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“Whoa! [gasp] Whoa! Oh my goodness, you are so beautiful! It is my honor to meet you, princess.”
— Matt, Black Site.

Mallura is the het ship between Matt and Allura from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 4

In "Black Site," Pidge brings Matt to the Castle of Lions and introduces him to the rest of Team Voltron (minus Keith). The second his eyes land on Allura, he has an instant crush. The scene shifts to his point of view where he sees Allura through rose-tinted vision, surrounded by flowers in the shape of a heart. He says that she is beautiful and that it's an honor to meet her. Unfortunately for Matt, his comedic flirting is interrupted by Lance's jealous glare. Allura simply declares that it's wonderful to finally meet Matt after hearing Pidge talk about him for so long.


Black Site

  • In a later episode, Matt is seen blushing and waving in Allura's direction.


There was a small following for Mallura before season four, but the ship was still very obscure and considered a rare-pair. It became more popular after Matt appeared in the show and fell for Allura, but was still not as common as other ships for the two such as Shatt or Shallura.



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Shalluratt refers to the ship between Shiro, Matt and Allura


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