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He was my home
— Octavia to Indra

Linctavia is the het ship between Octavia and Lincoln from the The 100 fandom.


When Octavia trips down a hill, injured and knocked unconscious, she's found by Lincoln, who brings her to his dwelling. Octavia wakes up, but her broken leg prevents her from leaving; later she wakes to discover Lincoln has fixed it. She tries talking to him, but he doesn't answer her. When he is gone, she escapes but he finds her again, and she later learns that he was keeping her safe from his fellow Grounders, who wish to hurt The 100. After Finn, Bellamy and Clarke find her and bring her back, Bellamy brings in and tortures Lincoln, in spite of Octavia's protests. When the camp is high on psychedelic berries, Octavia frees Lincoln, who finally tells her his name and they share a kiss.

Octavia sneaks out to find Lincoln and they sleep together. Finn seeks out Lincoln to set up a peace brokering between Clarke and Anya, which sadly fails. After the bombing, Lincoln tells Octavia that he has to leave and asks her to come with him. While she intends to at first, she chooses to stay with The 100 after taking care of a sick Bellamy, and Lincoln leaves. He returns to save The 100 from the attack by the Grounders and leaves with a wounded Octavia to save her life amidst battle, at Bellamy's urging. They learn that Octavia's infected and Lincoln goes to bring her medicine, but is captured by the Grounders for punishment. His friend Nyko heals Octavia, and she walks into the lion's den threatening to kill Nyko lest Lincoln is returned to her.


One of the most popular pairings of the fandom and possibly the canon ship with the most time being together, as well as screen time. It is the 2nd most written about het ship of the series on AO3.


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Octavia tells Lincoln she has to say with 'her people'



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