel goes to a League hideout, where several members find her outside. They bring her to Nyssa who tells her that Laurel claimed to be a friend. Nyssa says this was true until what she did to Sara, and left her to rot in a dungeon. She tells them to leave, and asks Laurel how Sara is. Laurel says that she's whole and happy, but asks what she's doing. Nyssa says she's protecting her birthright, but Laurel can't believe that she's doing it by holding Thea hostage. Nyssa reminds her that Thea was the one to fire the arrows, even if the fault was Merlyn, who should pay. Laurel says that she wants Merlyn dead also, but Nyssa is going to have to do it herself, or negotiate a compromise if she won't. Nyssa's listening, and Laurel offers that if Merlyn gives up the power to Oliver she would give them the cure. Nyssa accepts, but knows that Merlyn won't. Laurel says that they'll take care of that, Oliver can convince Merlyn to do it to save Thea. Nyssa says that he better, or her followers will be fighting Merlyn's in Star City.

After deciding to stops Merlyn and Nyssa, Laurel locates her and drops down in front of. She tells Laurel to move, but Laurel refuses to let her wage war in Star City. Nyssa says that she's just finishing what was started, and warns her to step aside again. Laurel says that she's coming with her instead, when several of Merlyn's men show up. Laurel fends them off with her cry, and joins Nyssa in an escape. The fight leads into the street, but eventually gets put to a stop. Diggle then knocks Nyssa out with a tranq dart and Laurel catches her.

Nyssa is put in another cage, and Laurel asks where the Lotus is. Nyssa says it's safe, but Laurel needs to know since there are people dying in the streets. Nyssa says that surrender won't save their lives, but Laurel insists that it will save Thea. Laurel asks how Nyssa could be so selfish, but Nyssa says the Merlyn is as well. Laurel reminds her that she's the one with the cure, and letting Thea and innocents die isn't who she is. Ra's did those things, and with him gone, Nyssa can be free.

Laurel and Oliver arrive at the League hideout, Nyssa thanking them for coming. She asks how Thea is, but Laurel tells her to stop pretending she cares. Nyssa says that she does care, she somehow still lived under her father even when he was dead, and Laurel showed her how to be someone else. She believe that Laurel and Oliver showed her what needed to be done, and Merlyn arrives. She then removes the dragon's head ring, and tosses it into the fire. She reveals that she disbanded the League, so that no one would be under her fathers rule anymore. She and Laurel share a smile before she leaves.


Quentin calls Nyssa and she comes to his home quickly. Nyssa says that she can't give enough sympathy, since he's lost both Laurel and Sara. Quentin says that he and Nyssa don't always see eyes to eye, but Laurel though of her as a friend. She thought of Laurel to same, after she gave her comfort during a difficult time. The world is darker without her. Quentin asks what they'll need when Laurel comes out of the Pit, but Nyssa can't help him. She would do anything for Laurel, but she destroyed the Pit months ago. Nyssa says she's sorry, and Quentin accuses of her of not wanting to help and goes off to find his own way to help her. As he leaves Nyssa wipes a tear from her eye.

Nyssa attend Laurel's funeral and listens to Oliver's eulogy.


Season 2

Heir to the Demon

  • Laurel accuses Sara of being the cause for Nyssa going after their mom.


  • Nyssa watches Sara say goodbye to Laurel.
  • Laurel watches Sara leave with Nyssa.

Season 3

The Magician

  • Nyssa understands that Laurel is grieving, but so is she.
  • Nyssa asks to speak to Laurel, which Oliver allows.
  • Laurel says she's sorry for Nyssa's loss.
  • Laurel tells Oliver that she told Nyssa to do whatever it takes to get Merlyn.
  • Laurel watches Nyssa punch Oliver.

Suicidal Tendencies

  • Laurel tells Oliver that she's working with a new trainer, but doesn't mention Nyssa by name.

The Offer

  • Laurel asks why Oliver is letting Nyssa go.
  • Laurel asks Nyssa if she means to talk about her problems with her.

Public Enemy

  • Nyssa tells Laurel and the rest of Team Arrow where the League is.

Al Sah-him

  • Laurel grabs Nyssa's arm to stop her from leaving.
  • Laurel tells Felicity that no one know that League better than Nyssa.
  • Diggle tells Felicity that Nyssa is with Laurel.
  • Laurel tells Diggle to back off of Nyssa.
  • Laurel watches the League members bind Nyssa.
  • Laurel can't think about how they're going to kill Nyssa.
  • Laurel goes to the same diner she went to with Nyssa, but can't bring herself to eat.

My Name is Oliver Queen

  • Nyssa watches Laurel fight, and thinks she did a good job training her.

Season 4

Sins of the Father

  • Laurel thinks talking to Nyssa will be easier than talking to Merlyn.
  • Laurel tells Oliver that Nyssa will take the ring instead of killing Merlyn.
  • Laurel joins Nyssa taking cover behind the car.
  • Laurel watches Nyssa prepare to fight Merlyn.

Canary Cry

  • Nyssa tells Oliver about Quentin's distraught over Laurel.
  • Oliver talks to Nyssa about Laurel, but she can't find the word to bring him comfort.


“Thank you, Laurel. I was alone, and adrift, and you have shown me kindness.”
— Nyssa.

{{Quote|I have been a most excellent trainer.|Nyssa; My Name is Oliver Queen.


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Fans of the ship started to ship them during season 3, when they had interactions after Sara's death. Many felt it would be a natural progression for the two to get together, and seemed the best options for love interests compared to other characters.

Shippers would often notice the way that Nyssa treated Laurel becoming the Black Canary compared to the members of Team Arrow, specifically Oliver. Since Nyssa offered support and offered to train Laurel in combat instead of saying that she wasn't allowed to. Some fans of the ship will write or draw them bonding during training sessions and eventually getting together.

On AO3, Lauryssa is the second most written ship for Nyssa and the fifth most written for Laurel.



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  • Nyssa has briefly met the Earth-2 version of Laurel, but hasn't talked to her or commented about her existence.



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