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“Leave him alone!”
— Luz defends Hunter (Clouds on the Horizon)

Lunter is the het ship between Luz Noceda and Hunter from The Owl House fandom.


Season 2

Separate Tides

Luz first saw Golden Guard in an Emperor’s Coven poster. Intrigued, she asked Lilith if she knew him from the Coven. Lilith told her he was “a child prodigy who’s really just a brat”. Later in the episode, she meets Golden Guard who gives her the ultimatum to kill the Selkidomus or he would drown King in the Boiling Sea, which caused Luz to heavily dislike him, sticking her tongue out when he leaves.

Hunting Palismen

In the episode Hunting Palismen, Luz is captured by the Golden Guard in a mission to retrieve the hand-me-down palismen, which she happened to attempt to bond with and ended up napping in their shelter. When Luz wakes up, she meets Golden Guard the second time and noticed that they are being captured, proceeding to attack him with a fire glyph, sending him flying. To not much effect, he teleports back and holds Luz captive, whilst threatening her for punishment if she sabotages his mission. While held captive, Luz uses her feet to draw an ice glyph, which launches Golden Guard’s mechanical staff, frustrating him, saying that it would take much more than that to defeat him.

His mission is sabotaged anyway, when Kikimora’s creature attacks his airship, in an attempt to kill him. The two crash, and end up nearby Belos’ castle. Luz wakes up and notices Kikimora’s plan to sabotage Golden Guard’s mission, and attempts to wake him up, taking his staff for safekeeping. She sees his face, and looks endearingly. In an attempt to wake him up, we are made to believe that Luz was going for a kiss, but instead slaps him in the face, waking him up, startled. Luz shuns him with her hand, and Golden Guard proceeds to lick it, and Luz gets disgusted. Luz tells him that Kikimora is trying to kill him, and he doesn’t believe Luz, until he sees the monster consume his helmet. Luz convinces the Golden Guard to team up, but he heads toward some members of the Emperor’s Coven, and tries to convince them that he is the Golden Guard. Unconvinced, he tells Luz to give him his staff back in order to use magic, and Luz refuses, resulting in him chasing after her. When Luz realised that he is a powerless witch, she uses it in her favour and convinces Golden Guard to team up with her, agreeing that if he helps her save the palismen, she would help him return to his coven. She asks his name, to him refusing to. The two make a plan to distract Kikimora, and as Luz creates a compound glyph, the Golden Guard expounds on his knowledge on wild magic, which surprises Luz. Seeing her reaction, he explains that he studied wild magic in a book, which Luz has also read as Eda had stolen a copy. The two seemingly bond, and a palisman attaches himself to Golden Guard, and he gets scared as he is told that wild magic is dangerous. Luz asks him if he really thinks it poses a threat. The two begin to initiate their plan. After successfully putting Kikimora under a spell, Golden Guard is conflicted to betray Luz. Luz is disappointed at him, and her hopes of him becoming her friend are down. Golden Guard realizes this and reveals that his real name is Hunter. Luz, regaining some hope, is surprised that he willingly revealed his name. Kikimora sees the person that casted the spell on her, and attacks Hunter, as Luz leaves him and takes the palismen. Later, in his room, Hunter is shown signs of hope as he sees that he can now wield a palisman to become a proper witch, hinting the possibility of redemption.

Reaching Out

When explaining to Eda and King everything she plans to do today, to distract her from an important "ritual", Luz says that Willow gave her Hunter's Penstagram contact "RULERZREACHF4N" and uses Eda's scroll to message him. Luz asks if Hunter is good now and if Belos is evil, but Hunter replies "LEAVE.ME ALONE". Then Hunter accidentally sends Luz a picture of his palisman sleeping only to add "sORry.wrong.person", showing he's still struggling with Penstagram.

Hollow Mind

Luz wakes up and finds herself in a dimly lit corridor with huge paintings hanging on the walls, gasping upon noticing the painting in front of her. Scared, Luz stands up and starts retreating, wondering where she is. Behind her, Hunter appears and accuses her of playing stupid, yelling at her for causing both of them to be trapped inside Emperor Belos' mindscape, which greatly shocks her. Luz finds it unbelievable that they really are in Belos' mind, so Hunter reminds her about what led to them being trapped here in the first place.

Luz, Eda at King were in the Night Market, just when Luz notices Hunter. He was about to arrest the three suspicious individuals, but Luz pounced on him from behind and both fell to the ground. Hunter was astonished, but quickly became frustrated when the suspicious escaped. During his heated confrontation with Luz, he accidentally stepped on a neon yellow vial dropped by one of the individuals on the ground. This activated the circles drawn earlier by the individuals, and both teleported into Belos' mind. Back in Belos' mindscape, Hunter laughs at Luz for thinking that he'd help her prove that his uncle is evil, but she believes she can discover the truth herself. Right then, she notices that Belos' mindscape is very different compared to Willow's, and Hunter explains that mindscapes are reflections of their individuals, claiming that he had read a lot on this subject.

In one painting beside the current one they went, it shows the moment when Hunter inherited his mechanical staff, as he proudly informs Luz he's the youngest scout to become the Golden Guard. A little shadow appeared and both called him kid Belos. Some time later they find themselves in a strange place filled with dead trees that are covered in paintings, and Luz surmises that they are in Emperor Belos' real mind. Hunter finds that absurd and mentions the gallery above them, but Luz theorizes that those are made up of Emperor Belos' lies. During their time in the mindscape, Luz keeps protecting Hunter from what appears to be inner Belos, seeing how much Luz cares about him, Hunter trust more and cares more about Luz.

After some events Luz wonders if Kid Belos is Belos' sense of guilt, but Hunter denies this claiming it's his sense of innocence. As they were wandering in his mindscape, they started finding the real side of him and his true purpose with the palismen, and revealed us that he’s not the only Golden Guard that had existed, having a shocking look at a corridor in his mindscape with many paintings with Golden Guards dying. Reveal after reveal, both kids starte getting more scared, until Luz noticed how Hunter was almost destroyed by hearing Belos true purposes, so Luz told him he could stay in the Owl House, as she says that Eda wouldn't mind to have one more in her house. Time later kid Belos transformed into the real adult inner Belos. Hunter confronts Inner Belos about what he did to his predecessors and their family, realizing that the destruction by wild magic was a lie all along.

Upon hearing that, Inner Belos remarks that he, out of all the Grimwalkers, looked the most like "him", much to Hunter's confusion. Just then, Hunter gets dragged down into the ground, and Luz tosses her jacket to him so he can gain leverage, as both of them share a sad look out of sadness and fear, as Luz desperately was telling Hunter everything was going to be okay. Despite her best efforts, he gets sucked into the ground along with her jacket, but later he escaped thanks to Luz’s glyphs in her sweater and arrives in time to save Luz and says her name for the first time, and got out of his mind thanks to Eda and King. After being transported to the Owl House, Hunter panics and recognizes Belos know he was in there, admitting with shock he can’t go back. He takes off his cloak and runs out of the house in panic. Luz chases after him, but stops, and King and Eda both inquire about what happened. Luz turns to them as tears start to form in her eyes.

Clouds on the Horizon

Luz meets up with Willow and Gus to stop the Day of Unity, Hunter is with them as he is given orders from Darius to protect Luz, Hunter tells Luz not to tell them he is a Grimwalker because he don't know if they would accept him, he tells Luz he don't know if he's a witch or a human but he is a copy of someone Belos made. Luz learns from Hunter that he knows that Belos is Philip and what happend between them as he overheard their conversation, they empathizes their experience.

When they are caught by Odalia and Kikimora, Kikimora taunts Hunter of what Belos will do to him but Luz tells Kikimora to leave hime alone. During Alador and Odalia's fight, Kikimora grabs Hunter and manage to escape with him, but is revealed that Luz is actually Hunter and the one Kikimora took is Luz, Hunter is confused for what happened and Gus tells him and everyone that Luz wanted to protect him.


Hunting Palismen

  • Hunter reveals he is a powerless witch, Luz and Hunter both have lack of magic.
  • When Hunter says he has studied wild magic, Luz surprised they both have the same interest.
  • When they make their plan, they appear to bond.
  • Luz is about to be double-crossed and feel sad of it, Hunter begins to regret and reveals his name to her.
  • Kikimora almost hit Luz but Hunter protects her.
  • Hunter tells Belos someone went in his way, but he did not tell it was Luz.

Hollow Mind

  • Hunter greets what appear to be Inner Belos, Luz quickly protects Hunter from it.
  • While they run, Luz reach a hand to Hunter and he sees how much she cares for him.
  • When Hunter is dragged down, Luz tries to save him with the jacket, they both look at each other.
  • When Belos tries to attack Luz, Hunter arrives in time and saves her, he gives her glyphs and says her name.
  • When they run to escape the mindscape, Luz and Hunter hold their hands together.

Labyrinth Runners

  • Gus asks Hunter if he knows where Luz is, Hunter is shown to be a bit shocked and worried that Luz is not with Eda.

Clouds on the Horizon

  • Luz and Hunter talk about what happend in "Hollow Mind", Luz learns that Hunter overheard her and Belos conversation, they empathizes with one another.
  • Kikimora taunts Hunter, but Luz tells Kikimora to leave him alone.
  • Near the end of the episode, Luz is revealed to be Hunter, Hunter is confused for what happened and learns that Luz wanted to protect him.

King's Tide

  • Hunter tries to take over the control of the airship from Alador, Hunter wants to rescue Luz fast.
  • Luz receives a scar on her left eyebrow, Luz and Hunter both have scars on their faces.


“I thought you might have been a good guy. But I guess that was just wishful thinking. You’re not my friend. You’re just- the Golden Guard.”
— Luz to the Golden Guard, before her words gets him to tell her his true name
“My name is Hunter.”
— Hunter finally revealing his name to Luz (Hunting Palismen)

“Hunter! No, no, no! You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay! Just hang on! Just...”
— Luz trying to save Hunter (Hollow Mind)

— Hunter saves Luz and says her name (Hollow Mind)

“She's not with the Owl Lady?”
— Hunter is surprised that Luz is missing (Labyrinth Runners)


At first, the two seemed to have a childish rivalry with each other. In "Hunting Palismen", the fandom was split on weather to see them as having a sibling-like relationship, or a possible love triangle between Luz, Amity, and Hunter. In the same episode, we are made to believe that Luz is going for a kiss to wake up Hunter, but instead she hilariously slaps him. The ship existed as far back as "Seperate Tides", their first meeting, and became popular in "Hunting Palismen", as the two spend almost the entire episode together, and develop a somewhat friendship. The things they have in common are they have a lack of magic, interested in wild magic and they both have scars on their faces. The fact that Hunter needed someone the same way Amity did parallels Lumity, and Amity’s relationship with Luz.

In some fanwork on the ship that is based on the Hunter redeem theory, Luz manages to help Hunter leave the Emperor's Coven and talks Eda into making Hunter a member of their make-shift family, like the way Lilith became a temporally member of the Owl House Family. Hunter's interests in wild magic got fans to imagine Luz teaching him how to use glyph magic. The events of "Hunting Palismen" have also got fans to parallel the two with Zuko and Aang (or Katara [1]) from Avatar: The Last Airbender [2].

After "Eclipse Lake" reveals the exitance of Grimwalkers and how their eye color and nose shape are just like Hunter's, it began the theory of Hunter possibly turning out to be a clone, and the reminded that Belos has told Hunter that the Titan has plans for him, fans begin to worry that Hunter's life could be in danger and hope that Luz will be able to save him from Belos and his coven. Along with her helping Hunter to come to terms with him being a Grimwalker by being the friend or sister figure he needs.


A ship war also began as a group of Lumity shippers began sending hate claiming that it would be ‘queer-bating’ to ship Hunter and Luz, and that it’s ‘incest’ as they had a sibling-like relationship, despite Luz herself being bisexual and the two are not even related by blood, let alone by species even if Hunter ends up becoming half-human. A portion of Lumity shippers also say that Hunter is ‘too old’ for Luz, given their two year gap, despite people having no problem with ships such as Connverse, which has a similar gap. While agebending can allow fans to make one of the two older or young or simply make them the same age to bridge the age gap.



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Season 2

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Luminter refers to the ship between the two and Amity Blight


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