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Maridami is the het ship between Damian Wayne and Marinette Dupain-Cheng from the DC Comics and Miraculous Ladybug fandoms.


As Marinette and Damian are from different series, they have never met in canon. Their series are even from different companies. So it's very difficult for them to find each other, if not impossible.

Both Marinette and Damian are child superheroes, with colorful costumes. They are more serious than their companions, who are more relaxed and love to joke. They also stand out for their intelligence, being able to come up with plans when the going gets tough. The two also spend time with other young heroes like them while being mentored by adult heroes, like Batman and the former Jade Turtle, along with the two jumping from rooftops or swinging around building to get around their home cities; as their hero selves.

Their other common link is the color scheme of their red and black clothes, although Damian's has green and yellow details that Marinette's doesn't (apart from when she infused the Ladybug Miraculous with the Dragon Miraculous to become Dragon Bug and got the color yellow added to her infused costume). As Damian wears a red shirt with black sleeves and pants, Marinette wears a red full body leotard with black tips. They also have a special link with animals, to the point of carrying them in their hero aliases. Marinette's Dragon Bug form allows her to wield the Dragon Miraculous' sword tool, and Damian's upbringing had him learning how to use a sword.


Maridami is a well like ship of the ML/DC crossover fandom, since both teens are child superheroes who have a few things in common and those traits inspired fans to ship them together. Although the exact origin of the ship is somewhat mysterious, it may be simply due to fans who like crossover ships. A few of the ship's fanwork has Ladybug and Robin teaming up or have Marinette and Damian simply enjoying each other's company as their civilian selves.

On AO3, there is a very large list of fanfics, even if it's not a big deal compared to the more than 1100 fics by DamiJon or the 1400 by Lukanette. The ship also has support on Tumblr.



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