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Lumicrose is the femslash ship between Lumine and Sucrose from the Genshin Impact fandom.


In the voicelines, right after Sucrose introduces herself, she expresses that she wouldn't like to trouble her, but at the same time is curious to hear about Lumine's adventures.[1]As they get to know each other, it's noted that Sucrose oftens fails at taking care of herself; not wearing enough layers in the snow[2], and working all night for her research's sake.[3]

Sucrose worries about anything bothering Lumine, and she in turns worries about Sucrose having a decent night of sleep.[4] At Friendship Lv. 6, Sucrose confesses that she was a bit afraid when they first met, because Lumine didn't talk much and she though she had offended her somehow. However, as time went on, Sucrose discovered it was really easy to get along with her and calls it "an unexpected outcome of my observations".[5]

Lumine expresses an interest in knowing more about her, and when asked about it Sucrose momentarily confuses this as an interest in bio-alchemy. Lumine clarifies it's specifically her she's interested about, and Sucrose's answer is "I'm ahh... oh. I'm at a loss for words".[6]

Sucrose confides in Lumine later on, and tells her a little secret of hers; the purpose of her research is to create her own wonderland, just like the ones in the fairy tales. The kind where all your dreams come true and you live happily ever after.[7] On Lumine's Birthday, she makes a potion that allows her to revive the most beautiful memories of the past year.[8]

Story Quest

In Albedo's Story Quest, Lumine first meets Sucrose at Timaeus's place. Sucrose introduces herself, Sucrose then realized that Lumine was the one who saved Mondstadt from Stormterror. Sucrose said she always wanted an opportunity to research her up close. When Paimon asks Sucrose by what she means by "research", Sucrose says she apologizes and don't mind her what she is saying.

The Chalk Prince and The Dragon

In Act 1, Lumine meets Sucrose again at the adventurer's camp. During their conversation, Sucrose wanted to ask Lumine a favor, Sucrose tells Lumine that she felt Albedo was hiding something so Lumine agreed upon. Sucrose was happy.

In Act 3, Lumine went to Albedo's camp just to see he wasn't there. Sucrose came across Lumine, Sucrose tells her she came looking for her to inquire about previously discussed matters. Sucrose then asks if Lumine made any progress of discovering Albedo's secret. Paimon then continues to tell her that it has been a week ever since the both of them talked about it. Lumine thought she forgotten about it. Sucrose was shocked so she apologizes since she was so absorbed about her research. Sucrose continues to ask her about the progress. Lumine says yes. Lumine showed her the Festering Desire, Sucrose wants to learn more about it so Lumine fought slimes for Sucrose to learn more about the sword. Sucrose was surprised about the sword. After that, Sucrose was hungry so they were going but they then came across Reckless Pallad who was shivering. Lumine tries to assist Sucrose for Reckless Pallad to leave Dragonspine safety but Sucrose thanked but she's afraid that in his current state, he won't be able to walk his own. They then came across the Fatui so Lumine fought them.

Windblume Festival

In the Windblume Festival act III, Lumine and Venti were talking to Timaeus but Sucrose then appeared. Sucrose said nice to meet her again. Sucrose and Timaeus were struggling on something so Lumine decided to help her by asking Albedo for the doing.


Lumicrose is a small ship within the fandom. Its rival ships are Albecrose, which is Sucrose's most popular ship, and Lumine's most popular ship, ChiLumi. On AO3, Lumicrose currently has 18+ romantic works. It also has 6+ gen works. Not that much fan art depicts the two.



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