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Loki, known as both Loki Odinson and Loki Laufeyson, is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel comics fandoms.


Loki is the adoptive son of King Odin and Queen Frigga of Asgard, and the adoptive brother of Thor. He is the biological son King Laufey of Jotunheim, but Odin took him as a child during a war and raised Loki as his own. This is a major cause of conflict for Loki, and much of his character development has involved his resistance or acceptance of his heritage and his place within his adoptive family.

In the comics, Loki is canonically genderfluid. He shapeshifts easily between his male and female forms, although he typically presents as male and uses male pronouns. He doesn't use terms like bi/pan/omnisexual to describe himself, because the concept of sexual identity doesn't exist in Loki's culture, but he is open to partners of any gender.

In the MCU, Loki's TVA variant file lists his sex as fluid though he typically presents as male. He's had past romances with both men and women. One Loki variant from an alternate timeline is capable of shapeshifting, and she presents as a woman and goes by Sylvie.[1]


With women

Amorki — the ship between Loki and Amora
Blackfrost — the ship between Loki and Natasha Romanoff
Elski — the ship between Loki and Elsa
Lokane — the ship between Loki and Jane Foster
Lokilei — the ship between Loki and Lorelei
Logyn — the ship between Loki and Sigyn
ScarletFrost — the ship between Loki and Wanda Maximoff
Tasertricks — the ship between Loki and Darcy Lewis
Valki — the ship between Loki and Valkyrie
Warfrost — the ship between Loki and Sif

With men

DashingFrost — the ship between Loki and Fandral
Fandroki — the ship between Loki and Fandral
FrostHawk — the ship between Loki and Clint Barton
FrostIron — the ship between Loki and Tony Stark
Frostmaster — the ship between Loki and Grandmaster
Frostshield — the ship between Loki and Steve Rogers
FrostStrange — the ship between Loki and Stephen Strange
Gammafrost — the ship between Loki and Bruce Banner
Lokius — the ship between Loki and Mobius M. Mobius
SpiderFrost — the ship between Loki and Peter Parker
Winterfrost — the ship between Loki and Bucky Barnes


Lokision — the ship between Loki and Vision


FrostIronStrange — the ship between Loki, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange


Thorki — the ship between Loki and Thor Odinson
Domestic Avengers — the ship between all the Avengers, sometimes including Loki
Sylki — the ship between Loki and Sylvie


Lokity — the ship between Loki and Verity Willis
Locket — the ship between Loki and Rocket Raccoon
Revengers — the ship between Loki, Bruce Banner, Valkyrie and Thor Odinson


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Loki has had canonical romantic relationships in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with both men and women, although none have been shown onscreen. His most prominent relationships are with his family, notably his adoptive brother Thor (see: Thorki) and his adoptive mother, Queen Frigga.

Marvel comics

Loki’s most important past canon romantic/sexual relationships have been with Amora, Loreli, Sigyn, and Angerboda. Amora and Lorelei are sisters and sorceresses who are generally up to no good, and Loki has teamed up with them as antagonists against Thor and Asgard on a number of occasions. Sigyn was Loki's wife, although they are separated. Angerboda was a giantess.

His most notable canon family relationship is with his adoptive brother Thor Odinson. (See: Thorki.)

Loki's canon best friend is Verity Willis, who has the power to see through any lie. (See: Lokity.)

Where Mischief Lies

Loki has a canon love-triangle between Amora and Theo in the novel Loki: Where Mischief Lies.

Amora accepts Loki for who he is and encourages him to use magic. They make out, and possibly more. However, Loki realizes that Amora intends to betray him in a plan to take over Asgard for herself.

Theo and Loki develop a close relationship while investigating the mysterious deaths in London with the SHARP Society. Theo invites Loki to stay at his apartment during his time in London, and they share a bed. Loki and Theo kiss. Loki promises to take Theo back to Asgard with him, but leaves him on Earth and returns to Asgard alone.


The most popular ships involving Loki in MCU fandom usually involve him being with one of the Avengers. He’s also been paired with Asgardians, Jotuns, humans, and other aliens along with original Characters of every gender and orientation.


Tony Stark

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  • Loki does not label his own sexuality, because his culture doesn't have the concept of sexual identity. Writers and other creators of his stories have referred to him as both bisexual and pansexual.



  1. Loki, episode 3 "Lamentis".


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