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“Good argument. I mean... It would be a problem if you're really Kira because... I feel like you're the only friend I have”
— Lawliet to Light

Lawlight is the slash ship between L Lawliet and Light Yagami from the Death Note fandom.



As the amount of death’s increase for criminals, the ICPO decides to bring on L. Anonymously, L contacts them and decides to set up his headquarters in Japan. He sets a plan in motion.

Light is in his room watching TV when an announcement interrupts the news. A man calling himself L appears on the screen. He tells the audience about the murders of the criminals and that he is being put in charge to find the person responsible. Light predicted something like this would happen and doesn’t think much of it since the police would need the notebook as evidence. L continues on screen. He knows what “Kira’s” motivations are, and they are evil. Light takes offense to that, and writes L’s name in the Death Note. The man dies of a heart attack on screen, leaving Light ecstatic. The letter L suddenly appears on the screen.

A voice comes through the TV, amazed that Kira doesn’t have to be there to kill anyone. L reveals that the man Kira just killed wasn’t him, but an inmate scheduled for execution. L assures Kira that he is real and dares Kira to kill him. Light is in shock and L realizes that Kira can’t kill them. He lets Kira know that they only broadcast the message in the Kanto region of Japan, not around the world. L would have gone around the world with the message until they found where Kira was, and he knows of Kira’s first true victim, and they were more of an experiment. He’s interested in how Kira commits the murders, and will find out when he catches them. He asks to meet again, and ends his broadcast.

Light is in shock for a moment before becoming excited. He’s up for a challenge. Both L and Light vow to hunt the other down.


Fans typically like to build on the relationship built between the two in the Yotsuba arc. Light without his memories means that the two could begin a relationship without Light's role as Kira getting in the way. Fan Fiction will also write the two in a relationship when Light get's his memories of being Kira back and how they both deal with the relationship from there.

Fans also like to build on alternative universes where Light is not Kira, where Light and L meet again in Mu (also known as the shinigami realm), and so on.

Additionally, a scene in episode 25 of the anime, dubbed "the foot scene" by fans, contains heavy references to Jesus and Judas, which in itself can contain a metaphor for homoeroticism. This metaphor carries over to the reference in episode 25, with the fandom making it the frequent butt of jokes and a moment to analyze. The scene is absent from the manga.

On AO3, Lawlight is the most written ship within the Death Note (Anime & Manga) tag; Light’s most written, as well as L’s most written.



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