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Luzking is the friendship ship between Luz Noceda and King Clawthorne from The Owl House fandom.


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The moment Luz saw King she was taken in by his adorable appearance and hugs him while talking to him in baby talk. King on the other hand hates being treated like a baby or a dress up doll and that is why he wasn't so fond of the young human Eda brought back home. Before they met King had lost his crown of power and only a human can help them get it back. So after Eda tells Luz that King was once a powerful demon until he lost his crown and it caused his form to change to what it is now, they enlist Luz in their task to get it back with the promise of returning her home afterwards. When Luz realized that King's crown of power is a paper crown that someone can get at a human restraint she felt used until she learns how important it is to King from Eda. Luz's time with King and Eda has told her that is it alright to be a weirdo and that they need to stick together. Since King's precious crown was destroyed by the warden before they made their escape, Luz gives him a re-placement crown to cheer him up and when she was about to leave King makes a sad face. In the end Luz decides to stay with him and Eda so she can become a witch and her true self. King gets Eda to let Luz stay by telling her that the human can make them snacks and once he saw how soft her sleeping bag is Luz lets him sleep with her.

The next day in "Witches Before Wizards", Luz's job of yesterday's events not being a dream gets her to hug King, while he doesn't want her to give him baby kisses. Since Luz doesn't know the Boiling Isles like they do, Eda has King keep Luz company and out of trouble when she sends them to sell her elixirs. When they had one more elixir package to drop off, Luz confines in King about the Boiling Isles not being the magical world she has dreamed again and after they met a wizard who can give Luz the magical experience she was expecting King laughs at her for believing the wizard's claim about Luz being destined for something great. King soon learns that the wizard was a Puppetmaster demon who has drawn Luz into a trap and goes to save her with Eda. Even though Luz was able to defeat the demon and reunited with King and Eda, she still felt down about the fact that the creepy magical world is still nothing like her book, so to cheer her up King and Eda show Luz a high up view of the isles.

At the beginning of "The Intruder" Luz records a video of King fighting the ducky sock before he tries to give Luz a intrusion on demons like him, but Luz wasn't taking it seriously and is mainly focused on her magic training and this hurts King. Since he has started to warm up to Luz and wants to be her friend from having so little of them, along King wanting someone to take him seriously. After Luz got hurt from being through back into the safety of the Owl House when it started to boiling rain, King places a plaster on Luz's scratch before placing one on his face to make them "Boo Boo Buddies" and she fell in love with their buddy name. As Luz gets Eda to give her a quick magic lesson continues, King ties to attempt Luz to let him teach her about demons and after Eda collapses King stops Luz from running into the boiling rain for help. Once Luz explains her reason why from being a nobody back home and promises that she'll listen to King if he helps her with the light spell, he volunteers get the elixir that he has seen Eda drink in secret whenever she feels drained and thinks that it could help Luz. Before Luz could drink it however, she drops the bottle and the two then discover an intruder that King believes is one of the demon he has tries to tell Luz about before they got after it. In the chaos when King goes to get his books on their target, he gets separated from Luz and when he saw her shoe he feared that she was gobbled up. Until he finds Luz who had went to check on Eda and lost her shoe, and was glad to see that King has found it. The two then learn that the intruder demon was Eda who has been transformed into a beast because they had taken the elixir that keeps it at bay. With some encouragement from King Luz finds away to preform the light spell and they use this discovery to help Eda. Who later comes clean about her curse. Since then Luz and King make sure that Eda does take her elixir.

When Amity crushed King's cupcake in "Covention" and Luz didn't appreciate the way Amity treated her small friend, she challenges Amity to a witch's duel in order to make Amity apologies to King. Wanting his snack to be avenged he tells Luz to go on with the duel. As King watches the duel and sees someone cheering on Amity, he gets angry as he tells them to cheer for Luz or else. After King fell into one of the traps Eda set to help Luz, the young human helps King out of the spikes and promises him they he'll get more offerings before she goes after Amity. In the end King tells Luz that he doesn't want any offering for himself and has decided to give one to her, at first Luz thought that King meant love but it turns out to be a bag that he can fit into while Luz carries it to serve as his chariot.

In "Once Upon a Swap" after Luz tells King a few things about teenagers and how difficult their own lives are, King swaps bodies with Luz while she gets placed in Eda's and the later has King's to settle the matter. Believing that humans can shoot out acid King felt that he will enjoy being Luz, and after having some fun with the upsides of teenage life he soon discovers the downsides of being Luz. Who later comes to his and Eda's rescue. Before they swap back Luz asks King what he got her body into before they make their way back home. Even though Luz suggests that they call can clean Hooty and the rest of the house together, he and Eda leave it all to her.

When Luz goes to the park in "Escape of the Palisman", she sees King trying to make the climbing frame his new castle and having some trouble with a kid he sees as a torrent. After they went home it was time for Luz to head back out again and hugs King while commenting his revenge plans before she leaves. Since Luz her ride and King has plans to use beast Eda that he doesn't want Luz to know about, he gets her to leave by saying that Eda wouldn't mind her borrowing the Owl Staff. Both Luz and King's plans didn't turned as they wanted to and were left to fix them before returning home, while keeping today's events a secret from a tired Eda.


The Intruder

  • Luz calls King a "prince" before he corrects her on his given title.


While King is Eda's sidekick, there have been times when he does serve as Luz's partner in crime and King's pet-like form has fans ship them as friends than lovers. Even though there have been fans who have drawn King as a humanoid-like person from the Boiling Isles. While them being the children of the Owl House Family has them view the two as siblings, as Luz has mentioned how she sees King as a brother. After "Agony of a Witch" aired it inspired fans to draw King conferting Luz with Hooty. In Pokémon AU's, Luz is commonly partnered up with a Cubone or Marowak to serve as King's Pokémon counterpart. Because of the similarities between The Owl House and Amphibia, some fans like to view King as Luz's Sprig and that is why both Luz and King are sometimes featured beside Anna and Sprig in crossover works of their two Disney Channel shows.

On AO3, the friendship has 69 fanfics.



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  • The show's first season opening and ending has Luz making her way to King.
  • On the cover of Luz's favourite book in "A Lying Witch and a Warden", there is a little dog-like creature that looks a bit like King.
  • Both Luz and King enjoy drawing and a few of the short Owl House clips has Luz teaching King how to do so.
  • Luz reveals in "Sense and Insensitivity" that she sees King as a brother.
  • Most of the show's production artwork is of Luz with King.



Fan Art


Owl House Family refers to the familyship between Luz Noceda, King, Eda Clawthorne, Hooty and Owlbert
Ledaking refers to the ship between Luz, King and Eda Clawthorne


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