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Lumona is the femslash ship between Lumine and Mona Megistus from the Genshin Impact fandom.



In Act 1: Beyond This World's Stars, when Lumine was leaving Liyue Harbor, she then sees Mona saying "Finally." and proceeded to stretch a bit. Mona then came to Lumine and checked her with her astrology, Paimon asks Mona if she is some door-to-door fortune teller and if so then they're not interested. Mona then tells Lumine that she isn't from this world (Teyvat). Mona introduces herself, Mona wanted Lumine to be her disciple but Lumine disagreed so Mona told her she doesn't need to be her actual disciple but just act like one. Lumine then agreed, Mona told her that they're going to an inn before going to Mondstadt first. When going to the inn, a person named Mr. Zhu was seemingly stressed out due to his ring being lost. Mr. Zhu told that he was gonna give mora as the compensation, so Mona then told Lumine to find the ring and give it back to Mr. Zhu.

After Lumine found the ring, she then gave it back to Mr. Zhu, Mr. Zhu gave the mora but Mona blocked both, Lumine and Paimon upon getting the mora. Mona felt that she have indeed contributed upon getting the ring so Mona told Lumine that they will spend the mora on treating her a great meal. Mona tells Lumine not to thank her as she is just doing as a great master should. Lumine and Mona sat down in Wangshu Inn, while Lumine ordered Golden Shrimp Balls, Vegetarian Abalone, Crab Roe Tofu, and Salted Pork Soup. Mona seemingly asked the waiter how much does the current dishes costed as which the waiter replied about 20000 mora which was also probably the same amount of the mora that Mr. Zhu had so Mona had to ordered 1 dish. So Lumine decided to cook another food for Mona, when Lumine gave the food to Mona, she was amazed with the food that Lumine made and said that it was too delicious and she then said that she have never eaten anything like this good in her life.

When they are in front of Mondstadt, they then meet Klee as Mona told that Klee was the successor she was talking about. Lumine thought that it was some mistake. Klee ran to find the box that Mona was looking for then Mona told Lumine to go with her. After retrieving the box, Mona was surprised that the box had nothing inside it, Mona told her she was looking for the stuffs that was inside but Klee told her that it was the book in her hand. Mona was surprised about it, Klee didn't knew what to do so she left while panicking. Mona then had to stayed in Mondstadt temporarily so Lumine went the Katheryn upon asking if there is a house. Katheryn answered that there was a house concealed. Mona then was able to unconcealed the house and also had to rent it. Mona then thanked Lumine and wishes her safe travels.

Unreconciled Stars

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Lumona's main rival ships are ScaraMona, which is Mona's most popular ship and ChiLumi, being Lumine's most popular ship. In other cases Monaether can be but it doesn't really matter as all of Aether's and Lumine's ships are usually the same being the fact that only the player can choose who to pick. As there is not that much contents for Lumona as it's a small ship within the Genshin Impact fandom. But they do have some interactions together. On AO3, Lumona currently has 14+ works.



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