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Maang is the het ship between Aang and Meng in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Aang first met Meng during his visit to Makapu Village. She was working as the assistant of the fortuneteller Aunt Wu and was serving snacks for Team Avatar while they were waiting. Meng was smitten with Aang as soon as she set eyes on him. Aang, however, was rather oblivious. Meng introduced herself and pretended to almost drop the snack tray so that Aang would help her and touch her hand.

Meng was desperate for Aang's attention and kept trying to drop hints to Aang about her feelings for him. Aang, however, had his eyes on Katara. When Aunt Wu was getting ready to do her cloud reading, Meng commented to Aang that one cloud looked like a flower. Aang later asked for advice on flirting and he assumed that he was referring to Meng and told Aang that she liked him too. He advised Aang to act aloof and did so unintentionally when Meng approached him, prompting Sokka to comment that he is good.

Meng later confronted Aang and asked her if he did not like her. Aang said that he did like her until he realized that she meant it romantically then said the he does not feel the same way. However, Aang tried to cheer up Meng and told her that she would meet a guy one day. Meng revealed that she noticed Aang's crush on Katara and said that she is pretty. She then gave Aang the book that he was looking for and admitted that she had been stalking him. When Team Avatar left, Meng waved goodbye and quietly called Katara a floozy.


Maang has a mild amount popularity within the Avatar fandom. Many fans ship it along with Zutara because it solves the problem of Aang having a love interest and Meng already had a crush on Aang. Since Meng has the same eventual voice actress as Toph, some see a connection between the two characters. This ship was more popular earlier in the show but still has some shippers today. It commonly rivals the Kataang ship.



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  • Meng's voice actress, Jessie Flower, later moved on to voice Toph. Some fans make a connection between the two characters as well as the Maang and Taang ships.


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