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Luzblights is the poly ship between Luz Noceda, Emira Blight and Edric Blight from The Owl House fandom.


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Back in the human realm Luz didn't have any friends or gets to hang out with cool older kids, that is why she was flattered to be approached by the Blight Twins, Edric and Emira who are the older siblings of Amity Blight when Luz wanted to befriend their sister. Luz enjoyed helping the twins create chaos in the liberty and agreed to join them there again during the night of the wailing star. The three had fun uncovering the life bringing magic that the star fills the liberty's books with every time they are opened. After the twins share a twisted trick they learned and how it affects the book characters they altered, Luz begins to have second thoughts about the Twins, specially after they tell Luz the true reason for their midnight trip to the liberty. Emira and Edric have grown tired of Amity telling on them whenever she can and want to get back at their sister by exposing the secrets Amity placed in her hidden dairies. Even though Amity haven't been nice to her either, Luz's kind nature has her not wanting to help the twins in their task and had tried to hide the fact that she had found Amity's diaries. Emira and Edric did invite Luz to join them in more mischief making, but because of what happened with Amity when she caught the three she turns them down. Realising that they aren't the cool older kids she thought they were.

Luz runs into the twins again when she was on her way to see Amity in "Adventures in the Elements." Due to how their actions placed both her and Amity in danger, she was a bit weary of the Twins until Amity explains that her older siblings felt terrible for what they did and are making up for it by becoming over protective with their little sister. Seeing the twins teasing Amity while telling her that they are sorry helps Luz to feel comfortable with them again. She runs into the twins again at the Titan's knee to learn a second spell, while the twins help Amity learn a fire spell. Her desperation to learn a second spell leads to the twins getting captured by a slighter beast beside Eda, luckily Luz was able to learn her second spell before she joins Amity in her mission to save the twins. After they were saved and over hear Lu and Amity talking about starting a secret book club, the twins state that they'll tell everyone about it.

After Luz takes Amity's place as the Groom Queen in "Enchanting Grom Fright," the Twins use their illusion magic to help train Luz to fight her fears for when she faces the Groom. Along with the two sharing their worse fears as they try to help Luz unlock her own worse fear knowing that the Grom will try to get the better of her. As Luz learns that Edric has fears of being alone, while Emira fears of forever being stuck with her brother. Once they lucked another one of Luz's strongest fears, the twins smile as they create an illusion of a disapproving Eda. Even though the twins had dates when they when to the Groom while Luz didn't get herself one, both Edric and Emira end up getting stood up while Luz has a magical night with her friends and the Twins' little sister.

While Luz doesn't run into the twins during the events of "Escaping Expulsion", Emira and Edric were aware that Luz ended up becoming the new demonstrator for the Abominations their parents created and wanted to sell at their second pitch. Knowing that their mother won't go easy on Luz and that Amity, Willow and Gus wish to save her, the twins give the three a hand in their saving Luz mission by giving them cloaks so they can get into the building unnoticed. Even though they were happy to led Luz's recuse party a hand, the twins didn't want their mother to know that they helped them, along with the twins not helping themselves when it comes to pranks.

Similar to their first meeting in "Lost in Language", "Through the Looking Glass Ruins" has Luz running into the twins at the library. The two don't spend much time with Luz as they knew that Luz was there to see Amity, and decide to leave Luz in the care of their sister. Edric and Emira have noticed how much happier their sister has been since she befriended Luz, and they are glad that Luz has been able to help their sister find joy. When Luz later went to visit Amity to reassure her that she got Amity back her job at the liberty, Luz notices the twins and says hi to them before a look from Amity sent them away. Even though that didn't stop the twins from watching the two girls the balcony of the Blight manor, as Edric says "so moss sister" after he and Emira see Amity kiss Luz for the first time.


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The ship became more popular since Luz blushed at both Edric and Emira in "Adventures in the Elements." Many tend to ship Luzblights as a vee relationship instead of a triad as they don’t want to ship Edric and Emira together since they are siblings. Even though a few have poly shipped the three, the twins being older than Luz and the fact that she is dating their younger sister has another group of fans ship the three as friends.

The three being students at a magic learning school and the way Luz is friends with the Blight Children has a few fans comparing the three to Harry Potter and the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. Since Harry spends with the Weasley twins and fell in love with their sister while being friends with their younger brother, just as Luz is friends with the Blight twins and is very close with their sister.

On AO3, the ship has 9+ poly works and 15+ gen works. While has 16+ works of Luz with the twins, most of those fanfics include Amity due to the connection she has with the three and her being the one who drew the twins to Luz without meaning to.



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  • There have been hidden indicating signs that Emira and Edric are aware that Amity fancies Luz, from how they tend to tease Amity in front of Luz.


Blight Twins refers to the ship between Edric and Emira
Ludric refers to the ship between Luz and Edric
Luzmira refers to the ship between Luz and Emira


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