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“Of course, I’m coming with you! I feel responsible. Besides, do you think you can travel the sea of the New World without your navigator?”
— Nami to Luffy.

LuNa is the het ship between Monkey D. Luffy and Nami from the One Piece fandom.


Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hats and Nami is his navigator. Nami is one of Luffy's oldest nakama having been with him since East Blue. She can be considered as the third or fifth member of the crew after rejoining following the events of the Arlong Park Arc.

Amongst the crew, Luffy and Nami share a very close relationship based on mutual trust and have one of the most frequent interactions on the ship. To Nami, Luffy is arguably the most dependable person to her and will always turn to him when she is emotionally distressed, which has been seen numerous times such as when she broke down after Arlong betrayed their deal and, in tears, asked him to help her. When Nico Robin was taken away by CP9 she began to cry and begged Luffy to save her. When Sanji had been taken away by the Big Mom Pirates she ran up to Luffy and hugged him, apologising to her captain for allowing him to be taken away. Despite being regularly scared by the difficult situations she finds herself in, she is reassured when in Luffy's presence and gains a huge confidence boost when he arrives on the scene. However, a common part of their relationship is Nami getting frustrated by Luffy's simple mindedness, often beating him up and ranting at him. Whilst stuck on Weatheria, she told Haredas that Luffy would not be able to survive on the seas without her, due to his stupidity, and that it is her job to make sure he doesn't do anything too reckless, but still wishes to be with him so he can achieve his dream of becoming the Pirate King. It is also whilst talking to Haredas that she reflects on everything Luffy has done for her and wishes to become a more stronger and capable navigator for his sake.

Because of their close relationship, Nami is often worried for Luffy. Most of the time, she is not concerned with him as she is well aware of how powerful he is, but nonetheless, at varying points, she becomes frantic over his well-being, such as when Arlong Park collapsed with him still inside, when he fought Enel to save her and when he went to the Mirro-World to fight Charlotte Katakuri. When Luffy had fallen ill after eating a poisonous fish, she held his hand and begged him to not die. Notably, she blushed when Reiju arrived and healed Luffy by performing mouth-to-mouth on him. She was distraught when Sanji assaulted him whilst he refused to fight back and rushed to his side before slapping her fellow crew mate for his actions. After hearing that Luffy's brother, Ace, had been killed in front of him, she became riddled with guilt and tried to escape Weatheria, worried that his heart would completely shatter if she is not there for him. Whilst escaping, Haredas noted that her tears were still flowing, causing her to blush and punch him. Although she believes that she must follow her captain's orders, she was hesitant to do so when he requested her to break all the mirrors on the Thousand Sunny as it would prevent him from returning to the ship. Eventually, she followed his orders and decided to trust Luffy to win his fight, but was still visibly worried over him.

Luffy has complete faith in Nami and will defend her in any situation. When she betrayed him and the crew he choose to stand by her side and ordered both Zoro and Usopp to follow her so they could get her back. This led him to stick around on her home island, despite Nami violently telling him to leave, as he wished to only have her as his navigator. Eventually, after seeing Nami break down, he stopped her from continuing her self-harm before going off to storm Arlong Park to defeat Arlong for her. When he encountered Arlong he immediately punched him and shouted at him not to make his navigator cry. Once he realised that Arlong had emotionally and mentally abused Nami throughout her childhood by locking her in a room to draw maps for him, he became furious and began to destroy the room that was her prison, prompting Nami to tearfully thank Luffy for what he is doing. Following his victory over Arlong, he declared to Nami that she is his friend, causing her to cry. Across their journey, he never patronises Nami, despite her being weak, and has faith in her intelligence and abilities to defeat the various opponents she comes up against and complete any task she has been assigned. Despite being apathetic about women, Luffy gave a notable reaction when he saw Nami naked on two separate occasions, despite not at all reacting to seeing Boa Hancock naked, and generally not taking an interest in the numerous women who have taken an interest in him.

Throughout their journey, Luffy does his best to protect Nami when she needs him to do so. Before leaving her home village, he made a promise to Genzo, the closest person to a father Nami has, that he would never allow her smile to be taken away. Thus, he has come to her aid at varying points, such as on Little Garden when she was captured by Galdino. When she was sick, he became worried at her worsening health and panicked when Vivi told him that she would eventually die. He stayed in her bedroom to try and cheer her up and took it upon himself to carry her to the residence of the only doctor on Drum Island, having to climb a rocky mountain to do so that put him on the brink of death. Whilst on Skypiea, he chased down Enel after he had taken Nami away. Whilst on Thriller Bark, he came to her rescue before Moria and Oars could attack her. He was furious when Nami desperately tired to reach out to him before being swiped away by Bartholomew Kuma whilst on Sabaody Archipelago. Due to the suffering that Nami went through because of Arlong, that infuriated Luffy, he has held a grudge for past associates of Arlong as he refused to initially save Hatchan when on their way to Sabaody as he was a member of the Arlong Pirates and only did so once Nami told him it was fine. Furthermore, despite being on very good terms with Jinbe, thinking highly of the fish-man, he choose not to try and defend him to Nami as he was indirectly responsible for allowing Arlong to wreak havoc on her island, and instead allowed Nami and Jinbe to resolve the issue themselves.

Luffy has faith in Nami as his navigator and follows her orders when it comes to sailing the ship. Unlike the other members of the crew, Nami is the only person he surrenders his authority to as he has complete faith in her abilities. He once commented to Inuarashi that her navigational skills are amazing. He tends to listen to her advice, such as on Dressrosa, when she told him that it would be best for her group to sail on ahead towards Zou, with Luffy agreeing. Throughout their adventures, Luffy tends to attempt to do reckless things and often has to be stopped by Nami, who tells him why he cannot do some of the crazy things he wants to do, and although frustrated, he tends to relent. On top of this, he mostly tolerates the beatings that Nami frequently gives him. His trust in Nami is incredibly high and it appears that he trusts her more than anybody else among the crew as she is the only person he has given his straw hat to on multiple occasions, with the straw hat being something that Luffy cherishes as his one and only treasure. The first time was during the Arlong Park arc when he places his hat on her head to reassure her when she tearfully begs for his help. Whilst on Skypiea, he throws his hat to her when she begins to panic about their dire situation. When Nami was sick, he briefly gave her his straw hat when he had to go rescue Sanji. Whilst on Jaya, Nami held on to Luffy's straw hat whilst he was being attacked by Bellamy. On top of this, she has been the only person to repair his hat after it has been damaged (following his fight with Buggy) and to stitch Ace's vivre card on the inside of the ribbon.


Nami: I might as well take you up myself and help you do it. But! You have to promise me that I’ll survive!
Luffy: Yosh, no problem! Let’s do it!”
— One Piece: Episode of Skypia.
Nami: Luffy… you’re okay, aren’t you? I’m sorry!! Even though you’re always there to support us… Even though it’s times like this when you need us most of all…!!”
— Nami, distraught, after finding out that Luffy lost his brother.
Nami: What should we do, Luffy! We…
Luffy: Quit yapping. You are the future Pirate King’s friend, so stop being such a worrier!”
— Luffy reassures Nami, whilst giving her his straw hat, when she panics that they are going to die.
Luffy: Don’t you dare make my navigator cry!”
— Luffy scolds Arlong after he punches him.
Nami: You think you’re hot stuff just because you’re a Yonko’s right hand man… But Luffy’s the man who’s gonna become Pirate King!! In other words… his hunger is absolutely limitless!!”
— Nami defiantly tells Charlotte Cracker that Luffy will become Pirate King.
Nami: Luffy... help me...
— Luffy agrees to help a tearful Nami defeat Arlong.


LuNa is one of the most popular ships in the One Piece fandom and is ranked as number one in The 15 Greatest One Piece Non-Canon Ships. It's rival ships are SaNa and LuHan. A big part of the One Piece fandom that enjoys the Luffy x Nami pairing usually ship LuNa alongside ZoSan and FraBin.

Unlike the other popular ships, such as Sanji x Nami and Luffy x Hancock, neither Luffy or Nami have shown any romantic interest in the other. Critics of the pair also point out that Luffy lacks any romantic awareness and has shown no interest in women at all, making the possibility of him being with Nami unlikely. However, supporters of the ship point to the depth of their relationship and how prominent both Luffy and Nami's relationship is within the series.

One of the reasons why the ship is extremely popular is due to the romanticisation of Luffy and Nami's roles within the crew, with Luffy being the captain and Nami being the navigator. Some fans observe that Nami arguably plays the most crucial role in fulfilling Luffy's ability to be a pirate, and by extension becoming the Pirate King, as she is the one who makes sure he can go wherever he wants across the seas in the search of adventure and the One Piece.

Due to Luffy's dream of becoming the Pirate King, fans of the ship believe Nami is the most suitable candidate to be the "Pirate Queen" via marriage to the Pirate King. This is due to her love for money and her desire to live a luxurious, or royal, lifestyle.

Fans of the ship often point out that the One Piece films frequently display a "hero saves the heroine" narrative, with Luffy playing the hero and Nami the heroine.



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  • The main antagonist, Tesoro, from One Piece Film: Gold, briefly noted Luffy's desire to save Nami being exactly the same as the desire he had to save his lover, Stella. Eiichiro Oda, himself, had intervened in the production of the film to have this specific scene added.
  • On the cover of chapter 699, the Straw Hat Pirates can be seen all dressed up as knights with the exception of Luffy and Nami, who are dressed as king and queen.
  • The author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, married a cosplayer who played Nami in a 2002 Shonen Jump Festa.
  • Despite appearing after Roronoa Zoro, and not appearing until chapter 8, Nami is featured alongside Luffy on the very first chapter cover.
  • In the One Piece film, Strong World, written by Eiichiro Oda, the film ends with Nami trying to stop Luffy from hearing a recording she made specifically for him when she was kidnapped by Shiki, feeling embarrassed. Whilst she tried to get it off him, Sanji commented that it "sounded like a love confession to me."
  • On top of being in possession of Luffy's straw hat within the series itself, Nami has also been seen with Luffy's hat numerous times on chapter covers.
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