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Lumirou is the het ship between Gorou and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Lumine first meets Gorou, just wanting to join him. Gorou firstly asks Lumine why she wants to join him, and in response, Lumine decides to tell him about the 100th vision. Gorou suddenly asks why she wants to discuss about that, and Lumine says that it was her who fought Raiden, due to this Gorou gets a little surprised. Though, Gorou easily lets her in, and welcomes Lumine.


Lumine happens to encounter Gorou and Yae Miko talking about tails, and soon decides to save him from Yae’s teasing.

Tactical Retreat


Lumine says she’ll help him overcome his weakness, and suggests beginning with some theoretical study, Gorou calls it a good plan, and asks where they should go for the theoretical study, few seconds later deciding to go to Watasumi Island to search for someone who can help them. When they arrive, they decide to go to Shuuhei for help. After his info, Gorou and Lumine begin heading to someone else. After they’re done with their chat with Miwa, they begin going somewhere else to discuss. Lumine suggests going to Yae’s publishing house to find out some things about Yae Miko, and Gorou says that makes sense, so the two begin heading there. Once they’re there, the editor

tells them some info about books and Yae, and Gorou then decides to go meet Yae at the Grand Narukami Shrine after they’re done with him. When Lumine and Gorou arrive at the grand Narukami shrine, Gorou firstly asks Lumine to draw a fortune sip with him, and so she accepts. The two then head to look for Yae, thinking their plan will work. When they meet her, Yae ends up teasing them more then expected, and Gorou and Lumine decide to retreat.

The Smiling Send-Off


Lumine says they should just ignore Yae Miko, and Gorou agrees, saying he’s heard Sangonomiya Kokomi say the same thing. Gorou then mentions he has some business to take care of at Yae’s publishing house, and Lumine asks what it is, and Gorou tells her in response. Lumine comes with him there, saying she’ll stay with him. starting off with the first letter. Gorou says he’s not good at answering those type of ones, and asks Lumine for help. When he’s done replying to the first one, Lumine calls it professional and they move onto the next one. After they’re done with that one, they then move onto the last and next one. Gorou notices it’s from one of his workers, but easily gets back to reading it, then asking Lumine how to reply, but she just tells him to answer it on his own.

After they’re done with all the letters, they go to delivers them to Yae’s Publishing house. Gorou then asks Lumine if she can come with him, and she accepts, deciding to visit them together. Later when they arrive, they eventually find the solider who was getting ready to leave. After Gorou and the soldiers chat, Lumine and Gorou then wave goodbye to him.

Thats, Uh..


After arriving to reply to the letters, Lumine decides to search at Yae’s Publishing house. Gorou says that works, and tells her to come back to Gorou if she sees Yae Miko. Lumine then goes to Yae’s publishing house, and finds lots of people cheering about Miss Hina. After a long talk with all of them, Gorou finally arrives, asking if Yae Miko is at the publishing house, of course Lumine says no, and asks Gorou why he wanted to help everyone. After Gorou’s full response, Lumine decides to just not tell him about the Miss Hina thing. Gorou goes to deliver the letters with Lumine, but Lumine stops him, asking if she can do it instead, though he just says Yae’s publishing house isn’t far from there, and insists on heading together. And so, Lumine just pretty much agrees. Gorou happens to notice some commotion, and some person ends up walking up to Lumine and Gorou, asking if they’ve heard of Miss Hina. They end up asking for a photo, and later when Gorou wants to see the commotion again, Lumine stops him quickly making up an excuse, saying Yae Miko is over there, blocking the Miss Hina cardboard.

Desserts Are the Best!


Lumine says she can help Gorou overcome his weakness, and Gorou says that would be great. Asking her where to begin, Lumine says she can act as someone he finds difficult to deal with. Lumine asks him if he’s found himself in scenarios like that before, and after his response, she decides to pretend to be a merchant. And so, the two then go to Ritou, as suggested by Gorou. After their failed roleplay, Lumine suggests switching to something he’s more interested in. And so, they change the topic to cake. However, Gorou still acts normal about a cake costing more mora then usual. They then decide to go to a random beach to roleplay as Fatui. Gorou asks Lumine who she’ll roleplay as this time, but Gorou immediately says he smells danger after Lumine’s words, noticing Fatui behind her. When they’re done fighting the Fatui, Gorou asks if there’s anything else to do, and Lumine says she’ll intimate the person Gorou fears most. The two then head back, and Lumine begins acting as Yae Miko, though Gorou says he trusts Lumine, which makes it hard for her to even act as her like that. Lumine then asks Gorou if he wants to get cake, and he immediately accepts saying he’d love that. After they buy the cake, they go somewhere quiet by themselves. Lumine asks if he wants to try her cake, and he accepts, taking a few bites out of it.

Final Remembrance


Lumine tells Gorou to avoid Yae Miko, and Yae’s Publishing House. However, Gorou says there’s something he has to sort out on Narukami Island. He asks Lumine if she can come with him to get a box from the Adventurers Guild, and so Lumine accepts the offer, and Gorou thanks her. When they arrive, since Katheryne says the box is missing, Gorou and Lumine then go to search for it.

When they find the treasure holders who took the box, Gorou tells Lumine to tie them up, and Lumine easily agrees. Eventually, they return back to Katheryne and she gives Gorou the box. Lumine asks him if he’s going to open it, however he says he’ll open it at Watasumi island, and so they head there.

Hues of the Violet Garden

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Lumirou is considered to be a rarepair within the Genshin Impact fandom. It's rivaled by more popular ships such as IttoGorou, Kokorou, ChiLumi and XiaoLumi. Lumirou gained more attention when people saw the endings of Gorou's hangout event. Despite Lumirou not being very popular, there is a small bit of fan art made of the ship. Lumirou also has 16+ works on AO3.



Gorou/Lumine tag on AO3


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