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Manourge is the slash ship between Manic and Scourge from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


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In Sonic Super Special issue 10, Evil Sonic was imprisoned by the local Robotnik to be roboticized as an obedient factory worker after collecting different parts for the Giant Borg across different zones. While in prison, two hooded figures approach him barely passing the bounty hunters Sleet and Dingo. One of them unlocks the bars using the key he thieved from Dingo. The sunglasses-wearing hedgehog asks for their names, and they uncover their hoods, revealing to be Manic and Sonia. The hedgehogs reply that they want to save Evil Sonic from being roboticized for a more lenient sentence, which Prime Sonic says that is better than roboticization. Prime Sonic and Zonic take Evil Sonic away, the former thanking the trio for "pitching in". Manic asks whether they can come back, in which his brother replies that only time and space will tell.

As Manic was never seen outside his home zone, they never interacted further even when Evil Sonic was renamed as Scourge the Hedgehog in issue 161 and his overall appearance was remade.

Similarities and comparisons

  • Both hedgehogs share a hobby for thieving.
  • Both have been to Mobius Prime, with Manic visiting once as part of an inter-dimensional tour in issue 144.
  • Both have green fur, with Scourge having his since issue 160.


Scourge X Manic by GottaGoBlast

Despite Manic's brief time in the comics, this pairing has some following. Fan art and fictions usually revolve around alternate universes where Manic actually meets Scourge as the green hedgehog with the new design, scars and all. Other fan art may include Jet and Bean as they have also matching green-colored feathers. Rival ships include Manadow and Sonourge.

On DeviantArt, Browniethehedgie has made Manourge works since mid-2014. However, most of her fan art has Manic genderbent as a female. Her Tumblr Ask art usually depicts a pregnant Manic. She also wrote The King's Slave and later The Prince and His King, which currently has in 40 parts combined as of 2019. Euraysia also made at least two fan art featuring the pair, with one of them also featuring a genderbent Manic. Despite focusing on het ships, ameth18 is also a shipper of this pair amongst other slash ships.

DawnHedgehog555 also created Manourge fan art since 2016. She made at least three mini-comics of this ship the year before. Her larger work, Sonic and Shadow Comic: Siblings has some elements of Manourge, with three chapters uploaded as of mid-2015. BlueStars-BlackIce has made three fan art of this pairing. What is coincidence is that BlackIce's design of Scourge (and Manic in one) can be compared to the old design of Sonic found in the first trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog movie.








Manourgiona — the polyship between Manic, Scourge, and Fiona Fox