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Leon Kennedy is a character from the Resident Evil fandom.


Leon Kennedy is an American federal agent for the Division of Security Operations. Prior to this, he served as a police officer with the Raccoon Police Department for a single day. The actions in the city led to his successful recruitment as a member of US-STRATCOM after the incident in Raccoon City.



Aeon — the ship between Leon and Ada Wong
Cleon — the ship between Leon and Claire Redfield
Heleon — the ship between Leon and Helena Harper
Jilleon — the ship between Leon and Jill Valentine
Kennham — the ship between Leon and Ashley Graham
Kennigan — the ship between Leon and Ingrid Hunnigan
LeonAngela — the ship between Leon and Angela Miller
LeonCarla — the ship between Leon and Carla Radames
LeonShenmei — the ship between Leon and Shenmei
Leonuela — the ship between Leon and Manuela Hidalgo


Arkleon — the ship between Leon and Ark Thompson
Branedy — the ship between Leon Kennedy and Marvin Branagh
Carleon — the ship between Leon and Carlos Oliveira
Chreon — the ship between Leon and Chris Redfield
DanteLeon — the ship between Leon and Dante
Kennechenko — the ship between Leon and Alexander Kozachenko
Kennesker — the ship between Leon and Albert Wesker
Kennester — the ship between Leon and Raymond Vester
LeonJason — the ship between Leon and Jason
LeonPatrick — the ship between Leon and Patrick
Lethan — the ship between Leon and Ethan Winters
Lilly — the ship between Leon and Billy Coen
Metaltango — the ship between Leon and Jack Krauser
Nivannedy — the ship between Leon and Piers Nivans
Serennedy — the ship between Leon and Luis Sera


LeonX — the ship between Leon and Mr. X


Cladeon — the ship between Leon, Claire Redfield and Ada Wong
Nivannedyfield — the ship between Leon, Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans


Clerry — the ship between Leon, Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin
Lerry — the ship between Leon and Sherry Birkin


Ada Wong

Main article: Aeon

Leon and Ada have a complicated relationship that goes back to 1998, having met in the dying Raccoon City. Ada isn’t a good person, though not necessarily a bad person either. They work together on occasion to defect a common foe. Ada has no problem using Leon to further her own goals. However, Leon doesn’t seem to hold this against her. Leon seems smitten with her, going so far as to tell Ashley Graham that Ada will always be “a part of me I can’t let go.” When together, though sometimes not seen by the other, they’ll always protect each other. Leon most often shields Ada with his own body, while Ada tends to protect Leon from afar. Being the ever so mysterious woman Ada is, she leaves Leon suddenly on most occasions, causing Leon slight distress when she does.

Unnamed ex-girlfriend

In Resident Evil 2 (1998), the reason Leon was late to his first day on the job was because he had broken up with his girlfriend, gotten drunk and overslept.


Chris Redfield

Main article: Chreon

Leon and Chris have little interaction with each other over the years, given their respective jobs that pull them in different directions. With Claire Redfield, Chris’ sister, as a mutual contact, it was only a matter of time before Chris and Leon did met for the first time. The U.S. government and B.S.A.A are highly restricted, but when they do finally met, both men are able to understand each other’s convictions, particularly those related to the eradication of bio-organic weapons. Over the years of their paths crossing, Leon goes as far to say that he trusts Chris to Helena Harper, and Chris is able bring Leon back from completely drowning in depression and alcoholism.

Claire Redfield

Main article: Cleon

In 1998, Leon and Claire met in the dying Raccoon City, allying themselves in order to survive. Both being survivors of the outbreak, Leon and Claire formed a bond with each other that has lasted. With their lives pulling them in separate directions due to their respective jobs, they have limited contact with the other. Though should they be in trouble, and if the other can’t be there personally to help, they always send someone else capable.

Jack Krauser

Main article: Metaltango

In 2002, Leon and Krauser are comrades sent to South America to capture Javier Hidalgo. During a fight with Javier’s B.O.W wife, Krauser is hit with the T-veronica virus and is badly injured. He retires from the army and goes missing, assumed to be dead. In 2004, Leon and Krauser meet again in Spain where Krauser is working for Albert Wesker, causing any form of former alliance between the two to be gone.



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