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LexJokes is the slash ship between Lex Luthor and The Joker from the DC Comics fandom and it's adaptations.




Lex enters his car and realizes that something is wrong when it's Harley instead of Mercy upfront, who takes him on a joyride till she stops and lets Joker in. Lex recognizes him, and Joker says that he has a deal for him. Lex asks what he wants, and Joker wraps his arm around Lex as he explains how similar they are. He then says that all his operations have been shut down by Batman and since Lex has a similar problem he has a preposition. Lex is listening and Joker says he wants a billion dollars in exchange for killing Superman. Lex laughs and asks how Joker could do that, when he can't kill an ordinary human like Batman. Joker grabs Lex and says that there's nothing oridnary about Batman. He's read up on Superman, and shows Lex the case of Kryptonite. Lex says he can't be connected at all to this, and Joker assures him he will. They shake hands and make the deal.

After Joker looses the Kryptonite and blows up one of his factories, Lex and Mercy head to Joker's hideout and fire on it. Lex walks in and Joker is still alive. He says that he already feels bad enough, when Lex grabs him and starts berating him. Joker asks if they can discuss it like gentlemen, and Lex demands an explanation. Joker thought the whole plan was a perfect set up, but didn't realize that Batman would show up. Lex is shocked, and Joker insists that it's not his fault. He still has the other half of the Kryptonite though, so he can still finish the job. But the price just increased with Batman in town. Lex says no, and that this is Joker's last chance to take out Superman.

At Lex's lab, Joker admires all the toys and Lex tells him they have serious problems. Joker gets distracted by a possibly lethal plane, and Lex angrily asks if he brought the rest of the Kryptonite. Harley shows it off and Mercy pulls a gun on the two. Joker tells Harley that they're being set up to take the fall and Lex pulls the Kryptonite away from Harley. Lex opens the bag, but it hit by joke snakes and Harley and Joker get the gun away and knock out Mercy. Joker decides to commandeer the plane and put tie up Lex inside and he asks how much it will cost him to get out of this. Joker doesn't want money, and instead wants Lex to know what it's like to lose everything he has. He then gets word that Superman and Batman are on their way.

When they arrive, Joker lets the robots handle Superman and Batman, while he takes Lex away in the plane. Joker flies over Metropolis and starts blowing up LexCorp buildings. He asks Lex how it feels to know that everything with his name on it will be rubble, which angers Lex. When Batman arrives, Joker asks what he has to take him down, and Lex asks if he's actually asking him for help. Joker says if he goes down, so does Lex and Lex tells him to try a red switch.


World's Finest

  • Lex questions what possessed him to trust Joker.
  • Lex tells Mercy to contact Joker.
  • Lex has Mercy call Joker for one last meeting.


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LexJokes is a rarepair in any DC Comics fandom. It is mostly enjoyed by fans of villain couples. Most fanwork comes from fan comics of the two in less serious situations. Often with flirting and villain schemes. There are currently 12 works on AO3.



Lex/Joker tag on AO3


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