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“Cookies. A pin. I am getting all kinds of gifts today. Madge gives me one more. A kiss on the cheek. Then she's gone and I am left thinking that maybe Madge really has been my friend all along.”
— Katniss on parting with Madge, The Hunger Games.

Madniss is the femslash ship between Madge Undersee and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games fandom.


Madge and Katniss were in the same grade in school. They were often paired together due to having no one else and sat together during lunch. Katniss states that most people would "expect [Madge] to be a snob, but she's alright," implying that Katniss respected her.

When Madge makes her first appearance in the series, she answers the back door of her house to buy strawberries from Katniss and Gale. She wishes Katniss luck, and the pleasantry is returned. Later, after the reaping, Madge visits Katniss in the Justice Building, and gives her the mockingjay pin, and a kiss on the cheek.

In Catching Fire, they become close friends; Madge and Katniss begin to spend more time together. Madge begins to teach Katniss how to play the piano, while Katniss takes her across the district boundary into the forest, where she teaches Madge to hunt. Katniss visits Madge in her house before she leaves for the Victory Tour.

Madge dies when District 12 is bombed and Katniss shows deep sadness over her death.


Femslash ships within the Hunger Games fandom are not as prevalent as it's het and occasional slash ships. Madniss has a small following. It's considered a rare pair.



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