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Lukagami is the het ship between Luka Couffaine and Kagami Tsurugi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Luka and Kagami don't really know each other, but their paths have crossed when they both went to the ice rink with Marinette and Adrien as their "dates", where Luka and Kagami displaying their excellent figure skating-like skills to their inveigle companions in "Frozer". Kagami had briefly skated passed Luka when she helped Marinette get back up on her feet, as well as catching a few small glimpse of him whenever she follows Adrien's gazes on Marinette. When Marinette and Adrien told their skating partners that they weren't giving up on the feelings they have for their crushes just yet, both Luka and Kagami gave them their understanding support. In which shows that both Luka and Kagami may not be soo different from one another, when it comes to the people they are about.

In the two part season two finale, "Battle of Heroes", Kagami is one of the many people to be re-akumatize while Luka takes part in the Parisian rebellion of participates who have took it upon themselves to help Ladybug and Cat Noir with the horde of crimson colored villains so they can go to fight Hawk Moth. Where Luka and Riposte's paths might have crossed with each other, during the battle or at the end of it, since Riposte was briefly seen about to attack Luka's mother as she turns back to her normal self.

In "Desperada" Kagami visits Luka's boat house with Adrien as they got to see him and their friends, while skipping fencing class for the day, and see Luka teaching Marinette a few notes on his guitar, in which has her mistaking Luka for Marinette's boyfriend. When Desperada attacks and captures Luka's mother, Kagami charges at her to only become another one of her captives. After Viperion helps Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat the titled villain, in which freed Kagami and the others, and spent the rest of the day play music with his band while Kagami watches them, she tells Marinette to quickly make her choice between Luka and Adrien as love is something that people can't have second chance at, but Alya reminds both girls that the said two boys haven't made their own choices yet either.

In the season three finale, "Miracle Queen", both Luka and Kagami displayed an act of selflessness by protecting the people they care about before getting placed under Miracle Queen's mind control. Which has them revealing themselves as Miraculous Holders to Hawk Moth, until the were freed by Ladybug and Cat Noir. At the end of the episode, both Kagami and Luka spent time with Marinette, Adrien and their classmates, even though the two sat on separate ends on the top and bottom end of the long line of people that kept them separate, but there is a chance that they might have interacted with each other, through Mariette and Adrien, later on.


While Luka and Kagami haven't properly met each until "Desperada", even though their paths have crossed in both "Frozer", is hadn't stop fans from shipping them together. Because Luka is featured as Marinette's alternate love interest while Kagami is shown to be Adrien's, and fans wanting to keep Adrienette Semi-Canon strong could have been what started Lukagami. Some fans, however, have the ship rival with Lukanette, Lukadrien, Adrigami and Kagaminette.

Because both Luka and Kagami are temporally interested with Miraculouses, the Snake Miraculous and the Dragon Miraculous, in season three many fans hope that future episodes in the series would have the two meeting each others' alter egos, Viperion and Ryuko, while they are both helping Ladybug and Cat Noir as a team. Their hero identities is also what helped Lukagami to become much more popular, than it originally was when the ship first began during season two. Since the animal theme of both of their Miraculouses are of type of retile, and there have been dragons with snake-like bodies. In which has fans see that their Miraculous can link Kagami and Luka together.

On AO3, the ship has over 158 fanfics about it, while has 118 with only 15 placed under pairing. Lukagami also has a reasonable size fanbase on both Tumblr and DeviantART. Some of these pieces of fan-made work, like art and written work, have Luka and Kagami boding over them not ending up with Marinette or Adrien as they work with their rejection together, make references to Kagami's Japanese heritage, with the two wearing Japanese style clothing as either their civilian or hero selves, Kagami falling for Viperion, have the two holding their guitar and rapier or just one of those items when they are standing close together, and even have Luka getting Kagami into music. As he shows her that her inner song reveals that there is more to her than she realizes.



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  • According to Feri González, both Luka and Kagami aren't limited to the role of alternate love interest.
  • Like Marinette and Adrien, Luka wears a pair of earrings while Kagami bears a ring.
  • Both of their entrusted Miraculouses are focused around reptile animals, a snake and dragon, even though dragons are stuff of legends and fairy tales.



Lukagaminette refers to the ship between Luka, Kagami and Marinette


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