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Luxsoka is the het ship between Lux Bonteri and Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars fandom.


Heroes on Both Sides

Lux is called down by his mother to help Ahsoka and Padmé with their luggage. Padmé hands it over easily but Ahsoka declines his offer, not trusting him since he's a Seperatist. He doesn't seem fond of the Jedi either.

After a talk with Mina and Padmé, Ahsoka walks outside to where Lux is. He notices her light saber, and tells her that he's confused about what his stance on the Jedi should be. He used to be told they were good, but doesn't know anymore. She asks if she's the first Jedi he's met and he confirms this. She asks him she looks so bad, and he says she doesn't look bad. She rolls her eyes at her response. Boys are the same on both sides. He asks her how many Seperatists she's met, but she's only met military officers. He asks if her if seems so bad.

Ahsoka and Padmé are headed back to Corassaunt. Lux asks her if the Republic will vote for peace. Ahsoka hopes so, since she wouldn't want to meet him on the battle field, for his sake. The two smile at each other and Ahsoka leaves.



While walking away from the meeting point, Ahsoka catches up to Lux and says that it's good to see him again. Lux says that it's good to see her as well, and Ahsoka admits she didn't know that Lux had ties to Onderon. Lux says that it's his home, it was the planet his mother represented. She asks if he's considered joining the republic, but Lux says that if they do get the planet back, he won't fight for the republic. Ahsoka says that what matters now is that they need each other, just like on Carlac. Steela asks what happened on Carlac and Lux explains that Ahsoka is the reason he's with them and not Deathwatch. Steela is surprised, and Ahsoka starts to correct her, but Lux just means that she stopped him from making a huge mistake. He gives the two a nod and then walks away.


Lux leads the group of rebels to a look out to a power generator. He explains that if they take it out, all the droids will run out of power and bring the occupation to a standstill. Ahsoka says that if they carry the plan out by nightfall, then it will maximize the effect. Steela understands, but asks how they're meant to destroy the powerstation. Lux says that they need to do more observation, and Saw decides to go get on of the droids for information.


After going over the plan, Lux asks Ahsoka if she'll be joining them. She says that she can't since she's already been more involved than the council wanted her to be. After they rescue the king, Lux tells Ahsoka that he knew she wouldn't resist a good fight. Ahsoka asks if she's becoming that predictable. Lux says yes, but just to him.


Lux asks if Ahsoka has heard from Anakin, but sadly she hasn't. He says that she has to help them. Ahsoka says she'll do what she can to protect them, but she can't fight the war for them. He turns away from her, disappointed.

Just as Lux is about to fall, Ahsoka is able to catch him wit the force and lift him to safety. She says she'll handle it, and slides down to rescue Steela. When she is shot and looses focus, Steela falls to her death. She looks back to Lux, unsure of what to do. The two then ride down to Steela, and Lux rushes to her side while Ahsoka watches.

At Steela's funeral, Lux tells Ahsoka that Steela would be glad that she helped give Onderan it's freedom. Ahsoka question the cost, and remembers Lux had once said that many lives get caught between the Republic and the Sepratists. Lux knows what he said, but after seeing Ahsoka's heroics and selflessness of the jedi, he believes that the republic might be the right side to be on. Ahsoka asks what he means, and he explains that he's been appointed senator. He will follow his mother, and bring them back to the republic.


Heroes on Both Sides

  • Padmé looks outside and smiles, seeing the Ahsoka and Lux talking.


A War on Two Fronts

  • Lux and Ahsoka share a look over the hologram.
  • Ahsoka watches Lux walk away.
  • Steela tells Ahsoka that Lux speaks highly of her.
  • Ahsoka overhears Saw and Lux's argument.
  • Lux watches Ahsoka's demonstation.
  • Ahsoka tosses Lux a droid popper, and compliments his throw.
  • Ahsoka watches Lux and Steela jealously.
  • Ahsoka attempts to join Lux, but he joins Steela instead.
  • Ahsoka watches Lux try and help Steela.
  • Ahsoka stands by Lux to protect the rebels.
  • Ahsoka yells at Lux for running, but he's just doing what she taught them.
  • Ahsoka sits with Lux at the front of the caravan.
  • Ahsoka compliments Lux's plan.
  • Lux tells the group good luck, and Ahsoka and Steela reply simultaneously.

Front Runners

  • Ahsoka and Lux take out a group of droids.
  • Ahsoka enters the building behind Lux and Steela.
  • Ahsoka asks if he has an idea of what to hit next.
  • Ahsoka watches Lux, Steela and Saw plan.
  • Lux and Ahsoka stand next to each other while waiting for the signal.
  • Lux and Ahsoka ride on the same side of the tank.
  • Ahsoka watches Lux and Steela hug, and looks away.
  • Anakin tells Ahsoka to focus on her purpose there instead of her feelings for Lux.

The Soft War

  • Lux and Ahsoka meet up and light up the holograms.
  • Ahsoka watches Lux walk past her.
  • Lux stares sadly at Ahsoka when she agrees not to rescue Saw.

Tipping Point

  • Ahsoka and Lux return to the rebels on the back of the same animal.
  • Ahsoka looks away as Steela kisses Lux.
  • Ahsoka gives Lux a friendly punch and they ride on the same animal to battle.
  • Lux pulls Ahsoka onto the creature behind him.
  • Lux asks what it will take to get the Republic to help, and Ahsoka explains that they'll need the king on the throne again.
  • Lux hands Ahsoka some of the rocket launchers.
  • Ahsoka notes that Steela leads by example, but Lux says that won't be good if she gets killed.
  • Lux and Ahsoka arrive to help Steela.
  • Lux and Ahsoka nearly avoid the crashing ship.


Shipping between the two began immediately after their first meeting, but wasn't very big. Shipping began to rise after Lux's second appearance, where the two go undercover as a couple. After Season Five of The Clone Wars fics popped up depicting them reuniting after Ahsoka left the jedi council.

Once Ahsoka appeared in Rebels, fans immediately began to theorize that other Clone Wars characters may appear, including Lux. Some also thought that if he did appear he would be Ahsoka's husband. The theory was fueled when someone edited the Rebels Wikipedia page to say that Lux would appear, and would be Ahsoka's husband. Lux never did appear in the series.

On AO3, Luxsoka is the most written ship for Lux.



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