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MamoUsa is the het ship between Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba from the Sailor Moon fandom.



At some point in the distant past, during the Silver Millennium, Princess Serenity of the Moon and Prince Endymion of the Earth fell in love. So much so that the Princess would set up distractions so she could sneak off to Earth to see the Prince. An alien species invaded the Earth, turning the residents evil, except Prince Endymion. The Earth dwellers raged war on the Moon, and Endymion tried to save his people, but it was too late and he was killed by them. Grieved by his death, Princess Serenity committed suicide.

Dark Kingdom Arc

They are reborn in the 20th century as Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. They don't get along as civilians, but Sailor Moon becomes absolutely smitten with Tuxedo Mask, who frequently helps when she fights an enemy. Tuxedo Mask then reaches out to the news press to help him find the Silver Crystal, so they put out an article. The Dark Kingdom takes advantage of this, and puts out brainwashing waves so people will search for the Crystal. Usagi falls under the spell, and while walking outside, falls unconscious. Mamoru wakes her up by holding her wrist, and apologizes that his actions led to this. He knows she's Sailor Moon, and tells her to transform because she's the only one who can save the city. After healing everyone with the Moon Stick, she falls unconscious again, so Mamoru carries her to his apartment.

She wakes up, and makes the connection that he is Tuxedo Mask. Mamoru explains his actions with his past, then Usagi goes to leave. From there on, they start calling each other "Usako" and "Mamo-chan".

Kunzite attacks the city, causing a blackout, so the Senshi go to investigate at the top of Tokyo Tower. Kunzite absorbs the energy from their attacks, then fires it at Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask takes the blast for her, and begins to regain his memories. Sailor Moon awakens as the Moon Princess and all their memories during the Silver Millennium are revived. Her tears become the Legendary Silver Crystal, and part of it enters Tuxedo Mask's body. Kunzite then captures Tuxedo Mask and disappears. After that incident, Usagi frequently wakes up from nightmares of him with tears in her eyes.

Mamoru later returns, brainwashed as a servant of the Dark Kingdom. He also brainwashes Motoki into thinking he is his friend Endo. Usagi gets knocked over by Endo in the street. Though she only sees his back, she notes that he looks just like Mamoru. Then Usagi and her friends go to Ami's to discuss their next actions, but Usagi falls asleep. She wakes up feeling sad, and wants to go play the Sailor V game. She sneaks out unnoticed and feels like she's being drawn to the game center. There, she meets Endo, shich from his introduction Usagi deduces isn't Mamoru, but she still thinks everything about him is like Mamoru. Endo tries to pry information about Sailor V, Sailor Moon and the underground command center, but eventually Usagi just runs away.

Makoto attempts to confront Endo, but falls under his brainwashing and calls everyone to the command center. Tuxedo Mask then appears and attacks the command centre. He also steals the Legendary Silver Crystal, but Usagi can't comprehend fighting against Tuxedo Mask. It takes Luna getting gravely injured for Usagi to decide to transform. She makes to use the Moon Stick against Tuxedo Mask, but the Queen Beryl appears next to him. Venus manages to kill Beryl there, but falls unconscious. Tuxedo Mask picks her up, and Sailor Moon chases after them.

After being battered by Tuxedo Mask, she feels she can't bear to see Mamoru act like this anymore, and stabs herself with Venus's sword. The Silver Crystal forms a casing around them, which is absorbed by Metalia. Usagi awakens to find that the sword caught on Mamoru's pocket watch. Tuxedo Mask gives Sailor Moon more strength, and she seals Metalia away. Luna asks Usagi to come the moon, so Mamoru and Usagi combine their power to travel there. Usagi is given a new brooch that will give her more power. She transforms and uses "Moon Healing Escalation" to turn the Earth completely back to normal.

Black Moon Arc

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After school, Usagi meets with Mamoru. She gives him back his pocket watch, which she had restored. The two kiss, when some child falls from the sky and knocks Usagi away. She is enraged and wants to know who that is clinging onto her Mamo-chan. After scaring them with a toy gun and demanding for the Legendary Silver Crystal, the child, nicknamed Chibiusa, runs away. Chibiusa brainwashes Usagi's family and stays at their house. Over the course of the arc, Usagi gets into fights with Mamoru over Chibiusa.

Infinity Arc

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Dream Arc

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Stars Arc

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The arc opens with Usagi and Mamoru kissing outside during a meteor shower. Usagi wishes that Mamoru will stay by her side forever.

The next day after school, Usagi goes to the airport to see Mamoru off, who is going to America to study. Usagi can't help but cry, and apologies for not smiling. Mamoru promises to write and call her while he's gone, and even visit once in a while. Mamoru gives Usagi a small box. Inside is a ring with a heart-shaped feature stone. Mamoru puts it on her left ring finger, and the two kiss. Then, there is a great blast of light from Mamoru's chest, and he starts to dissolve. His Golden crystal appears and transforms into a triangular crystal, and he completely dissappears. A mysterious woman appears and steals the crystal, and Usagi faints.

The next morning, Minako asks how it went with Mamoru, and the others are shocked at seeing her sport a ring. Usagi responds with melancholy that everything went fine.

Usagi has a happy dream of her and Mamoru, but it ends with Mamoru's hand melting in hers. She checks her mailbox, and is bothered that Mamoru hasn't called or sent her anything yet. The next day, however, she recieves airmail that is a just a picture of an orange sunset. She's a little upset that he didn't write anything but she's still happy.

Whenever she thinks about Mamoru or tries to talk about him, she gets an insane headache.

She recieves another piece of air mail, this time just a picture of a star field.

Eventually Eternal Sailor Moon travels to Sagittarius Zero Star to confront Galactica. There, an evil version of Tuxedo Mask fights againts her.

90's Anime

At some point in the distant past, Princess Serenity of the Moon and Prince Endymion of the Earth fell in love. One day, the prince visited the princess to warn her of the Earth's plans to go to war with the Moon. Later, the Earth people attacked the Moon. Endymion tried to protect Serenity, but both were killed.

Season 1

Using the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, they were sent into the 20th century and reborn as Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. At first they don't get along well at all, and often bicker with each other, sometimes downright insulting each other.

Mamoru takes on the identity of Tuxedo Mask to look for the Silver Crystal for keys to his past since he lost his memories in a car crash. Usagi is awakened by Luna as Sailor Moon to fight the Dark Kingdom. Zoisite challenges Mamoru to a duel to see who gets to keep all the Rainbow Crystals. Usagi chases after Mamoru because she is worried he's hurt from a previous battle, and ends up getting involved. Zoisite cheats and stabs Mamoru from behind, and causes the building to start collapsing on them. The two run into an elevator, but Zoisite lights a fire from above. Usagi knows that unless she transforms, they'll die, but then Mamoru will know she's Sailor Moon. She decides to transform in front of Mamoru and escapes danger.

As time goes on, Usagi learns she is the princess. Mamoru is captured and brainwashed into evil by Queen Beryl who rules the Dark Kingdom. Usagi misses him greatly and frequently has nightmares about it. She often listens to his music box when she needs cheering up. Eventually, Sailor Moon and the Senshi confront the Dark Kingdom at D-Point. Sailor Moon finally heals him back to normal with the Moon Stick. Mamoru gets attacked by Queen Beryl and dies. Sailor Moon goes on to defeat Beryl, but also dies. However, by miracles, they return to their previous life, but with no memories of their adventures.

Season 2

Usagi's memories are returned by Luna and is upset that Mamoru does not remember her. Usagi tries to act all buddy-buddy with him in hopes that she may trigger something, which is really weird for Mamoru because Usagi never acted that way with him before. Usagi also fights for Mamoru's affection against An, a new student who also likes him. The part of Mamoru that is his devotion to protect Sailor Moon splits off from him to become a separate entity, the Moonlight Knight, who comes to the aid of Sailor Moon when in need. In their last battle with the Makaiju, the Moonlight Knight is defeated and returns to Mamoru causing his memories to come back.

At the beginning of the Black Moon Arc, Mamoru starts having nightmares and visions that if he stays with Usagi she would die. His visions are usually correct, so he was petrified of losing Usagi. Because of this breaks up with her, but stills aids her in battle as Tuxedo Mask. They both become depressed and Usagi even suspected that Chibiusa was the cause of the breakup. Usagi continually tries to get Mamoru to explain why he's being cold to her, but he won't answer. Her friends try to give her advice multiple times. Even with Usagi's perseverance, she still isn't able to mend the relationship.

It gets to a point where Usagi is so depressed that she gorges on food in the middle of the night. Luna tells her to stop because it's unhealthy, but Usagi doesn't care that's she'll get fat. An enemy sent by Black Moon attacks Usagi, putting her to sleep in a nightmare forever. In her dream, she's a tiny child riding down a twisting, turning, bumpy road to get to Mamoru. Luna realizes that the only way to wake her up is for Mamoru to ease Usagi's heart. Luna gets Mamoru to kiss Usagi, and she wakes up. Usagi is delighted because that means Mamoru truly loves her. But he still acts distant to her for fear of putting her in danger.

One night, Usagi has the same dream that caused Mamoru to break up with her. Usagi wakes up and shock, and looks over at her picture of her and Mamoru. She sees the glass crack, like Mamoru did with his photogrpah of the two. She goes to talk to Mamoru about her dream. They work out why Mamoru decided to break up with her, but Mamoru still is worried for her and doesn't want to get back together. That night, a droid from Black Moon appears and the Sailor Senshi appear to defeat it. Tuxedo Mask comes and helps too. Afterwards, Tuxedo Mask bounds off. All Usagi's friends then tell to her to go chase after Tuxedo Mask right now. Usagi catches up to Mamoru. The two are happy to see each other, and hug. Then they kiss in the moonlight and are back on good terms.

Eventually, Chibiusa decides that she's ready to return to the future, along with the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask. While there, they meet the 30th century version of Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion, who was also the one who made Mamoru have the nightmares about losing Usagi. He tells Usagi that she is going to be the 30th century's ruler, Queen Serenity. He goes on to say that Chibiusa is their daughter, making both of them go bright red.

While they're in the 30th century, Usagi gets kidnapped by Prince Demande, who is in love with her. Tuxedo Mask manages to arrive in time to save her from being kissed by him.

Season 3

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Season 4

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Season 5

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In the 30th century, as Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, they bear a child named Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, nicknamed Chibiusa. Usagi first realized a child would be born soon after sensing a heavenly body being born inside her. Chibiusa looks similar to her mother, having pink hair styled in rabbit ear-shaped buns. In Parallel Sailor Moon, Chibiusa is in her third year of middle school.

Also in Parallel Sailor Moon, Usagi and Mamoru have a second child, Ko-usagi Tsukino. Ko-usagi also has pink hair like Chibiusa, and wears her hair in double-rabbit ear buns.



Tuxedo Mask“Well, I didn't find the "Legendary Silver Crystal"... ...but I did find something most fascinating. My name is... ...Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon, I'll certainly take note of you.”
Sailor Moon“(He's just like... ...the famous thief Lupin... How wonderful...! ♡ )”
— Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's first meeting -- Act 1
Usagi“At precisely this moment... ...I was just hoping that I'd meet you again.”
Tuxedo Mask“The same for me...”
— Usagi and Tuxedo Mask dancing at Princess D's party -- Act 4
“...Ah... The feeling. It feels a bit nostalgic... Like I've felt it... ...somewhere before... So soft... ...and warm... ...I've felt it... ...many times before... ...those sweet lips...”
— Tuxedo Mask's thoughts while kissing Sailor Moon at the party -- Act 4
“Sailor Moon...! Today, you're a might warrior! Everytime we meet, you show me a different face! I wonder if there are still different versions of you? And what kind of girl are you really? Just who are you!?”
— Tuxedo Mask's thoughts after Sailor Moon says she'll handle battling Kunzite -- Act 8
Usagi“...Be with me! Never go away! ...I'll do everything I can to protect you! ...Mamo-chan!”
Mamoru“I'm thinking... ...exactly the same thing. -- Act 19”
“All you need to do is to keep believing in and wakling your path without hesitation. When you are lost or uncertain... ...I'll be there to support you. I'm powerless, but you summoned me here. Maybe I can be someone you need... ...I will entrust you with all my life power. It's yours. My life exists just to give you strength, Usako! So go on and fight without doubts!”
— Tuxedo Mask to Sailor Moon, about to battle Death Phantom -- Act 26
Usagi“Oh! Another shooting star...!”
Mamoru“Did you make a wish?”
Usagi“...I wish... ...that Mamo-chan would stay by my side, forever.”
— Mamoru and Usagi see a shooting star -- Act 50
Usagi“...Mamo-chan... Do you think we'll be able to keep protecting this plaent together, until the day we've finished fufilling our duties?”
Mamoru“...Of course we will.”
Usagi“And live on together, for a long, long time?”
Mamoru“...I swear it. That we'll be together forever.”
— Usagi and Mamoru get married -- Act 60
“Sailor Moon, you likely will be forever immortal. For you are the most beautiful, shining heavenly body of all time.”
— Mamoru at the end of the Stars Arc and Manga series -- Act 60

90's Anime

Usagi“Mamoru, you were intentionally cold to me for my sake? But I can't believe a dream like that!”
Mamoru“I didn't believe it at first either. But I kept dreaming the same dream every night. This is probably not a regular dream. This is a dream that's predicting the future.”
Usagi“No way... But if it's with you, I don't mind dying.”
— Usagi and Mamoru talk about the dream they both had -- Episode 77
“Even if the Earth is destroyed and I die, I want to be with you! I just want to be with you!”
— Usagi to Mamoru, banging on his door after he pushes her out of his apartment -- Episode 77


It is among the most popular shippings. The relationship between Usagi and Mamoru was a major plot point for the series causing there to be many fans. Other fans of the show do not ship them as they feel that the present-day Usagi and Mamoru's feelings for each other are merely a result of their past lives' love and not their current lives. However, this is not the case. They fell in love with one another because their personalities were the same as in their past lives. Furthermore, Usagi and Mamoru developed an unspoken attraction to one another in the beginning of Sailor Moon. They both demonstrated many symptoms of a crush on one another and eventually realized they meant a lot to one another before they knew about their past lives.

Given the great popularity of the franchise in yuri shipping and the status of this ship as the center of biggest part of het shipping in it, this ship and Mamoru in particular are notorious as targets of several het vs slash ship wars. Although this is mostly common in modern Western fandom, the earliest nods to it were made by the first director of the show during the premiere broadcast of the original anime, when he joked that he wanted to kill Mamoru, or at least reduce his screen time with Usagi x Rei shipping.

The MamoUsa ship is commonly pitted against the SeiUsa ship.



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