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Lukloe is the het ship between Luka Couffaine and Chloé Bourgeois from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Luka and Chloé don't know each other, but since Luka's younger sister is in the same class as Chloé, there is a chance that he might have heard about her from Juleka. While the news has altered him, along with the rest of Paris, that Chloé is the bee-themed hero Queen Bee; and Luka is shown to have respect for Paris' guardian superheroes.

In "Miracle Queen", after Chloé willingly gets akumatize into the title villain, Luka gets stung by her wasps and becomes one of her mind controlled victims. Because Luka is a fellow off and on Miraculous holder, like Chloé before the main duo told her that she can't become Queen Bee again, he and his Miraculous Holder allies, who are also under her control, obey Miracle Queen's orders of revealing themselves to her and Hawk Moth. As she mocks the others, Miracle Queen does state that Luka is cute but later mocks his clothes by saying that he has gotten them from a dumpster, before handing him the Snake Miraculous and gets Luka to transform into Viperion.

As she orders Viperion and the others to attack Ladybug and Cat Noir, however, the Snake Miraculous gets taken away from Viperion before Cat Noir uses its power to help him and Dragon Dug free Luka's mind from Miracle Queen's control by de-akumatizing her back into Chloé Bourgeois. Since Chloé was akumatize when she learned that Luka is Viperion, there is a chance that she was has no memory of that discovery, unless Hawk Moth allowed Chloé to maintain that memory as she had allowed him to akumatize her. What is clear, however, is that Chloé's actions have placed Luka in future danger.


While the exact origins of the ship is a mystery, as the two don't know each very well or at all, there is a possible chance that it might be due to Chloé slowly becoming a nicer person since she became Queen Bee while Luka is the snake-themed hero, Viperion. In which would of had the two superheroes working together with the rest of Ladybug's team, if Chloé was still allowed to become Queen Bee without putting her love ones in danger, as Hawk Moth knows who she is without the mask. Making it one of the reasons why some fans have Chloé never reveling her heroin identity to the whole city, so she can remain Queen Bee and possibly form a Ladynoir/Ladrien/Marichat-like relationship with Luka; or with any of their other occasionally hero allies. The light colors of Chloé's colors and Luka's darker colors, might even had fans view them as day and night kind of people.

Despite the fact that Hawk Moth and all of Pairs knowing who Queen Bee really is and it being the main reason why Ladybug made the hard choice of not entrusting Chloé with the Bee Miraculous again, for Miraculous and her loved ones own protection, one of the season 4 leaks shows that Chloé (or a blond girl that looks like her) will be intrusted with the Bee Miraculous again, while her Queen Bee outfit appears to have changed a bit. Since Timetagger reveals that during the time of their adulthood, Ladybug and Cat Noir will be facing a different holder of the Butterfly Miraculous, as well as the fact that the main due have assembled a team where Chloé and Luka might be two of its members. Should Chloé get redeemed and would be allowed to be entrusted with the Bee Miraculous again.

On AO3, the ship has about 40 fanfic about it on the website. It also has a small fanbase on both Deviantart and Tumblr.



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  • According to Feri González, Luka isn't limited to the role of alternate love interest.[citation needed]


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