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Leopika is the slash ship between Leorio Paladiknight and Kurapika from the Hunter x Hunter fandom.



When Leorio and Kurapika first met each other at the beginning in the Hunter Exam arc, Kurapika didn't really like Paladiknight (and because of that Leorio didn't like him either). Leorio didn't make the best first impression on him, saying his fake reason for becoming a Hunter. But the more Kurapika got to know him, the more he saw how nice and good Paladiknight actually is. Especially after Leorio told him the real reason why he wanted to become a Hunter. That was the moment when their friendship began.

After that, the two of them started spending a lot of time together, not only with Gon and Killua around. Somewhere between the events, they apparently even gave each other their phone numbers, since both of them called each other later on.

Because of their opposite personalities, they quarrel quite a lot through the series, but always quickly make up, even if not verbally. They care about each other a lot, what could be seen in both the main series and the movies - Paladiknight was a few times even saved by Kurapika and the other way around.

Leorio tries to call Kurapika - 13th Chairman Election arc.

We can see Kurapika randomly smiling at Leorio in a big amount of scenes, much more than he does nearby the other characters (except Gon Freecss).

When Gon's in a critical, near death state in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Paladiknight calls only Kurapika multiple times, visibly worrying that he doesn't pick up the phone.

In the Dark Continent Expedition arc of the manga series, it is revealed that despite being friends for two years, Kurapika has yet to give Leorio his email.


Leopika is one of the most popular ships in the Hunter x Hunter fandom. It's usually shipped alongside with Killugon. Leorio and Kurapika are also often considered by as Killua and Gon's parents; Leorio being a dad and Kurapika the mom. As for the question of why they, specifically, are married- we don't know. The fact that Leorio called Kurapika "sunshine" in the 1999 version aroused fans and their interactions in this version.

Scalation team NexGear created a parody chapter for April Fools when the manga was on hiatus after chapter 260. The chapter features Kurapika and Leorio getting married.


  • In the official translation of one hxh 1999 radio CD series episodes leorio described himself and kurapika as "a couple of newlyweds" and also described gon as "their cute kid".[1]



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