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Maraisy is the het ship between Mario and Princess Daisy from the Super Mario fandom.


Mario and Daisy's first interaction comes from Super Mario Land. Here, Mario adventures through the empire that is Sarasaland to save the flower princess. After rescuing her from Tatanga, Daisy rewards Mario with a kiss. The duo proceed to ride away together. Their dialogue at the end indicates that the duo share romantic feelings towards each other.

The Super Mario Compact disk depicts the pair in this manner as well. One example is Daisy's song, Save Me (With Your Charm). The lyrics depict Daisy wishing to be rescued by Mario. One notable lyric is the following:

He's the man of my dreams

True love... at least it seems

Both the Kondansha Deluxe and Super Mario Kun series have Daisy act as a romantic rival with Peach. They compete for Mario's love. At the end of Kondansha, Princess Daisy dies, leaving Mario in a mournful state. Multiple mini-Daisys sprout from the ground later, though.

After her reintroduction into the series, Daisy became more of a friend to Mario rather than crush. This is likely due to Mareach being more common. Despite this, they are referred to as "Nice Couple" in the Mario Party series, likely referencing their history together.

The duo are playable characters together in multiple titles. These range from being sports, party, or platformer games. Mario also saves Daisy once more in Super Mario Run, resulting in her becoming a playable character. With Super Smash Bros. including Daisy as an echo fighter for Peach, the duo are depicted fighting together in commercials. They are also together posing in Daisy's end card.


With Daisy's first introduction in Super Mario Land, some fans of the character favor the ship due to it being the original pairing for the princess. Due to the game's 30th anniversary, nostalgia has also become a factor into reasoning. The characters' personalities and appearance also share similar traits together. Examples include their warm-colored clothing, rounder and shorter appearance, and excitable personalities.

On, the ship has ten fics together romantically for Super Mario. When removing the pairing tag, there are 200 with the characters present. Archive of our Own has five stories depicting the pair.



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