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Luckyshipping is the het ship between Red and Green from the Pokémon fandom.


Red, Blue, & Green

Red meets Blue(F)

Green flirts with Red to gain his attention

Red and Green first meet at Route 8 where Green tricks Red into buying items from her by flirting with him. Red constantly blushes when she persuades him into buying things from her. Red thought she had a crush on him and that she was very mature for her age since she was starting her own business. Later on, Red saves Green from a Tauros sent out by a Team Rocket Grunt. She starts fangirling over him and calling him her hero. She then tells the other grunts that Red is her “sweetie” then tears off Red’s Team Rocket uniform that he stole from another grunt. Green drags Red with her as they escape from Team Rocket. While escaping, Red helps Green capture the Mythical Pokemon Mew, although she had stolen his badges earlier on. They are unable to catch it, but Green is able to get photos of the Mythical Pokemon. After Mew escapes, Green slips a note in Red’s pocket saying “Thank you for everything, cutie!” with his two hard-earned gym badges. After their encounter, Red realizes that Green isn’t as bad as he thought. Later on, at Silph Co., Red hears Green screaming and runs up many floors of the building to find her. Red then finds Green and they trade gym badges. Sabrina then appears to battle the two. Red tells Green to stay back, and fights Sabrina on his own with Green standing behind him. 

In the Pokemon League, Red sees Green scamming another trainer’s Pokemon. He asks Green what she was doing in the Pokemon League, and she explains that she is in the Semi-finals.  She also told Red that she was from Pallet Town, which surprised him. Green then left for her match in the Semi-finals. During Green’s battle, Red constantly cheers for her, hoping she would win. After Green loses her fight against Dr. O, who reveals himself to be Professor Oak, she confesses that she stole Squirtle because she was jealous of how Red and Blue were able to start their own journeys as Pokemon trainers, but when she said it, she was focused on Red. After Professor Oak hears this, he gives Green a Pokedex and she cries. Red smiles when seeing this. During Red’s battle with Blue, Green watches the match and hopes that Red would win.


Red Blue and Green reunite

Red sees Green again after the fight with the Elite Four

After Red’s disappearance, Green begs Bill to find Red because he is the only person who can "save Kanto from evil”. In a flashback, Green was the first person to notice Red was missing. She then saw a drawing of Red in Yellow’s sketchbook, and sent Yellow on a mission to find him because she believed that Yellow's Viridian Powers were enough to save Red. Green still did her own search for Red, however. Later on, Green sees Red after they escape from the cave in Cerise Island and says “Good thing you’re safe.” to him. He replies “Haha, I guess so.”

Gold, Silver, & Crystal


Red realizes Green is nearby

In Ilex Forest, Blue notices that his and Red’s Pokedexes are beeping. Red realizes that Green is nearby. Red told Blue that Green lent Red her Blastoise so that Red could climb Mt. Silver quickly. Red worried about Green not being able to use high-speed transportation due to this, but she said she would find a way. Blue then points out that Green is riding on Moltres, one of the legendary bird Pokemon, while being chased by Ho-Oh, another powerful Pokemon. Red calls out her name, worried for her. In the final battle against Pryce in Ilex Forest, Red, Blue, and Green ride on the three Legendary Birds. Whenever Green was in danger, such as when she nearly fell off Moltres, Red would call out her name in concern.

Fire Red & Leaf Green

In Vermillion City, Green boards the Seagallop ferry to reunite with her parents. She is attacked by Deoxys, a humanoid-like Pokemon. Her parents run to her to save her, but are sucked into a black hole. Green faints and falls off the ship. Red send out his Poliwrath and he catches Green. Red then rushes her to a hospital. In the Pokemon Network Center, the hospital Green is kept in, Red is concerned whether or not Green will wake up. After learning that her parents were sucked into a vortex, Red gains the courage to fight Deoxys. Red then tells Bill that he will fight Deoxys and defeat it. Bill warns Red that it is too dangerous but Red replies “Green has been waiting for this day, and having my best friend’s heart shattered, I’m not going to stand for that.” Red was very determined to fight Deoxys after that. 
Red Defends Green (F)

Red Defending Green

After Red lost against Deoxys, Blue and Green arrived at Five island, where Red was saddened by his defeat. He got into an argument with Blue, who treated his loss as if it was no big deal. Red ran away from them. Green was the only one to chase after him. She found him apologizing to his
Blue comforts Red 2

Green telling Red she will join the battle against Deoxys.

Pokemon for the damage they took from the battle. Red assumes that Green wants to give him a piece of her mind, but she thanks him instead. She revealed that she heard him defend her back when she was unconscious. Red prepares to leave the Sevii Islands because he feels useless and unworthy of a Pokedex, but Green explains to him that their Pokedexes were being upgraded. Green says to Red “Only you can understand the horror of facing Deoxys in battle. Nothing I say can make that feeling go away. That’s why I won’t try to make you go back or anything. But I’ll fight.” Green’s speech to Red helps him regain the confidence to fight, and he rejoins the others.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

ORAS Luckyshipping

Green waking Red up

Red and Green fight Archie and Maxie when they try to steal the Red and Blue Orbs. They are successful, but Archie and Maxie are able to summon Groudon and Kyogre, and revert them to their primal forms. Red checks on Green to make sure she’s okay with the major temperature increase. They get blasted away by Groudon, but are saved by Giovanni. Green wakes up and crawls up to Red to wake him up. Red has a slightly shocked expression on his face when she wakes him up, and is seen blushing after he gets up. After seeing Giovanni, Red is angered, but Green is able to calm him down and convince him to join their temporary truce with Team Rocket, as they have no other options. When their alliance met up with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and other important people in the Hoenn region, Green hid behind Red’s back.


Luckyshipping's name's origin is unknown, but people theorize that it came from the idea that Green was lucky to meet Red because it improved her life, helping her overcome her Ornithophobia and reunite with her parents, or that Red is lucky for having met someone who genuinely likes him.

On deviantART, Luckyshipping has the most posts (680) out of all shippings between the four Kanto Pokedex holders, with the second being Specialshipping (677 posts).



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  • In the official English translation of the manga, one of Green’s lines to Red was changed from him fighting for her sake to her telling him about how brave he was.

  • The counterpart ship to Luckyshipping is known as Feelingshipping, the pairing between the characters Blue and Yellow.
  • At the end of the Emerald chapter, Red's Espeon and Green's Ditto are seen together. 
  • Green constantly flirts with Red despite it not being necessary.
  • In all of their encounters, Red and Green are shown to be blushing.


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