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Luz: I love you, Eda...
Eda: I love you too, kiddo.”
— Luz and Eda "saying goodbye" to each other, episode 19

Luzeda is the family ship between Luz Noceda and Eda Clawthorne from The Owl House fandom.


Season One

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Eda has a magical gateway to the human realm that she uses to obtain items for the human item stole, and that is how Luz Noceda finds herself on the Boiling Isles when she allowed Eda's owl palisman to get her book back. At first Luz was weary of the woman she mistook for a human because of the creepy inhabitants of the demon realm, but Eda shows kindness towards Luz and likes the way that she helps her to sell one of her human realm items and then shows Luz her pointy witch ears. Because Luz was seen with Eda the Warden Wrath's guards try to arrest her to socializing with a wanted criminal, but Eda manages to spirit Luz to the safety of the Owl House where she meets Eda's roommate, King. Eda promises to send Luz human if she helps her and King to get his "crown of Power" back from Warden Wrath, as only a human can get past the barrier that only a human can get through, knowing that she doesn't have much of a choice Luz agrees to Eda's deal. After Luz got the paper make crown Eda explains that outcasts like her and King need to stick together, Luz takes Eda's words to heart when she decides to save Eda and King from the Warden instead of going home like Eda tells her to in order to keep her safe from Wrath. To thank Luz for helping them she keeps her end of the deal by letting Luz return back home, but the young decides to stay with Eda a bit longer in hopes of becoming a witch like her fictional heroin. Eda agrees to let Luz stay in the Owl House and to teach her magic.

Luz soon learns that Eda has a lot of enemies than just the Warden and his guards, as a Puppeteer demon targets Luz to get to the Owl Lady when he learns that she is Eda's student. The first part of events in "Witches Before Wizards" had Luz believing that the Boiling Isles and Eda's teaching would be like the things in her Azura books, but Eda has Luz work for her to earn her keep and to ensure that Luz is kept safe on her deliveries, she has King keep an eye on her. Luz didn't like the way the Eda laughed at the wizard's words of Luz being a chosen one and that the staff he told her of isn't real. By the time Eda overs the trap that the Puppeteer is setting for the Owl Lady through her student, Luz gets wrapped up in the sweet fantasy that the demon created until he reveals himself and his reason for tricking Luz. Along with telling her that Eda has a long list of people who dislike her. Despite knowing the trap that awaits her, Eda chose to save Luz and offers herself to the demon in hopes of saving Luz from him. After the Puppeteer is defeated, Eda cheers Luz up by showing her the view of their home demon realm, that appears to be beauty in the setting sun.

Eda wasn't aware that her way of teaching Luz has her student questioning her the advice and lessons that the Owl Lady gives her, while Eda combines one of her lesson with garbage collecting and gives Luz a slim ball as part of their lesson. Along with telling Luz to not attend a witch school, as she never finished school and hates the rule following forces on the students. After Luz leaves Eda to collect the items from the large slug, King talks to Eda about Luz and the witch's idea of teaching will lead to her losing Luz as her apprentice, before the two make a wager to see which one of them would make the teacher to Luz. When Eda found Luz in Hexside School of Magic and Demonics she becomes upset and allows King to become the winner after seeing him succeeding in training the Trash Slug. Not long after Eda saves King from the large slug, Luz comes running back to the Owl House and tells Eda that she was right about the slim ball as it played a key role in saving her at the school, while Eda is happy to learn Luz has got herself band from the said school and gets her own wanted type of poster. While acting like a proud mother as she looks at the poster and says "Baby's first wanted poster". As for Luz she begins to truly appreciate Eda as her mentor, while Eda places the poster in the Owl House like a framed phot or painting.

In "The Intruder", Luz gets Eda to give her a lesson even though the Owl Lady is spent from the barrier spell she created to shield the Owl House from the boiling rain. During their lesson Eda tells Luz that witch's hearts have a sack that allows them to preform magic, along with there being an old way of doing magic but doesn't know what it is. Before Eda collapses from exhaustion Luz records a video of Eda showing her how to do a light spell. Luz's mission to solve her problem of not having a icky sack attached to her heart, King steals the elixir he has seen Eda drink when she is weak, while having no idea that the said elixir is what Eda uses to keep her curse at bay. The two learn this sometime after they noticed that a monster is in the house, before they learn that it is Eda after Luz's dropped phone takes a picture of her. The flash from the phone gives them an idea on how they can stop beast Eda, but Luz wasn't sure on how they have get the bright light they need as the camera on her phone is broken and didn't have any idea on how to do the light spell that Eda shows her earlier. This gets Luz to watch her earlier recording of Eda doing the said spell and realises that there is a pattern in the center of the spell circle, Luz drawing it on a leaf leads to her casting her first spell. Remembering Eda telling her that the strength of the spell depends on the size of the circus gives Luz the idea to lure Eda into the room that has the large light glyph. After Eda is given some of the elixir and is reverted back to normal, she sees Luz drawing the glyph to summon the light spell as small light orbs fill Eda's room. The Owl Lady then informs Luz and King of her curse and the elixirs helps her to keep it at bay. Since then Luz helps Eda with curse by making sure that they have enough elixir.

Season Two

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Luz keeps her promise of teaching Eda glyph magic, while knowing that Eda is in a hurry to do magic again.

When it was time for young witches to get their own palismans and staffs in "Hunting Palisman", Eda could see that Luz is exited about it and accompanies her to the event, as she knows that Luz has been waiting to get her own staff ever since she first began to teach Luz about the magic in her world. After Luz becomes the only one to not match up with any of the palismans and begins to wonder if she belongs to the Boiling Isles at all, Eda sees how upset Luz is about it and after she and King over hear Luz talking to herself about her doubting thoughts and feelings on the matter, she comes up with the idea to cheer Luz up by getting her student palisman wood so she can make her own palisman, like Eda did with Owlbert. Luz becomes aware of this when Eda and King come up to her a messy state of mug and leaves while telling her that they stole the wood for her. The love Eda and King have for Luz and wanting to make her happy is worth the trouble they went through off screen. Eda also gives Luz her support and agrees to let her young human student take her time before she begins to carve her own palisman from the wood. As for Luz, she is grateful to have Eda as one of the wonderful friends she has made on the Boiling Isles.


Fans love the mother and daughter that Eda and Luz form with one another in the The Owl House series, as Eda and Luz serve as the matriarch and heart of the Owl House Family. Their family-like bond is also one of the main reasons that fans have shipped Eda with Camila Noceda, so Luz can with her real human mother and her surrogate witch mother. As a few Camileda fanart has the two women raising Luz together as a couple and family. Along with some of the AU's in the fandom have Eda finding Luz as a baby decides to raise the human infant as her own, like she did with King.

Their shared moment in "Hunting Palisman" touched fans when Eda and King got Luz Palisman wood so she can make her own Palisman, like did Eda before her. That is why fans saw it as fitting that Luz should follow in Eda's Palisman obtaining footsteps. While waiting with excitement to see what Luz's Palisman would turn out to be and if it'll end up being an owl like Eda's Palisman, Owlbert.

On AO3, the familyship has over 529 fanfics.



Eda & Luz tag on AO3


  • The show's first season opening and ending has Luz making her way to Eda.
  • On the cover of Luz's favourite book in "A Lying Witch and a Warden", there is an elder woman wears a red piece of clothing like Eda.


Ledaking refers to the ship between Luz Noceda, Eda Clawthorne, and King
Owl House Family refers to the familyship between Luz Noceda, Eda Clawthorne, King, Hooty and Owlbert


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