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Luzanne is the femslash between Luz Noceda and Anne Boonchuy from The Owl House and Amphibia fandoms.


Luz and Anne have not met in canon as the girls are from two separate Disney animated shows, The Owl House and Amphibia. Even though both shows are of a young teenage girl who ends up in another world that is filled with magic and adventure beside her new friends and surrogate family who take the young human child in.

While not technically canon, the 2021 online Comic-Con has the creators and cast of The Owl House and Amphibia narrate and voice over a table read a crossover panel of Luz and Eda traveling to Amphibia and meet Anne and the Plantars [1]. Luz was trying to open a doorway to her home world but it goes wrong and becomes unstable as it takes them to Amphibia, while Anne and the Plantar family run into the two when they are running away from danger. Luz and Anne were so happy to see another human from being away from home for so long as they looked at one another with awe after Anne helped Luz back up, from running into her and landing on top of her. Luz comments on how impressed she is of Anne walking around with only one shoe after she introduces herself, while Anne tells Luz that it got some getting used to before she introduces herself. Luz felt that she and Anne had a lot in common, just as Anne felt that she and Luz would becomes besties. When the Badger Battle that cashed after Anne and the Plantars catches up to them, Luz casts a plant spell to hold the creature down before Anne and the Plantar siblings charge in to attack and chase the large Badger Battle away. Anne become impressed with Luz's magic and asks her if she is a magician, Luz explains that she is a witch in training but is originally from the human world. After Luz tells Anne that she is currently searching for an away home, Anne asks her if she too has ended up in a world that is similar to Amphibia, while Luz begins to describe the Boiling Isles to Anne. This gets Anne to clasp Luz's hands as she begins to ask her some of her many questions: how she is coping, does she too miss her parents and how is the food on her end. Luz also has a lot of questions for Anne: where did she learn how to fight the way she did, does she too have a found-family and is fighting a horrifying authority figure as well. This gets Anne to ask Hop Pop if Luz can come over to the Plantar house for a sleep over, and much as Luz would like that the unstable gateway they used to cross into Amphibia has begun to slowly close. Leaving Luz and Eda little choice but to return to the Boiling Isles, Luz apologises to Anne before she makes her way to it. Anne tries to get Luz to stay as they clasp hands again while trying to tear up. Luz tells Anne they'll have that sleep over in another life, Anne asks her if that other life is an alternate universe, to which Luz nods to. Before Eda pulls Luz through the portal, Anne tells her new friend to never give up and has faith that the two of them will find away home. Luz tells Anne that "she's got that right", for her to take care and that she loves Anne's messy hair. After the portal closes Anne reflects on how there is another human girl who is far from home in another world like her, and Sprig says that the two human girls are like two kindred souls. While on Luz's end in the Boiling Isles, she was upset that she didn't get the chance to spend a lot more time with the other human girl and didn't get the chance to at least get a memento to remember Anne by. Eda, however, had stolen Hop Pop's wallet and Luz wanted to reopen the portal to return it, but Eda gets Luz to leave that for another day.

Aside from the special treat table read during the online Comic-Con event, Luz and Anne do indeed have a few things in common when it comes to their times in the worlds they ended up in. Each day the girls learn new things about Amphibia and the Boiling Isles and how different they are to Earth, along with taking part in their special events. Even though some of its plants and animals have tried to eat the two more than once. They were luck to find a surrogate family who helped the girls survive their worlds and gave them a place to stay in their homes, while they shared things about Earth with them, but they still miss their mothers and wonder when they'll be able to go home. As Anne didn't know how to make the Calamity Box work, while Luz was forced to destroy Eda's magical door to the human realm to ensure that Belos couldn't use it. Anne goes through something similar when she learns King Andrias' true plans for the music box and her home world. A bit similar to how Luz's time on the isles has her learning how to do magic, Anne gains powers from the connection she has with the Calamity Box's blue heart gem and there here sighs of these powers long before the events of "True Colors"; just as Eda has noticed that only someone with powerful magic can animate a house while she was looking at Luz and her young friends.

Just as the two have made friends in the magical worlds, they have also made a few enemies. Some of those enemies were people they trusted before they betrayed them, but they were able to patch things up with some of the people who tricked them for their own gain. When a few of those villains force the two into a corner, they pick the safety of their friends and found family over their own needs. As well as them doing what they can to help those who are in need of their help. Those times and the other dangers that the two have found themselves in have led to them becoming braver and stronger than they were before. While Luz has met many weird witches and people on the Boiling Isles, Anne is aquainted by a weird frog girl who is a student of the magic arts. Anne was temporally cursed and became a humanoid bird before Maddie Flour helped to cure her and Sprig, while Luz has helped Eda with keeping her owl-beast curse at bay as well as looking for a way to cure her surrogate mother. Parts of Anne's friendship with Sprig can even be compared to Luz's friendship with King.


After fans learned how similar The Owl House and Amphibia are through Luz and Anne, they began to draw and write about the two girls meeting and becoming friends. They also have them hanging out with one another by shipping Lumity beside Sashanne. Just as there are theories that the two cartoons might be possibly connected to Gravity Falls, there are also fans who believe that Owl House and Amphibia may also be linked to one another; since a few Amphibia cameos and Easter eggs were seen in the second season of The Owl House.

The table read crossover panel of The Owl House and Amphibia inspired fans to draw an animation to go with the audio of Luz and Anne meeting. As the two girls are one of the reasons why a group of fans want a crossover between the two Disney channel cartoons.

On, the ship has 6 fanfics in its crossover category of The Owl House and Amphibia. While both Tumblr and Deviantart has a lot of drawings and posts on Luz and Anne together as friends. Most of the fanwork on the two includes Star Butterfly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls, Tulip Olsen from Infinity Train, Molly McGee from The Ghost and Molly McGee and a few other young teenage cartoon characters that fans see both Luz and Anne befriending.



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  • The color scheme of Anne's pet cat is a bit similar to King's, who has a dog-like appearance and is sometimes viewed as a pet.
  • Anne has a pet cat, while Luz has a cat eared hoodie.



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