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“Don't worry, you always have a way of sneaking into people's hearts.”
— Amity to Luz before kissing her

Lumity is the femslash ship between Luz Noceda and Amity Blight from The Owl House fandom.


Season One

I Was A Teenage Abomination

Amity first met Luz when she pretended to be Willow's Abomination to get Willow's grades up and for Luz to experience attending a magical school, causing Amity to lose her "top student" badge. Amity suspects something is up and tries to prove that Willow cheated. Their first official meeting was when Amity caught Luz eating a sandwich, something Abominations can't do, and ended up making a scene by shaking her violently and demanding answers, causing Amity to get in trouble. Amity then gets Principal Bump involved, who attempts to perform an autopsy on Luz. Luz and Willow escape, using Willow's plant magic, and Amity demands her badge back, but Willow helps Luz escape before anything else can happen. Amity takes a disliking to Luz after this.


The two eventually reunite at the local Covention. Luz tries to ease tensions between them, but Amity provokes her by blaming Luz for getting her in trouble at Hexside and mocks Luz's dream by pointing out she'll never be an actual witch due to being human. This, and Amity bullying King, causes Luz to haphazardly challenge Amity to a witches' duel, which Amity accepts. Their agreements are sealed with an everlasting oath, and if Luz loses, she'll agree to never train in magic again. Due to Luz not knowing many spells at the time, Eda decides to cheat. When it's revealed that Lilith also cheated, Amity runs away, causing Luz to go after her to apologize and comfort her. Amity accuses Luz for embarrassing her at school and making her look like a fool in front of the Emperor's Coven, laments how much stress she puts on herself to get to the top and demands that Luz confess she isn't a real witch in a desperate attempt for her to have something left. Luz admits that she's not a real witch but is training hard to be one. She then shows Amity her light spell, which amazes Amity due to the method she uses. Realizing that she can't stop Luz from trying to be a witch, Amity makes the oath unbound, allowing Luz to continue learning magic.

Lost in Language

When returning Eda's books to the library, Luz finds Amity reading to kids and hopes that she can befriend Amity to make up. When Luz tries to approach her, Amity coldly and harshly tells her to go away and leave her alone, as every time Luz is near her, she always gets in trouble. Luz then befriends Amity's elder siblings, Edric and Emira, and hopes that bonding with them will help her connect to Amity. They invite her to sneak into the library to watch the results of a comet that brings written things to life. They soon go to Amity's private study, with the twins revealing their intention to steal Amity's diary to show at school, something Luz is against. Luz finds that Amity likes the Good Witch Azura, Luz's favorite series, however in doing so she also inadvertedly discovers Amity's diary, which Edric and Emira try to take, saying that she deserves it due to how horribly she treats others. The diary also says that Amity secretly regrets how she acted with Luz, saying doesn't want to be cruel and that she just "can't show weakness." They fight over it, causing the pages to scatter on the floor, which ends while Luz tries to pick up the pages and caught just as Amity walks in. Amity, misinterprets the scenario, seizes the book from Luz's hands and hypocritally labels Luz as a bully. As Amity runs off upset, the twins leave as Luz goes after Amity to explain herself, only for the latter to continue to refuse hearing her out. After the two of them fight off a twisted version of Otabin, the character from a book that Amity cherishes, which Edric vandalized, Luz lets Amity borrow her fifth Good Witch Azura book. After taking the offer, Amity apologizes by, retracting her statement of Luz being a bully, admits that she hasn't been the friendliest witch and that she would think about that.

Adventures In The Elements

Luz and Amity start their friendship, with Amity actively putting effort into being nicer to her. Luz meets up with her to return the book and announces that she'll be going to school with her. But Amity points out that she won't be in the same classes as her, as she can only cast one spell and thus will be in the baby class. Luz then takes a trip to the knee of the Titan with Eda to train in her ways of magic. During this trip, she discovers Amity is there too with her siblings. After getting impatient with Eda's teaching method, Luz steals Amity's training wand. She casts a few spells with it, which drains its battery and attracts a creature called a Slitherbeast, which kidnaps Eda and Amity's siblings, Emira and Edric. Amity tries to make sure Luz doesn't get hurt by entrapping her in a pink barrier. After Luz and Amity save Emira, Edric, and Eda, Luz asks Amity to start a Good Witch Azura book club. Amity blushes when asking if it could be a secret club between the two.

The First Day

Amity greets Luz when she arrives at school and gives her a high five. Later in the episode, Luz begins to explore the secret room doors of shortcuts and finds Amity talking to herself. Amity is visibly nervous about something, and then you can hear her say, "so you two go to the same school now, that doesn't change anything," and sighs.

Understanding Willow

When Amity accidentally sets pictures of Willow's memories on fire, she and Luz go inside Willow's mind to fix them. Amity is seen blushing at Luz twice: once while Luz is motivating her to keep fixing Willow's memories and again after receiving a hug from Luz. She can also be seen nervously pulling her hand away from Luz's and crossing her arms after realizing they were both holding hands.

Enchanting Grom Fright

Amity is selected to be Grom Queen, the Boiling Isle's equivalent of Prom Queen, meaning she'll have to fight Grometheus the Fear Bringer, also known as Grom, a demon that shapes shifts into someone's worst fears. Amity tells Luz that she doesn't want her fear to be known, as it's too embarrassing. Luz feels bad that Amity has to fight Grom, so she decides to take Amity's place as Grom Queen.

Amity and Luz also flirt before Luz has to fight Grom, with Luz asking if Amity is going soft on her. Before the fight, Amity thanks Luz, telling her that she's amazed at how fearless she is, as Luz has done things Amity couldn't. When Luz runs away from the battle, Amity follows her into the forest and tries to protect Luz. Grom attacks her, and Amity's worst fear is seen as being romantically rejected by someone unspecified, shown by Grom tearing up a note Amity was seen with throughout the episode. Luz reassures her it's alright and offers to go to Grom with her instead, as that's what friends do.

Amity and Luz then team up and fight Grom by dancing together, where they are portrayed to be extremely close while doing so. After their dance, it is revealed to the audience that it was Luz who Amity had been planning to ask out to Grom but didn't out of her fear of rejection. At the end of the episode, many Hexside kids are shown in Grom photos, one including Luz hugging a very blushy Amity.

Wing it Like Witches

The intensity of Amity's feelings has grown since their fight against Grom. Throughout her interactions with Luz in the episode, Amity is shown heavily blushing and repeatedly fumbles over herself, verbally and physically, even when Luz does as little as calling her name. When Luz asks Amity if she wants to help defeat Boscha at Grudgby, Amity panics, picturing her and Luz on the same team and in a cute uniform, sweating. She admits later in the episode that she loves the dumb side of Luz, quickly taking back her statement a few seconds later in an attempt to hide her feelings from her peers. Luz, Willow, and Amity's final play to defeat Boscha's team results in Amity injuring her leg. Luz decides to help Amity by carrying her, causing Amity to blush nervously.

Season Two

Escaping Expulsion

Amity is seen ruining one of her parents' presentations when one of their Abomatons nearly steps on her copy of the group photo from Grom, which makes her mother, Odalia, realize she's getting "distracted".

Amity welcomes Luz back to Hexside with a Fairy Pie, blushing as she does so. While Luz is disgusted by the pie, as it actually has fairies in it, she accepts the pie nonetheless. When Amity's parents get Luz, Willow and Gus expelled from Hexside for being a bad influence on her, Amity wants to stand up to them but is too afraid to do so. Amity later apologizes to Luz but refuses to take her to her parents when Luz asks to talk to them.

Later, Amity discovers that Luz has taken her place in her parents' presentations and is at the mercy of their latest Abomatons. Amity sneaks into the presentation and stops it, telling it to "Stay away from my Luz!" Seeing Amity at that moment, Luz appears to start having feelings for Amity, as she blushes when Amity asks if she's alright, and the two blush when they begin to fight back to back. Amity stands up to her parents, saying that her friends inspire her to think about what kind of person she wants to be.

In the end, Amity makes a deal with Odalia to let her friends back into Hexside, or she'll destroy the Abomaton and ruin their chances of getting investors, which only Luz realizes is a bluff. The Abomination then flattens them, which convinces the investors. The two girls smile at each other while pretending to be unconscious. Odalia tries to go back on the deal, but her husband, Alador, convinces her to let it go, as Amity seems to be getting stronger due to Luz's influence, strong enough to become a Coven leader potentially.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins

Their mutual feelings continue to grow throughout the episode. Luz goes to Gus, who correctly guesses that she wants to borrow his library card to visit Amity. Luz comments that she hasn't "been doing a good job of hiding it," and Gus agrees, implying that Luz has used his library card to visit Amity on multiple occasions. However, this time, she is also trying to learn more about the previous human on the Boiling Isles.

After finding the information she needs, she sneaks over to the Kid's Corner, where Amity regularly reads books to kids. Luz sees Amity with her hair down for the first time and blushes, then blushes harder when Ed and Em show up. She asks if they're there to pick up Amity. They reply that Luz is already doing that, implying that Luz has been walking her home, but this is most likely teasing her about trying to "pick up" or woo Amity. Amity comes over and asks Luz if the twins are bothering her. Luz blushes and explains that she's here to see Amity, which causes Amity to blush as well. After a few seconds, the twins make an overly dramatic exit to give the two of them some privacy.

Luz asks for help finding the diary of the other human, and Amity says it would likely be kept in the Forbidden Stacks. Amity expresses nervousness about the idea of going in there, saying that if they get caught, she will be fired, but that she wants to help Luz anyway. Luz promises Amity that they won't get caught and holds her hands, causing them both to blush. Once inside the Forbidden Stacks, they see the master librarian shelving books, and they duck out of sight before he can see them. When he's gone, they realize how close they are and blush profusely before rolling away from each other. Amity is worried that her usually nice boss would feed her to the bookworms if they get caught. Luz comments that while she's sure bookworms on the Boiling Isles are scary monsters, it's just a cute nickname for nerds in the human world. This makes Amity blush, and she says that the human world sounds odd. Luz offers to show Amity the human world someday before saying they should probably leave the Forbidden Stacks. Instead, Amity grabs Luz and declares that they're going to find that diary.

When they find the other human's diary, Luz opens it and discovers a rodent has eaten its pages. Luz cries out in anger at the animal, and as a result, they are caught by the master librarian. They are both kicked out, with Amity losing her job. Luz tries to apologize, but Amity rejects it, saying that she does "stupid things" around Luz and wishes she didn't. Both of them are in tears, and Luz tells Amity that she does stupid things around her too. Amity gasps, then say that she should go home. Luz sheds a few tears before pushing her hair back and saying "Nada funcionará a menos que lo haga funcionar." (Nothing will work unless you make it work.) Then she goes back into the library.

At the Blight Manor, Amity talks with Emira and Edric about how confusing things have been since she met Luz. "I'm thinking things I've never thought before. I'm feeling things I never used to feel!" Emira points out that that's not necessarily a bad thing, saying that Amity wasn't happy before. She offers to dye Amity's hair, and Amity ends up changing the color and style. Then a disheveled Luz knocks on the front door, holding out Amity's library staff badge and apologizing profusely when she answers. Luz notices Amity's new hairstyle, and Amity explains that her mother always wanted it to be green and thought "it was time for a change". They both blush.

Amity wonders how Luz got her job back. Luz explains that the master librarian put her through multiple trials before he would agree to hire Amity again. Amity notices the mouse from the library on Luz's leg, and it tries to run away when Luz reaches for it. She dives after the mouse and catches it, proclaiming hatred for the animal. Amity calms her, explaining that it's called an echo mouse and that it can relay any information it eats. They watch what the animal has stored in the diary. Afterward, Luz thanks the mouse and says she hopes they will become good friends. Luz's hair starts blowing in the wind while Amity stares at her. She looks down at her library staff card, then tells Luz not to worry because "you always have a way of sneaking into people's hearts". Amity kisses Luz on the cheek. The twins watch the moment from an open window. Edric states that Amity made a "bold move." Luz gasps in surprise, her eyes sparkling, and can be seen looking at Amity's lips. Amity, face bright red and thoroughly embarrassed, says "farewell forever" to Luz, muttering, "Why did I do that?" several times as she walks back into her house. Luz stands there staring after her in stunned silence, then falls to her knees.

Hunting Palismen

Amity does not appear in this episode, although Luz does ask Willow about her. Willow says that Amity stayed home, to which Luz sadly said that it would make sense.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door

At the beginning of the episode, Luz expresses her desire to make the echo mouse happy to 'make her way into Amity's heart'. She tries asking the mouse for advice on how to ask out Amity, referring to her as 'a cotton-candy-haired goddess'. Luz also calls Amity 'smart, cool and classy', saying that asking her out should be breathtaking, emotional, and real, rather than cheesy like how she was back in her world. Overhearing her gushing, Hooty decides to help her by trapping Amity in an owl pellet and bringing her to the basement, sending a cryptic poem to Luz, signaling her to go there.

In the basement, Luz finds Amity as she breaks out of the owl pellet Hooty trapped her in, blushing at the sight of her. Amity tries asking Luz to forget about what happened back at Blight Manor but is quickly cut off by Luz, who tells her that all she cares about is them leaving the basement. However, before they can do so, Hooty activates a trap door that causes them to fall into a pile of heart-shaped cushions, with Luz and Amity holding each other while blushing as they fall. They are then forced to go through a cheesy tunnel of love created by Hooty, which causes Luz to panic over being thought of as a loser by Amity. Unbeknownst to her, Amity actually doesn't mind the ride, even blushing furiously when she sees the banner which says 'I THINK YOU'RE SMART, COOL AND CLASSY'. However, Luz's frantic display of destroying the ride causes her to believe that Luz isn't interested and that she thinks the idea of them dating is stupid. Before discussing it any further, Hooty goes into a panicked frenzy after thinking he failed to help his friends.

Heading outside the Owl House, Luz and Amity are almost crushed by a falling piece of debris but are saved by King's newly-discovered voice powers, causing the debris to explode into a sparkle of colors that surrounds them, and Luz to look at Amity in awe. After some encouragement from Eda, who distracts a disconsolate Hooty, Luz finally decides to ask Amity out. She initially pauses before popping the question, but Amity, unable to hold back any longer, asks Luz if she wants to go out with her first. Amity does allow Luz to ask her out immediately afterward formally and says yes. They then hold hands, confirming their relationship.

Afterward, Luz and Amity are seen getting the echo mouse to show them information about the portal to the human realm, blushing after sharing a glance at each other.

Eclipse Lake

In this episode, Amity goes on a quest to get Luz the ingredient she needs to return home, saying Luz "is counting on [her]" as she is bedridden with the Common Mold. Amity refers to herself as Luz's girlfriend multiple times. At the end of the episode, Luz calls Amity her "awesome girlfriend" as they share a romantic hug.

Luz also sends her multiple messages while she's sick, saying "U R pretty", "U R rad", "U okay?" and "Come home". Amity doesn't get these at first, and at one point, is convinced by Hunter that the "U R rad" one is a warning that Luz will break up with her if she fails. Amity initially refuses to believe this, but her insecurities and fear of rejection eventually convince her that it's true. However, King helps her understand the messages, and Amity becomes overjoyed that Luz still loves her and won't be mad if she fails. When she returns to the owl house Luz is happy to see her awesome girlfriend is okay, and they both hug.

Yesterday's Lie

Luz and Amity don't interact in this episode. However, Luz does think about seeing Amity while in a weird realm between realms and blushes but quickly dismisses the cube that would show her Amity, telling herself to focus on the mission.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade

In this episode, Gus, Willow and Luz are discussing what Emperor Belos is like outside of Hexside when Amity drops in stating that, “I heard he’s scared from wild magic”, which results in Luz getting scared by Amity’s sudden presence. Following this, Luz greets Amity, to which Amity says “Hola batata”. Which causes Luz to question if Amity called her a sweet potato. Amity responds by asking if it’s not “a term of endearment” and says how she’s still learning Spanish using the cook book titled “Mama Pura’s Recipes” that she borrowed from Gus. Hearing this Luz blushes and responds by saying, “Aw Amity, you’re the sweet potato” while scooting over to Amity causing them both to blush.

Amity, Willow, and Gus ask Luz if she’s used the Titan blood to make a portal to the human world and talked to her mom. This question leads Luz to remember the promise she made to her mom to stay with her after she returns to the Human Realm(in “Yesterday’s Lie”). After her past vision, Luz scoots always from Amity, leading Amity to frown. Luz then lies to her friends (and girlfriend) that she didn’t use the Titan’s blood to create a portal door (when in reality she did attempt to create a portal and did communicate with her mom). Their conversation is cut short when Eda and King arrive to pick Luz up from school, leading Luz to say goodbye to Gus and Willow and kiss Amity goodbye (on the cheek), which leads to Amity blushing. This scene is left with Amity finding Luz’s phone.

Later on in the episode, Amity goes off to visit Willow. She knocks on Willow’s door, and states how it’s been a while since she’s come to WIllow’s house by herself. After Willow invites Amity in, Amity starts rambling about how Luz has been acting super weird and how she thinks Luz is lying about her trip to the human realm and how Luz left her “phoon, phon, her thingy” (phone) at school and how she’s upset about the whole situation. After calming down, Amity tells Willow how she believes Luz is lying to her about her trip to the Human Realm and how she could find out the truth if she watches the video Luz filmed earlier (in the episode), but she hesitates to do so because she doesn’t want to invade Luz’s privacy, asking if Willow would.

Further in the episode, Luz kidnaps Kikimora and says a line from Azura the Good Witch (her favorite books series) in the spur of the moment causing Amity to place her hand on her face as a result of Luz’s ridiculous comment. After Luz escapes the Parade with Eda using an invisibility glyph, unknowingly being followed by Amity Blight.

Next, while Luz and Kikimora try to escape Terra Snapdragon they are almost killed by her plants when an abomination stops the plant from doing them any harm. While running, Amity comes along (to which Luz still refers to her as “sweet potato”) and Luz asks how she knew, to which Amity responds, “book 5, chapter 8, Azura pretends to kidnap Hecate” to which Luz interrupts and says “during the ice to save her from the wizard clan, your remembered my favorite part.” Implying that Amity cares to remember Luz’s favorite things. Amity then says she wants to keep her girlfriend from being sent to conformatorium, again, and she creates an abomination skateboard (surprising Luz).

Once Luz and Amity get Kikimora to “Princess”(Kikimora’s hand dragon). There, Luz gives Kikimora the whistle to control the hand dragon, and tells Kikimora that she will get to have the best of both worlds, causing Amity to give a sour face toward Luz’ actions. Kikimora ultimately betrays Luz and Amity and attacks the two, but they don’t back down and fight Kikimora together in an attempt to save themselves. When the fight first starts Luz grabs Amity’s hand in attempt escape using an invisibility glyph (this ends up failing). When “Princess” is about to eat them Luz and Amity hold hands scared to be separated. Before they can get eaten Terra Snapdragon stops Kikimora from hurting the couple. Before Terra leaves she tells Luz that the Emperor is looking forward to meeting her.

After the attack, Luz hugs Amity and asks her how she could make it up to Amity for saving her life. In response Amity pulls out Luz’s phone, asking her to tell her about the video (before reassuring Luz that she didn’t look at the video). She tells Luz she knows she finished the door and saw her mom, and that it didn’t go well. Luz then tells Amity she’s sorry for not telling her the truth. Then Amity, tells Luz that she’s know the situation Luz is in is crazy, but she’s willing to take in things one day at a time, and she just wants to know what’s going on so she can help. Luz tells Amity that she looked so hopeful, and she was even learning Spanish, and she thought that if she helped Kikimora there would be hope for her (as in Luz). In response Amity takes Luz’s hand to give her, her phone while asking Luz to tell her what happened. Luz starts explains how she had finished th door but how she thinks she missed something because it looked different from the normal portal (but the rest of the conversation can not be heard).

Towards the end of the episode we can see Hooty, King, Eda, Luz, and Amity sitting on top of a roof watching the end of the Coven Day Parade where Emperor Belos delivers a personal message about the Day of Unity which will happen in a month and inherit a utopia free of wild magic, and for the first time ever reveals his real face that’s been hidden under the mask. After this announcement/message Amity asks Luz if Belos is planning something. Amity then proceeds to take Luz’s hand and asks why Belos said he’s gonna meet her again if they already met, what else she doesn’t know, and what gonna happen. To which Luz replies she not sure, but for now they’ll take one thing at a time.

Any Sport In a Storm

Reaching Out


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The ship first began to gain momentum following the episode "Covention" as it showed there was more to Amity's character besides being antagonistic towards Willow and Luz. The ship got even more attention following the release of promo images for the episode 'Enchanting Grom Fright', a Prom-based episode that showed Luz and Amity having a moment together and a hallway while in formal wear. This is why most of the ship's recent fan art is based on the episode and its Lumity moments.

Fans have also drawn parallels between Lumity and Diakko from Little Witch Academia thanks to the similar setting of a magic school, and their rivalry turned friendship. Along with there being fans who commonly compare Lumity with Catradora from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, since it too has a dance scene from the episode known as Princess Prom that fans see as a parallel to Enchanting Grom Fright, and there being other similar moments between the two ships and their animated shows.

It also has some parallels with Adrienette from Miraculous Ladybug in which, like what Amity did to Luz at first, Marinette had treated Adrien rather coldly, but after they discovered their compassionate side, both Marinette and Amity tend to fluster and run their mouths off whenever they're near their respective love interests.

On National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, many passionate Lumity shippers replied to a tweet by the official Arby's account with content relating to Lumity. On the same day, the official Chick-fil-A account tweet also had many people replying about Lumity.



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  • Both Luz and Amity wear black colored earrings and are fans of the Good Witch Azura series.
  • In the ship name AbominationGlyph, "Abomination" refers to Amity being in the Abomination Track, while "Glyph" refers to how Luz uses glyphs to do magic.
    • The ship names AzuraLovers and Azura Book Club refer to how both girls are fans of the Good Witch Azura series and planned to start a secret Azura Book Club.
    • The ship name LittleMissOrdinary refers to the songs "Little Miss Perfect" and "Ordinary," which are connected to Amity and Luz.
    • The ship name Grom Queens refers to how they were crowned as Grom queens together.
    • The ship name PixiePonytail refers to how Luz has a pixie cut while Amity used to have her hair in a ponytail.
    • The ship names CatAbomination and Nyabomination refer to how Luz tried to make an Abomination at the Blight Manor look like a cat. This is also how Amity knew that the replacement her mom had found was Luz.
    • The ship name GuavaPrismUniforms refer to how Amity's school uniform is similar to a guava color while Luz's uniform can be seen as prisms.
    • In the ship name OtterTomato, "Otter" refers to how Luz has an otter costume. "Tomato" refers to how fans compare Amity to a tomato since she blushes so much around Luz.
    • The ship names Gay Witches, Sapphic Witches, and WLWitches refer to how Luz and Amity are both attracted to women and could be labeled as "gay," "sapphic," or "women-loving-women."
    • The ship name Purpled-Haired Girlfriends refers to how Luz has purplish-brown/brownish-purple and how Amity dyed her hair purple.
    • The ship name Pixie Cut Girlfriends refers to how Luz has a pixie cut and how Amity got a pixie cut in the second season.
    • The ship name Light Friendship refers to how Luz's name means light while Amity's name means friendship.
    • The Official Disney Channel released the clip of the ship becoming canon a few days after the episode aired, and they titled the video "Lumity". [1]It was initially titled "Luzity", but it was changed after people complained.


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Luminey refers to the ship between the two and Viney
Luminter refers to the ship between the two and Hunter
Luz x Willow x Gus x Amity refers to the ship between the two, Willow Park and Gus Porter
Willumity refers to the ship between the two and Willow Park



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