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Linny is the femslash ship between Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter fandom.


Luna and Ginny are in the same year at Hogwarts, though in Ravenclaw and Gryffindor respectively. While never being mean to Luna, Ginny did seem to find her odd at first, even referring to to Luna as "Loony Lovegood". However they later become friends through Dumbledore's Army and Ginny stands up for Luna to people who bully and call her Loony. During Luna's commentary on a quidditch match she noted that Ginny was nice and she liked her.

They're quite opposites in that Ginny is an in-your-face, temperamental quidditch player and Luna is a quiet, contemplative and open-minded girl. Along with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville, the girls endure many challenges together as Voldemort returns and attempts to terrorize the world once more.

Ginny and Luna grew especially close as they remained at Hogwarts with Neville while Harry, Ron and Hermione searched for the Horcruxes. Together, the trio encouraged the remaining students to retain hope, despite the cruelty of the new Headmasters - the Deatheater Carrow siblings.

Many years later, Harry and Ginny remain close friends with Luna.


Due to them being the same age and in the same school year, as well as their close friendship during the turbulent events which unfold at Hogwarts following Voldemort's uprising, many fans have paired Ginny and Luna together as a romantic/sexual couple. Many perceive Ginny as being the more dominant person in the relationship, due to her headstrong and impulsive nature as well as her protectiveness over Luna. On the other hand, others see Luna being a leader in their relationship, with her eccentric and curious but calm and innovative personality inspiring Ginny to be more reflective and relaxed in various situations, allowing her to develop and mature.

On AO3, Linny is the second most written ship for Ginny and the most written for Luna. It is also the twenty fifth most written ship within the Harry Potter fandom tag.



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  • Despite common belief, Ginny's daughter, Lily Luna isn't named after Luna Lovegood; she's named after Remus Lupin, Luna meaning "moon".


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